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EC'ers: Favorite type of sling?

Poll Results: What is your favorite kind of sling?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 23% (5)
    Unpadded ring sling (Maya Wrap)
  • 19% (4)
    Padded ring sling (OTSBH, Heart2Heart)
  • 19% (4)
    Tube sling (New Native, KK adjustable fleece)
  • 14% (3)
    Fabric wrap (Didymos, UBW, Baby Bundler)
  • 14% (3)
    Front/back carrier (Bjorn, Trekker, Ergo)
  • 9% (2)
    Hip carrier (Hip Hammock, Hip Baby)
21 Total Votes  
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Yay, another Elimination Communication thread

For you that EC, what is your favorite kind of sling? I started out using a Maya Wrap and it worked very well for ds' first three months. Once we started going diaperless, though, I found that it didn't work so well---his favorite position is upright and it didn't hold him as securely without a diaper. I got an Ultimate Baby Wrap and find that it works much better for going diaperless, since the wrap goes in between his legs.

So, what's your favorite? If you have two, you can vote twice!
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I'm curious for the response, because I posted a thread about what style sling to use when EC'ing with all the 'in and out' you have to do with baby.

Thanks Melanie. . . I watch with bated breath! HA! :LOL
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I wrote a reply before and Owen woke up and erased it (what is it about babies and keyboards?).

For sheer comfort I love my bundler I don't know about for EC tho cuz I haven't really tried it that way. I don't use a carrier around the house. I use my Maya while grocery shopping and the BB for long walks. At home he's either crawling around or in my arms.
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Shannon, I too hold Kenny a good portion of the day, rotating him out to his swing right here by the desk when he falls asleep. But it would be nice to have a sling, because of packing boxes, fixing meals, chugging away at the keyboard . . . etc. . .

So, I was thinking a pouch. Ahleemah had mentioned the Maya Pouch - anyone like that one?

P.S. Sorry Melanie . . . didn't mean to steal the thread.
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We have two Maya pouches. One for dh, one for me (size thing). Dh likes the pouch b/c it doesn't have rings, and isn't adjustable. My only problems w/pouch is that it isn't as nursing-friendly out and about as my maya wrap, and you need dif. sizes for dif. ages, unlike the w/rings.

For carrying baby around--and getting them in and out easily---which is a biggie, a pouch is great!!!
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Honestly, DD never really liked our sling very much at all . We tried both our Kissasling (unpadded, but with padded shoulder), and our Baby Bjorn, but when she was a newborn, she (believe it or not) didn't like being confined and held so close and not able to see/look out. I was able to use the sling for all of a few hours spread over a couple days when she tolerated it I'm hoping now that she has better head/neck control that she'll like being carried outward. I also would LOVE to try one of those KK adjustable fleece pouches--they look wonderful! Of course, I guess I can't justify it if DD won't take to either of our other baby wearing options : Unless/until then, she'll remain in arms 90% of the day (did I mention how strong my arms are getting since having a baby? :LOL)
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Sorry...I'm kinda new around here. What is EC and what does it mean? Thanks!:
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EC = Elimination Communication. It's a process whereby parents/caregivers learn their babies' signals for when they need to eliminate (pee/poop) and instead of leaving them in a diaper to go, they take the baby to a toilet, potty, sink, bucket or similar receptacle, make a cueing sound (such as sssss or pssss), and the baby goes. This is a method of dealing with baby's hygiene from a very young age, with or without the use of diapers as a "backup" to catch the misses, and it's practiced all over the world, particularly in more "traditional" societies. That's the very basic nutshell answer. Do a search on elimination communication and you'll find plenty of threads on it with lots of helpful info and links.
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my fav sling is my rebozo. very versitle for positions and the fabric is really breathable and it dries quickly
also it can be tied very snug so dd feels like a feather wieght even though she is already over 15 pounds
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the kk fleece pouch seems great from what everybody says. fleece drys quick too so that's good for the misses.
this is going to be the next sling i buy.
karen... there is a babe who didn't like anyother sling/carrier his mother tried ... until she tried the kk fleece pouch. so that might be promising . good luck finding a sling everyone
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Hey guys, if you give a sling selection . . . would you give a link? Where do I find KK pouches?
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and, psst...here is a really cheap one. I emailed the seller to confirm it was KK...the only think is that it is snapped for a *left handed* mom, to go on the left shoulder. But if you're a lefty, this is a great deal!
ebay auction

I've heard really good things about them too...if this one was for a righty, I would be all over it!
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I'm a righty - my husband is a lefty.

Thanks for the links - I'll check them out today. I decided I'd pull out from some of my return money and get a good sling for around about.

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KK Fleece Pouch is PERFECT! It is exactly what I'm looking for! YES! Thank you, thank you for suggesting it . . . now where is that darn deposit in the acct.??

I love that it will fold up easily too.

Oh, and the fleece is perfect for EC'ing too - I'm really excited - hadn't seen this one before. And it will breathe for the GA summer heat!
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Just wanted to say that I'm a righty who prefers slinging over my left shoulder.
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DoDo . . . that is a good point. I was thinking about how I regularly hold him, and I believe normally I cup his head in my left arm . . . and that is our 'favorite' nursing side too.
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Originally posted by Dodo
Just wanted to say that I'm a righty who prefers slinging over my left shoulder.
Same here. If I carry a baby on my hip without a sling, I carry her on my left hip. If I use a sling, the sling is on my left shoulder and the baby is on my right hip. I only use my right shoulder, when I wear her for a long time and I want to switch shoulders.
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Originally posted by Dodo
Just wanted to say that I'm a righty who prefers slinging over my left shoulder.
Yep, me too! My right hand/arm are too confined when the sling is over my right shoulder.
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Ladies, I just had my baby shower and got 2 BB They are so much $$$ and I feel bad taking them back, but I decided to take one back and get diapes and I am worried about the other one, I have heard babies don't like it much and they don't last long in it. I really want to get a sling, and then I would have more money for diapes But I was wondering what is your experiance is with the BB?
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Good news---I know lots of right-handed moms who wear child on left shoulder! I do it, too. This shouldn't be a problem. It's kinda whatever shoulder you get used to---and I just like having my right arm/hand really free.

The kk sounds great!!!
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