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Talk to me about Rumpsters AIOs

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I'm looking into buying some AIOs for my dd when she outgrows her infant cpfs. What does everyone think about AIOs? What are the favorites and why? Have you heard of Rumpsters? My buddy in the UK swears by them.
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I'd actually like to hear everyone's reviews as well. I've been looking into these, and I want to purchase some but hate to spend the money if they're not worth it (or if there are other cheaper brands that work just as well).

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We have a good number of AIOs in the rotation right now. Rumpsters used to fit Catie really well, but now they just aren't as good of a fit and there is a little leaking out of the legs. We did have a good run with them though.

I'm really loving my bumGenius right now. It's really an all in two, but I stuff them right out of the wash, so it's no harder than an AIO. The aplix makes them highly adjustable, which is a big plus right now while Catie is chunking up and slimming down every week it seems. I really like the cottonbabies insert that comes with them too.
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They have sort of a short rise. I like how the larges fit my 3yo potty-learning son, but don't like how the mediums fit my 23 pound baby- way too short. I wound up preferring simple pockets like bum genius and fuzzi bunz. But I haven't had any leaking with Rumpsters, and they sure are cute.
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