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ode to sleep: a poem

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how's life for you folks lately? here's a little poem about how my life is going

I like to call it... "Ode to Sleep"

sleep oh sleep, where have you gone
i muse to myself as i stifle a yawn

i toss and i turn, i twist and i tussle
while trying to strech my lower back muscle

perhaps it's the heartburn (or maybe the cat?)
i think it is time to make her go - scat!

oh look at that, the clock says "three"
i guess it is time to get up and pee

hot, i'm so hot, and it's only may!
august is coming, will it be cooler that day?

dear husband snores gently, snoozing in bliss
in his simple world there is nothing amiss

sleep oh dear sleep, i'm feeling so worn
i'm sure i'll be rested after baby is born...

--the end--

ok, i think it's clear here i've read a bit too much dr. seuss!
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I always sleep better if my husband rubs my feet before bed! He started it when I was pregnant with #1, and now it's one of the very few things I look forward to about being pregnant.

- Krista
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LOVE it. I was up from 3:30 to 5:30 AGAIN this morning. Luckily hubby was up awake in bed too, so we had a chance to chat. (Get your minds out of the gutter people, I can';t think of too many things I care LESS about doing at that hour.)
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20 points to you for creativity! Very cute! I much relate...I don't see us getting MORE sleep after baby is born though.
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I love it! Sums up how I've been feeling too, right down to the cat and snoring dh. Although I do get almost nightly back rubs, I love my dh!!!
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yeah, the last line was meant to be a funny, I'm sure I'll be getting even less sleep after the baby comes zzzzz

Last night I got about 6 hours of sleep, I was so excited!
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