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Twin homebirthin' mama rollcall!!

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I know who most of us are who've done it recently, but there are others who trailblazed before us...I thought it would be fun to have this thread floating around so that if a mama came around who was considering a twin homebirth she could see that it can be done! Maybe put a few details here, and provide links to birthstories/pix?

My twins were born at 40w3d (in spite of months of threatened preterm labor). I was 6cm and fully effaced before active labor even started. Both babies were head down, though my mw was comfortable with any presentation. We "got things going" with homeopathics, nipple stim, black and blue cohosh and finally (yuck) castor oil. Once things got going, active labor was under 2 hours. It was an amazing waterbirth and my boys were 7lb2oz and 8lb even.

There is much more that I'd love to add, but I will get my birthstory up soon!!

So, anyone else?

I will admit that an ulterior motive in starting this thread is to get hotmamacita to come out of the woodwork and post her home breech/breech twin birthstory.
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Yeah, where has hotmamacita gone? She was on alot when I was pregnant.

I will post a link to my birth story but I can sum it up. I went into labor on my due date at 40 weeks but they weren't born til the following evening on New Year's Eve. I did not have a fast twin birth, 18 hours, but at least it was half the time of my first labor. Baby A (Jazmin) was head down and baby B (Noah) was breech. He was breech pretty much the whole time so we were preparing for a breech birth. However after Jazmin came out I felt a huge jump in my belly and Noah turned transverse. My midwives were then able to turn him head down. Although I was prepared for a breech birth I relaxed a bit after I learned he would be coming head-first. Both babies were born in the water, 1 hour and 1 minute apart. Jazmin was 6 lbs 10 oz and Noah was 8 lbs 4 oz. He is still about 2 lbs bigger than her.

Here is the long version: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=401700
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Hi mamas, just subscribing - I was lurking and looking for info to send to my sis who is pg with twins due in August, (though they are saying she will go early) and they have her on bedrest because she is already effacing and are saying she can have the babies as soon as July 5th when they take her off bedrest and one of the babies is breech and they are already talking c-section
I would love to collect all your stories and send them to her for inspiration - so - keep 'em coming!
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Chelsea: I started effacing at 22 weeks and still went past my due date. One of the OB residents made a great point about what we do and don't know about premature effacement. Cervical length (measured by u/s) is only checked on women already considered high risk for preterm labor. There have not been good studies done where they do serial cervical lengths on a cross-section of pg moms. There may be lots of mamas out there with short cervixes who just don't know it and go on to deliver at term. Tell your sister not to let them bully her into anything.

Has she seen a perinatalogist? I saw one for parallel care. I only chose a perinatalogist because this guy happened to be home birth friendly, but I found him to be way more laid back about cervical length than the OBs or even the family practice doctor that I saw when the premature effacement was initially diagnosed. I think peris see so much truly bad stuff that they are sometimes more relaxed about things that seem really ominous to your average OB.

To me the fact that they are already bringing up a section is a bad sign. Can she find a new provider?
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Short version of my story:

Woke up that morning and Baby A's (Roan's) water broke while I was on the toilet. Labor began about 45 minutes labor, fast & furious. Roan was born in the water into his daddy's hands just 41 minutes after the first contraction. Cord was short and I had trouble keeping his face out of the water so it was clamped & cut 4 minutes later (I had wanted to wait until I was pushing again). Labor started up again probably 10 or 15 minutes after his birth and Baby B (Finn) was transverse as far as I could tell. I stayed in the water for most of it. Tried to get out once so contractions would be stronger (not that they weren't strong - they were!) but it hurt too much so I stayed in the tub. Finally I decided to allow things to hurt more so it would be done with so I got out of the tub. By then I was getting the urge to push at the peak of contractions so I did that. Eventually my water broke with one of those pushes (I was on my knees sitting upright in bed by this point) and once that happened Finn moved down really fast and was born with a couple of pushes. The mw thought he was coming out breech but realized he was head down just before he crowned I guess. I was not concerned with giving birth breech at all - just concerned with how my mw might want to handle it since she's not comfortable with that scenario (although with a 2nd twin she didn't seem too concerned). We did not cut his cord until the placenta was birthed. The 2 placentas had fused together. I bled quite a bit following the 2nd birth and was given Pit & Methergine to help my uterus contract, and an IV to help rehydrate me. Oh, Finn was born 2 hours & 32 minutes after his brother. Roan was 6lb14oz & 20" and Finn was 7lb13oz & 21".

Link to the long version is here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=437506
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wow! I love these stories it is fascintaing to me. I wish I ahd even had the option. I wanted to VBAC my twins (ds was a section after 56 hours of labour and a high grad fever ) but the girls were monoamnitoic so that idea flew out the window at 12 weeks and I had a c-section.

maybe next time....
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keep the twin homebirth stories comin' -- i'm almost 34 weeks, headed into the home stretch for our twin homebirth and love hearing the stories of those who have gone before me!! everything is currently looking good- i'm healthy, they're healthy and we're putting together our birth kit for our home visit in about a week and a half! the babies keep moving around, so i guess we'll see which end they decide to use to come out with when the time comes. at 26 weeks they were vertex/vertex. then one was breech and the other transverse. two weeks ago they were breech/breech. now they're back to vertex/vertex. just getting comfy i guess

thanks everyone for sharing!
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Happy Birthing Kate!!

Ben (baby "b") kept flipping around too. I tthink he finally settled to head down at around 35 or 36 weeks. I have no idea how he found the space to keep moving for so long!

Please come back and post your birth story!
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Originally Posted by Ellie'sMom
I will admit that an ulterior motive in starting this thread is to get hotmamacita to come out of the woodwork and post her home breech/breech twin birthstory.
Awwww. That is so sweet and so funny because dh has been redoing our floors and the 'woodwork' reference is more literal that you intended.

Yep, breech twins at home. I really need to write the whole story out one of these days. The twins are 3 now and what excuse do I have anymore?
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I have to make this quick, but here is mine

Mine were born at 40w3d in a pool in my living room. I woke up at midnight, Byron was born in the caul at 1:20am (7lb 15oz) and Miles at 1:35am. I did take castor oil after trying many other things to get things going. Both babies were also born face up and came out super easy and fast

Oh, and I was effaced and dialated some by 24 weeks (not sure how long before that I had been) and was 100% effaced and dialated to 5 for a couple weeks before they were born so it doesn't always mean you will have them early.
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Sarah: The similarities in our births really are wierd! Only for me Ben (baby B) was born in the caul and they were 14 rather than 15 minutes apart. Oh and the pool was in my dining room!
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Well, my twins weren't born at home but my twin sister and I were! My mom did not know she was having twins. We were born only 2 days early. According to mom, she only gained about 25lb during her pregnancy. It was about 4:30 in the morning and she went to the bathroom. I arrived quickly- my father got to 'catch me'. I'm not sure how far apart sister and I were but my grandmother lived down the road and came over and the local police showed up in time for my sister's arrival. I was 4lb 10oz. Sister was 6lb 4oz.
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wow you guys are awesome. all you ever hear about twins are the ones born at 20 something weeks by c-sec that are 2lbs each and live in nicu for months and months. this is soooo cool.
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Mine were born at home at 37w5d...you all make mine seem premature! Mine decided to come out because their placentas were aging (midwives found out at the Placenta Show we look forward to after each birth! ). I had a 6 hour labor and it only took that long because my son's membranes refused to rupture and there was a huge bulge of water keeping him up and I waited around over 2 hours for it to burst naturally, which it never did. Afterwards, all it took was two pushes for him to come out. He was born face up in the water and even opened his eyes and looked around before his body was born. Everyone who could see thought it was the most amazing thing.

We thought his cord was short and had to cut it after a few minutes though later found his cord was normal length but my uterus was still so large most of it was inside not giving enough length outside to keep him above water without my contorting myself.

After his birth I felt my abdomen and it felt like my daughter was transverse but it ended up being a large mass of two placentas and she slid right out in two pushes 9 minutes after her brother, also face up. She wasn't breathing, but was looking around and was rubbed to get her to breathe...though she still didn't cry. She was just really content.

It was awesome. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. They are even still nursing at 14mo. and that's probably the only reason I'm not pregnant again. Darn it!
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Great story, Jessi! Thanks for sharing!
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I'm just lurking...did you have trouble finding midwives to attend your twin homebirths?

I keep having a recurring dream of being pregnant with twins! I'm not even pregnant. The number one thing (right now) that would be on my mind is wanting to have a homebirth...I'm so glad to know all of you were able to.
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I was extremely blessed in how easy it was to find my midwife. I posted in Find Your Tribe, asking for homebirth midwives in my area. I called her up, asked her if she did twins and not only did she, but she had done 7 or 8 sets before me. She also was willing to do a twin waterbirth, even though I was her first. My midwife is so awesome! I never thought of this area of Michigan as being crunchy but compared to many states, it was a breeze finding a midwife able to do a twin homebirth.
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I had a hard time finding a mw that would attend (I am in CA btw). I found one 4 hours away but we never called her and my mw from here (we had been planning the whole time to have her there also but she had never done twins before and had told me she would not do them) ended up doing it. I had the babies so fast that no one bothered to call the other mw, instead we called another local mw to come over just in case and she got there when the 1st baby was 1/2 way out.
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My girls were born at 40w 3days also. My water broke at 11
;30 a.m and hard labor beganimmediately I gave birth to head down babby Sophia who weighed 6lbs.4 0z. MY labor stopped for about 15 minutes while I got to know sophia and then baby b who was transverse turned head down and was born in the caul 32 minutes after baby A. Fiona weighed 6lbs. even. The whole labor was 6 hours. Another friend of mine gave birth at home to her twins in less than two hours. I bled a little too much after the placenta, but my midwives treated me with herbs and fundal massage and got it under control.
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