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You guys rock!
I'm so glad you were still able to have these wonderful, gentle births!
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Originally Posted by nancymom
I was extremely blessed in how easy it was to find my midwife. I posted in Find Your Tribe, asking for homebirth midwives in my area. I called her up, asked her if she did twins and not only did she, but she had done 7 or 8 sets before me. She also was willing to do a twin waterbirth, even though I was her first. My midwife is so awesome! I never thought of this area of Michigan as being crunchy but compared to many states, it was a breeze finding a midwife able to do a twin homebirth.
Will you PM me her info? I think I might have an idea of who yours was.
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Originally Posted by MyCalling
Mine were born at home at 37w5d...you all make mine seem premature!
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just wanted to share with you other homebirthin' mamas.... i'm officially 37 weeks now! : very exciting! i've been talking to the babies this whole time about waiting until after 37 weeks to birth and i am so proud of them and me for being here now. my midwives are cracking me up because they are starting to act like it's going to be soon, but i have just NO impending labor vibes despite the regular and strong BH and raging insomnia. :

think they are going to be 40 weekers?? i am starting to get seriously uncomfortable though, so any tips for encouraging yourself through the last 3-4 weeks would be GREAT!
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You're doing a great job Kate, I'm sure it will be pretty soon

My midwife will attend my homebirth as long as I get to 34 weeks, I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and every twinge, ache, or pain I get makes me paranoid.
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Congratulations, Kate, for making it to 37 weeks! I talked to my babies everyday, too, telling them to stay in til 40 weeks. At 37 weeks I had a mini-breakdown and told them I changed my mind and to please come out now. But they were good babies and listened to their mama and stayed in 40 weeks plus 1 day. The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy were so hard, mainly because I just wanted to know WHEN they were going to come. I would torture myself thinking, ok they could come today at 37 weeks, but what if I go a week late, that is another 4 weeks!!! : I just tried to keep myself busy and indulge myself. On a daily basis I kept picturing how big and fat my babies were getting and everyday in the womb was a gift to them and that helped A LOT. I was in excrutiating pain (pubic symphisis) and would cry getting off the couch or rolling over in bed. I had to roll out of bed onto my birth ball, bounce a few times on it, then try to stand. People were constantly telling how huge I was, I couldn't possibly get any bigger, the babies were getting "over cooked", 37 weeks was long enough, etc. It bothered me but at the same time it gave me more resolve to prove them wrong and to show them that I would go even longer and have the healthiest twins they ever saw. You can talk to me whenever you want. It helped me talking to another MDC twin mama here who went 3 days past 40 weeks. Hang in there!!
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Oh, I forgot to add that I had no labor vibes either. Even at 37, 38, 39 weeks I just knew it wasn't time yet. It wasn't until a few days befoe my due date that "things" started happening.
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Shoot, I think if you've made it to 37 weeks and are only *starting* to get uncomfortable then you're doing awesome! Hang in there. I was way past the point of discomfort by 37 weeks (I had SPD like Nancy). The above advice is great. I gave birth 37 weeks & 4 days and really wish I had hung in longer. 39 weeks was my ideal. You can do it!!!
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just keep telling yourself the bigger they are the healthier they will be and that helps the feeling of insanity Good luck sweetie.
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Thanks everybody!

I know I am doing really well, which is why I try not to complain too much about the little things that are bugging me now. They are very minor discomforts compared to the thought that I have spent no time on bed rest, had no preterm labor issues, have fabulous blood pressure, and will not have to learn how to navigate a NICU. What's a sore pelvis and slightly puffy ankles compared to that?

I feel like they are going to be Gemini babies and not Cancer babies, but I don't feel like they are coming out this week at all. Nothing to do but keep taking good care of myself and wait and see!!

nethead-- my cut off with my midwives was 35 weeks for my homebirth and it was great to get past that point. Keep up the good nutrition and positive thinking and you will be just fine! All the homebirth twin mothers who've supported me throughout my pregnancy birthed after 37 weeks, so if you ask me, the stats are in your favor!!
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Congrats for making it so far Kate! The last weeks are soooo hard and I remember just wanting them out so bad but at the same time I was grateful for every extra day they had to fatten up in there. I also had no signs of labor and finally took castor oil at 40 weeks 2 days and had them at 1:20am the next morning. I so wanted 9lb twins, but I got 8 lbers and was very happy with that Hang in there, no really advice as far as comfort goes, just know it will be over soon enough and you are giving your babies a great gift by letting them decide when to come out
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My twins are 2.5 yo, but born @ home. Can I post their story?

Water broke @ 37w 6 days, contractions petered out after 6 hrs of very very light labor. The next 3 days were a flurry of mw appts, accupuncture & dc treatments. Finally, exactly 72 hours after my water broke, labor started for real, so the babes were born at 38w2days. Twin A was "sunny side up" born on the birthing stool (even after all that "warning" we still didn't get the tub filled up - I'd used too much water in the shower. ), Twin B born 1 hr, 45 min later on the bed, "regular" presentation. Still can't believe how much easier it was to push out a non-posterior baby! They were both 6#3oz. Their placentas were fused & I bled a bit after I birthed it too. But definitely, I'd homebirth twins again in an instant.
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SabDoulaMommy: Thanks so much for posting your story! I knew there were more of us out there.

I neglected to mention in my story that I also bled heavily after the birth. If I had one thing to do over again it's that I think I would insist on getting a shot of Pitocin after the birth. My mw treated me with herbs, which ultimately worked, but Pitocin would have worked faster and I wouldn't have bled quite as much. I was really anemic for awhile which I think contributed some to the milk supply problems I've had. It seems like this is the one complication many of us had in common.

I still loved my birth though, and can't imagine doing it any other way!
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I got a shot of pitocin when they transfered me from the pool to my bed. I gushed a bunch of blood and it was a split-second decison to give me the pit. In the end it did not turn out to be necessary but I have no problem that I got it.
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It seems like all of us blead too much after. I know everything says it is much more comon with twins, but I really had not expected it. I did not bleed until 6 hours after the birth and my hemoglobin went down to 6.5 and I passed out and everything. I got 2 shots of pit (which I was fine with) and basically could barely get up for a week or so. Also, as a side effect of having low hemoglobin I have been battling thrush since shortly after their birth. I still think I had a wonderful birth and would not have had it any other way and having the babies at home just made me even more confident in my body and in home birth. Had I gone in I can not even imagine how things would have gone, I am sure I would have had the 1st baby in the car on the way!
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I knew it was more common as well and yet was surprised. Hopefully some mamas who are planning their homebirths will discuss this with their midwives and make a good plan. My mw was so calm and self-assured that I didn't actually realize I was hemmorhaging until I got so dizzy that I had to lie flat. We really hadn't discussed the specifics of how she handles pp hemmorhage before the birth. I am a bit more accepting of traditional medicine than my mw, so if I preferred pitocin I think I really would have had to spell that out before the fact.

oh...newly crawling Gus is trapped under a table...gotta go!
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I also bled heavily and was treated with herbs. I started hearing ringing in my ears and said whats that noise and then all of the sudden eeryone was in motion getting me to lie flat and administer herbs. I was also a little woozy for a few days after but my mw kept bringing me wheat grass and beet juices and steak to build up my iron.
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After reading this thread I talked with my midwife about the risks of PPH, and she recommended taking liquid chlorophyll to lesson the chances.
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I didn't bleed afterwards.

I would homebirth twins again. I really feel like I want an unassisted birth. After having had four babies, I feel like I know enough about birth and my body to begin birthing babies.... I want my daughters to know what I know now before they have children. What freedom they would have.
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alfalfa helps a great deal with PPH also. this is what i'm using. it's because of the high vit K content. it's also high in protein believe it or not, so it's another way to get more of that. most of the midwives in my area recommend it to help prevent PROM as well as PPH. i make up a quart of alfalfa infusion in the morning and work my way through it during the day.
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