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Good morning everyone!
My name is Michelle, and I'm Mama to two little guys who are almost 4, and 9 mos. I'm a constant lurker on this board, but don't think I've ever posted.
I'm kind of a carrier/sling junkie this time around (didn't need any clothes, so I focused on slings!) I used an ergo with ds1 and the use the newer one with ds2. We used a Maya with ds1 at first, but not with 2. I used a NN with ds2 in the beginning, and have recently started using it to hip carry. I think I had the wrong size of NN, and have borrowed a smaller size which has made a huge difference. I also have a Freehand MT that I use sometimes.

I'm wondering about the Karma Baby sling? I heard that the babywearing co op ( is doing them, and there is only a certain # of slots, so I want to get in on it! Any opinions on these? I've heard such great things about them, and they are so beautiful!