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Mother's Day gift - an organized garage.

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I am 35 weeks pregnant with #2. We have move 4 times in the past 2 years. This last move out of a house we owned into an apartment. We will be moving again soon, within 6M whether it be into a house here or in another state. Our apartment is really small, with alot of storage space in the garage. We didn't unpack alot b/c we are moving soon and it is so small we can't fit alot in. When we moved my husband was so happy with the help we got from friends he have them liberty to pick up boxes and put them in no particular order, which I don't blame him, but now we have no clue what we have shoved in the garage. Not to mention, I've gotta get baby stuff ready. My "nesting" is baffles my dh. "we have plenty of time, you need to relax". He doesn't get it.

So I am cashing in my Mother's Day desire to go through all of the boxes, find out what we have, get rid of what we don't need. There are alot of boxes. I want to make this as painless as possible for him, b/c in return that will be more painless on me. I will do all the sorting and repacking (of small stuff of course) and he will be the mover of the boxes.

My dilemma is that alot of the boxes were packed with no specifically similar items. There might be 30 boxes with a mix of kitchen, bath, clothes, media, toys, etc. How in the world to I go through all this in 2 days in an organized fashion. There is really no "extra" room in the garage for sorting. It will have to be done outside and with the extreme hope it doesn't rain or snow (which is not supposed to, however I'm in spring in MT).

Please, any suggestions for such a large project to be handled in an organized manner?

Also, I know we will have alot to haul to donate. I don't know if anyone else has this problem where they live, but our centers, all 2 of them pick and choose what they will take and their red flags go up when you have large loads. I don't want to take this stuff to the landfill. That's some of the reason I've hung on to some of the stuff.

Sorry so long winded, I don't leave short voice mail messages either .
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someone's gotta have some ideas for me
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Hmmm...Maybe you could tackle some of it now and some of it for later. Just start looking through boxes. Find baby stuff, grab it, bring it in the apartment, and make a little more room in the garage. Grab anything you think you can't live without, bring it in the apartment. Then find anything that you absolutely don't want and get rid of it (garage sale, dump, donate). Save the maybes and I don't know if I want this for the next time. And you do you 6 months until you move again, so I think you could space it out. I hope this helps a little bit.
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The only time I have successfully tackled the garage I had to pull EVERYTHING out. I couldn't do it all in a weekend, so I taped the garage floor into quarters and pulled out all the stuff in each quarter whenever I had time. If I were you, I would get enough empty boxes to handle each category of stuff (baby clothes, toys, books, kitchen stuff, etc.), pull out 1/4 of the boxes, and sort them into the new boxes. Purge as much stuff as you can as you go through your boxes. Not sure what to do about the problem with donating stuff where you live. Do you have Freecycle? If there's really no way to pass the things along, I think you need to bite the bullet and haul them to the dump. It's noble to try to avoid sending stuff to the landfill, but it sounds like it is taking up a lot of physical and psychic space in your life. Sometimes you've just got to deal with the problem at hand and vow to do better in the future (buy less, take donations in once a month, whatever). Good luck!
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Thank you so much for trying to help. We are starting today and I do beleive we are going to have to pull everything out and sort it that way. It will make me get rid of alot of stuff, b/c who wants to do this again.

What is Freecycle?

I will update, I should take a picture. We'll see what happens. I'm motivated, but I'm also very pregnant. Pretty day all day. Not much more you could ask for.

Thanks again.
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