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March 2 week wait

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Hi all!

I thought I might as well start a March 2ww thread, as I jsut realized it is the last day of February.

I just ovulated/ had an inter-uterine insemination done today. So I am expecting my period (hopefully not!) March 14.

How long do you think I can wait to test this time. I am aiming for 10 dpo. Last time I made it to 8.

Soooooo, who is with me?!?

I am so excited as this is my first cycle with letrozole, IUI and progesterone supplements.

Here we go... Wheeeeeeeee!

Love and Baby Dust to all, Anne!
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I'd better quick get in here while I still have the chance!

First, let me send out huge positive vibes for everyone in this thread - peace, babydust, and various other happy thoughts.

I'm on cd 32, 13dpo. Temps are still up and I'm trying to enjoy a day or 2 more of wondering what if. AF is due any minute. I don't have any unusual signs. So, I guess we'll just see what happens. I'm going to visit my folks tomorrow, so I won't test until Monday morning, if it's still an issue then.

Good luck Anne!
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Good luck ladies! Hope your dreams come true!

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I'm 11 dpo, and I'm waiting until Monday to test. Guess that puts me into March! If I'm not preggo this cycle then I'm starting on clomid. I got all the symptoms, but once again that could be do to the progesterone. I guess I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up.

Good luck Anne and panda!
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cd20 for me and I have 28-29 day cycles so that puts me in here too. Af should show up next Sat. or Sun. if I am not pg. So I have a long time before any possible testing for me. Last month I didn't make it and started testing at about cd 25! That was a big waste of pg tests! Trying to hold off on testing, if applicable, until March 10th!

Good luck to all those testing this weekend! Wishing you all BFP and all the love you can handle.
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I am 9dpo here after yet another miscarriage. I am really due for a keeper pregnancy this time!!!

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I'm here again. I'm 8dpo. No signs of anything. Although, I have had to go to the bathroom about a million times today. But that could be for any reason. I am trying not to hold my breath, but am anyway. This is our 5th month trying with one very early mc in the 2nd month.

I signed up on Fertility Friend, cause I was having trouble reading my chart. I don't get consistant sleep due to DD, and have a jaggedy chart as a result, so thought I could use a little expert help. This is my 2nd month charting, although the first on FF.

They told me not to test until the 11th (DD's 2nd birthday!), so, that's what I'm holding out for. Well, trying to, anyway.: I'm just getting tired of the disappointment every month. And I'm starting to lose faith in my body.

Good luck and Baby dust to everybody!
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Well, I kept putting off posting again in the Feb 2ww, trying not to obsess too much, and suddenly I ran out of February! AF is now 3 days late, so I finally bought some tests today and will try one tomorrow morning.

Wishing you all peace and lots of baby dust!

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Well, I think I'll join you, but really I haven't left last months 2ww. AF was due February 15th ans still hasn't shown. I have taken to HPT's and both were negative. But, when I was pregnant with twins I didn't get a positive until 22 weeks! So here I sit with you all....

Sending lots of babydust and wellwished to everyone!!!
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Hello Ladies,
Thought I would pop in early, I'm thinking I will O sometime this weekend. I'm on CD 9 today (short cycle of 22-24 days). One of the ladies at my work just told me she was pregnant, kinda took me by surprise - I just hope I didn't look HORRIFIED or anything.

DH and I have only been trying since Jan (3rd month now) and I've been up and down the entire time, YES I want a baby, No perhaps I don't - YES - NO - YES - NO........ So thats not helping. Its probably due to having found a lump on my thyroid, I'm just not sure that this is a good thing or not.:

******BABYDUST TO ALL **********

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Sue, did you test???? The suspense always makes me crazy.
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I'm here but who knows if I should be. I've been having cm on and off since the 16th, cycle started on Feb. 1. I typically have 35 day cycles so who knows what's going on. I'm going to have to give in and start charting.
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Two lines!! BFP! EDD is the same as ds's EDD in '99, but he was 8 days late, so this one will probably come a bit before his 4th birthday. Dh was the first to know, and you ladies are the second. DS is going thru a phase of separation anxiety right now, so we thought we'd wait a while before telling him.

Here's baby dust and sticky vibes to all of you! I hope I can spread the luck around!


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WooooHoooooo send that babydust......... my DS is also a 99 baby (aug 99)

How exciting for you & yours.......

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That is so fantastic Coracle!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Hopefully we can all join you soon at the pregnant beauties roll call!!!

Love and Blessings, Anne!
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Congatulations Sue!! Hope to be joining you in the near future!

How's everyone else hanging ? I am feeling lousy today. Sore throat, stuffy nose, head cold stuff. Also feeling a little nauseous?:

Got another week of waiting...Third month trying after the mc in November. Hope third times the charm.

baby dust to all
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Yeah coracle!!! Congratulations!

I got a BFN this morning, 13dpo. I don't think this is my month.

naturgirl-Feel better!
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Yea, Sue!!!!!

You just made my day.
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Congratulations Sue Spread some of that baby dust our way!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

I'm CD 9 so I have a little while...but I'll be officially "in" soon! Good luck to everyone!
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Well, I'm out. AF just reared her ugly head. Well, I guess I can still get in on the March2WW again in a couple of weeks.

On to the 6th cycle of TTC. Can I feel sorry for myself now?
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