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Do you have a cell phone?

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I think that cell phones are a wonderful invention. However, I think they can be quite evil. Does anyone here live without a cell phone? I've had one for so long (and no land line) that it would definitely take some getting used to. But there is so much yuckiness related to my cell phone. Driving while talking (I know!), people being able to find me anywhere (ugh!), everything turns "urgent", etc. I just get worried that I would be somewhere with my DD and we would be locked out, stranded, whatever. Or I would be pregnant, going into labor, etc. with no phone. Wow, it's amazing people lived without them for so long!

I would just love to get a dialogue started about these little beasts.
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Im proud to say...that now for the very first time in my life...at the age of 30, I got my very first cell phone. Im proud because I held out for so long. But now, I have a wahm business, and need it for business calls, and all that stuff. Plus, we also just got a second car...we went with one car for 10yrs. Dh feels FAR safer with me having a cell phone being out with the kids alone....in case I ahve an emergency.
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Originally Posted by Alana
...in case I have an emergency.
Yeah, that's what I mean. Have we, as a society, become emergency phobic? What would I do if I broke down on the road with no cell phone? I guess I would wait until someone stopped. Of course, my car hasn't broken down since 1997 And, I would be worried that the person that stopped was a serial killer, etc. What are the chances? Slim.

And oh my gosh, if I was pregnant, and I went into labor while driving? Well, I would just drive home and have the baby. Or if I was too far from town, I would pull over, go into the woods...build myself a fire, birth my baby under the tree while DD collected berries for my postpartum snack and then I would drive home. Bwaaa ha. That sounds like fun.

Convenience is a huge factor for us...being able to call and remind DH to bring something home from the grocery store, etc. Hmmmm...maybe we should try a cell-phone-less week and see if we all panic?
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I have a cell phone and no landline...lol
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I have one of those prepaid TracFones. I'm a single mom of three kids. The oldest two are in school all day (two different schools, and my son has an autism-spectrum disorder), and I want to be available at all times if I'm needed. A cell phone is pretty much a must in my life right now.
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Almost 3 years ago, dh and I bought two pre-paid phones because we were expecting our first child and I needed to be able to get ahold of him and neither one of us was readily accessible. About 1.5 years later, one of them died. We never replaced it. We only use them for quick calls/when we are moving/on vacation/etc.

DH is carrying the cell phone every day right now as we are expecting no. 2 in a couple of weeks, but it usually just sits on the counter unless we take a day trip somewhere or have a need for it. I can't imagine someone being able to get ahold of me all of them time, and I really think they are a hazard on the road. We have to buy a certain number of minutes every 90 days, so we usually have a bunch of extra money stored on it.

One bad trend that I have noticed is that less places have payphones which is what we use in case of an emergency when we don't have a cellphone with us.
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we have a cell phone. my MIL pays for it. she got a family plan and both her kids a phone so the calls would be free...lol
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I don't have one. There have been a few times when having one would have been "convenient," but I manage to function just fine without one.
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I have a tracfone that I buy prepaid minutes for. I need to add minutes! Mine is strictly for emergencies! I like the safety of it if I'm on the highway.
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We don't have one and do just fine...

Warm wishes,
Tonya - Simple Living Mom of 5
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I have a treo and I love it.

We do not have a landline so we have nicer cell phones. It is my PDA, phone, web browser and mp3 player all rolled into 1.
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Yes, a pre-paid minutes one, not to on but stuff like "oh while your at the store I just remember we need...." Ya know stuff like that.
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I have one but i never talk while driving (I can't talk to my kids while driving), and I never feel inclined to answer it. i hate hate hate when i am talking to someone and they take a call. hello! Can you not let voice mail get it? We livei n the midwest and it is mostly just me and my girls so i really and quite often we are a milliopn miles from anywhere. we also drive a somewhat unreliable car. Also I hate wasting gas. hated it when it was $.98 a gallon (holy crap and I have onlyhad my liscence for 10 years) and i hate it now. so it is noce to be able to call dh from the store and ask what it was i went for . but otherwise I use maybe 100 minutes a month or about 3 minutes a day.
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I got a verizon cell phone with a 1000(a month) text messages and I love txt so much do I txt over 1000 sometimes.
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I use a cellphone and I use the "silent" setting, Caller ID, voicemail, and the "it's really really easy to call people back if I need to" function as appropriate.

I avoid having the cellphone take up time I don't have by treating it like a cellphone with all the bells and whistles and not like a phone with no anwering machine.

We too have no landline. We got the cellphones after dh was 3 hours late picking me up from work one evening.
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I only have a cell phone.

Yes, having a phone with you at all times can start to interfere with life. But I think its just about how you use it. Just because the phone rings doesn't mean you have to answer it. As a general rule I put the phone on silent when I am out to dinner and I don't ever answer the phone while driving. So I can have my cell phone with me incase I need it or someone REALLY needs to reach me. But I don't worry about letting some calls go to voicemail. If I'm 99% certain my friend is just calling to chat I don't need to pick up the phone just to say "I'll call you later".
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I've never had a cell phone. I can see how they are handy, but I don't feel I have a need for one.

Let's see... I had a flat tire last year. I just walked into a local business and asked to use the phone. No biggie. A couple years before that, we had a freak car accident, and we just waited until someone stopped.

If we leave the kids with a sitter and something happens... DH does have a pager (from work), and we also leave numbers for our family.

I don't know what other kind of emergency we'd need a cell phone for. I suppose that if I actually had a cell phone, I'd find a reason to 'need' it.
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Yes, for emergency purposes. I don't even know my phone number for the thing. I usually forget to take it with me when I leave the car, much to my dh's horror. He is addicted to his cell phone.
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We got rid of our cell last year, and I honestly haven't felt too deprived. I'm a sahm and dh is always in his lab, so it is pretty easy for us to find each other and easy for dd's preschool to find either of us. Other than that I can't think of anyone who couldn't wait to talk to us. A couple weeks ago I got stuck in a bad traffic jam and was about 20 minutes late picking dd up from preschool. I felt terrible and really wished I had a phone, but dd, her teacher and I all got over it pretty quickly!

I think about the emergency uses too...but honestly, emergencies way predated cell phones and people somehow managed! We'll probably get one eventually (esp. if I go back to work) but this works for us for now.

eta: we got rid of it for financial reasons. We could find lots of other uses for $39.99 per month.
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I wouldn't be without one. I have one, dh has one. He drives about 100 miles a day to and from work. When my car broke down during rush hour bumper to bumper traffic on my way to meet dh and ds at a house we were going to look at, having a phone to call from was a huge stress saver. I am not always in my office near a phone. I have several ill family members and being reached is important.

I started listing all my reasons for having one, but it grew too long. We do a lot of driving and traveling. It is even in my pocket right now.
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