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I have one, but I never use it. I keep it in my car (plugged in) just for emergencies. My husband has one and uses his quite a bit.

My son - age 7 - just informed me that he really needed a cell phone. That way he could call me during the day and tell me what he wanted to have for dinner.
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I have never had one and don't want one

My DH was thinking about getting one since we're remodeling our new house and he thought it might be important for the GC to be able to get ahold of us, but now it turns out my stepdad will be doing all the work, and either staying with us, or staying at the new house, so guess it doesn't matter now!
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We don't have a landline in our house, but we have 3 cellphones. One has the old landline phone number so we didn't have to change the "home" phone number with anybody. DH has one that he uses almost exclusively for work. He's in the car a lot (drove 400+ miles yesterday). I have a cell for work as well.

With the 2 cells that I use, I keep them on vibrate and usually screen the calls. If I'm in the middle of doing something I will only answer it if it is one of dc's schools, or my mom since she is recovering from 2 broken hips. Otherwise, I usually let it go to voicemail.
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I don't have one. I'm sure there are times when it would be handy, but I think they tend to take over your life, in a lot of ways. My mother raised her kids just fine without one, and coped okay in countless emergencies, and therefore I know I don't "need" one anymore than I "need" most of the technology that is available to me. I pick and choose what I really want, and I don't really want a cell phone.

I think it's horribly dangerous for people to be using them while driving. It's illegal in my state (NJ) but people are still doing it. I think it's horribly rude when people are talking loudly on them in public places like movie theaters and in trains, and it really irks me when I'm spending time with a friend and they keep having to take calls that aren't really all that important just because the phone is ringing.

I don't like the idea of people being able to reach me wherever I go. I let my home machine take my calls, answer only the genuinely urgent calls, and call everyone else back while DD is sleeping, and otherwise I let my life and my time with DD be uncluttered by interruptions.

Plus, there have been studies done showing that the constant exposure of your head to the electrical field of the phone is dangerous. Check this one out: http://www.commondreams.org/headlines06/0507-06.htm
for instance.
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I have one, but I mainly use it to see what time it is because I always forget my watch!

DH uses his all the time for his job, but his work foots the bill.
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We don't have a landline. I have a cellphone and it acts as our home phone (even though I take it with me when I go somewhere). Dh has 2 - his Blackberry for work, and a regular cell for oersonal use. My parents pay for my phone and dh's personal phone (we're all on the same plan including my brother). I like having a cell phone, and I especially did when I was driving an older car. It gives me a sense of security when I'm out just me and ds. Where we live it's kind of far to drive into the small-ish city and we go there several times a week. I also like being able to get ahold of dh if I need him (which isn't too often). I don't really use it that much. I tend to not have long conversations over the phone. I'd much rather talk in person if possible.
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I'm actively opposed to owning a cell phone. This is in large part because I'm opposed to cell phone towers- I find them hideously ugly, and while I haven't done any research on it myself, rumor has it they have negative health effects on those living near them, too.

A lot of people say they want them for "emergencies." FYI, even old, no-service cell phones still work to call 911. Many people consider non-911-worthy incidents to be emergencies, though-
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I have one, but I could easily do without. I often forget to carry it or charge it for weeks. Becasue of this I refuse to pay big bucks monthly to own one. I used to have a tracfone to keep the cost of it down and that works perfectly - but now I've moved nearer to family my brother gave me his spare (he works for a cell company) so I get insane minutes for free. I use it a bit more since its free, but honestly, not much more!
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I had one for a short while, but service is really bad around here. It worked OK for the first few weeks and then it stopped. I could no longer use it in the town I lived in, or at my office, or en route, or at my childrens' school (actually it had never worked there or within 15 miles of it). When I called to complain, they told me it was because I didn't live in a service area. (Even though a short time before, it had worked quite well at my home and in my office, and in the areas around both.)

So I cancelled my service (fortunately they were OK about letting me out of the contract). I'd like to have a cell phone since I'm a single parent and it would be nice to be reachable when needed. However, a cell phone that is constantly out of the service area is, IMO, worse than none at all because there's the illusion that one can be reached, but it's false. Someday, when I find out about a plan that actually works where I need it to work, I'll try again.
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We both have one. There have been times I've needed one, DS was injured at school etc. and I wasn't home. We don't have long distance and DH's family lives out of state, so it's helped keep that bill down also.

If you don't want anyone to be able to get ahold of you, you can shut them off.
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Thanks for all of the great responses...I guess I didn't say in my original post, but I have a Blackberry for work (that I use for personal as well) and my DH also has a Blackberry. It is nice because I use it for my calendar, address book, etc. but it's also annoying to get emails on it because it makes everything feel so urgent.

I really like what several of you have said about the fact that owning a cell phone is not what is bad, it's how you use it. My family is cell phone obsessed. We are all in business together and everyone has Blackberrys. We have a business that kind of requires someone to be able to be reached at all times, which drives me insane, because if you don't answer, it might be something REALLY important, and then the world would end.

It's like we've lost the ability to determine when it's time to work and when it's not. Blackberrys, more than other phones, allow you to have your work "on your hip" at all times. Today, on a Saturday, my mom was intently reading a work related email while we were hanging out. It makes me crazy.
Just be where you are, right then. Don't talk to someone else for 1/2 hour when you're sitting in the presence of another person. Am I the only one who thinks this is annoying?
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I love my cell and would strictly use it if I didn't have DSL through my landline...
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Delight, it sounds like you need to hold a family/company meeting to establish some guidelines for phone use. Maybe your phones have features (or can get features) to help distinguish business-related calls? Or maybe you need to evaluate your business structure so that it isn't necessary for everyone to be on call all the time.
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I have a prepaid Tracfone. I rarely use it though and it's usually turned off anyway. It's mainly just for "emergencies" only . as a single mom with 2 little ones I feel it's a necessity but I am not willing to get into a lengthy contract and pay a monthly bill for so little use. I have had verizon, airtouch, etc. over the years and my Tracfone actually has the best service (never had a dropped call/ no service) over all of them!
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I have a cell phone aversion!!!
They make me :Puke
I never ever want one! I hate them and I hate it when people talk on them!
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I got my 1st cell phone 6 months ago, when I started working "in the field". I am at various client's houses during the day, and calling my office # would never find me. My kids are homeschooled, and my Mom is with them. They are all pretty capable in emergencies, but I feel better knowing I am reachable.

I never use the phone while driving, so I love that it remembers who tried to call. I find it unspeakably rude when people out in public are talking on a cell, when they could be having even the most superficial social contacts: talking with the grocery store clerk, making eye contact with a fellow pedestrian, etc. I know I sound like someone's grandparent, but "what is this world coming to?" is what goes through my mind. It seems even the simplest social graces get forgotten when all communication seems so urgent.
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We have 2 cell phones and no landline. Never used the landline, so we got rid of it. I don't use the cell to have conversations, though... I screen calls and answer if I need to, but otherwise, I figure if it's important, the caller will leave a message. When I have time, I'll call someone just to talk, but I refuse to let my phone interrupt my daily life.

My mom still has not noticed that I never answer my phone when she calls. We email frequently, but rarely talk on the phone. She can't take the hint.
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I've had one for years and wouldn't know what to do without it. DH's office is 35 miles from our house, I use it to arrange meeting him, see when he is going home, have him pick things up for me... DH is never at his office, always on-site, his clients only call his cell-phone. We live in a very rural area, I have been flagged down several times at the scene of an accident to call 911 because no one else had a phone. Going to town for me is an all day adventure, I don't go that often so I pack alot into one day. There are times where a family member truly needs to speak with me, they will try my house first and then will call my cell.

DH lives on his cell phone for work purposes, he is a business owner so not only does his 8 employess have to call all day long to figure things out, but his clients need to speak with him. He does computer networking and someone has a problem every 30 seconds and he is walking them through it. He spends the entire day on the phone, literally, the highest hours plan that the phone companies have is not enough, he goes over every single month. After living with it for the past 6 years I've gotten somewhat used to it, still hate those 2am phone calls.
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DH and I each have a prepaid one that we use very rarely. Each phone costs us $15 every 3 months, so the peace of mind I get from having it available if I need it is worth that small expense for us. My DH is in the military and gone for months at a time and I have no family in the area. I like being able to call up a friend if I am out and about and have car trouble or another situation comes up. Very few people have our cell phone numbers, only close family and one or two friends.
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I had a cell phone for about 16 years and about 2 years ago we got rid of them because of monetary issues. I find that I am much happier without it, my realatives that are constantly wanting something can't get a hold of me and that's SUPER! It did take a little getting use to but we manage just like we did before we had cell phones, it just makes life a little less complicated.

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