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I need help sleeping!

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Mamas, I need help! I know sleeping during pregnancy is supposed to be problematic, but this is getting really bad. What is the secret to a good night's sleep? I've been sleeping on my side, with one of those long body pillows between my legs for support. I have to flip sides often though, cause my arms fall asleep. And when I wake up, my neck and lower back are so stiff and sore. I feel worse when I wake up than at any point in the day. It's getting to where I dread going to bed at night.
What is the secret? What do you do to be comfortable when you sleep??
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A thin pillow under my belly and/or between my knees down to my ankles. No late night snacking or drinking before bed, but something to munch on and drink next to bed if I need it. And my husband rubs lotion on my feet some of the time before bed--that always gets me a better night sleep!
But eventually it's just hit or miss. Some nights are better than others. And I try to go to bed early too, just in case I have trouble sleeping.
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I don't know if you're normally a back sleeper, but I am. I have a hard time sleeping on my side because of prior chiropractic problems, and was really miserable with the situation until people on discussion boards suggested that I prop a pillow under the right side of my bum if I lie on my back. It's been really helpful -- the pillow keeps that pesky vein we have to worry about from having pressure on it. I'm confident it's working because I haven't woken up with tingly legs, which happened a couple time on my back before I learned about the bum pillow position. It also helps to have a pillow under my knees in this position or else my legs get kind of stiff and sore from being too straight all night. The only problem I'm having with the position is that my left hip gets sore from having all the weight on it and being a little crooked. I think this is mainly from my chiropractic stuff, though, and is a better option than the mess of pain I'm in on my side if I don't want to be.

As things progress, it is getting harder and harder to get a good night's sleep anyway, but I'm still holding it together this way!

Good luck!
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i'm having the same problem -- bad sleep.

i'm using a pillow under my head and between my legs. i bought a pregnancy wedge pillow for under my stomach which helps alot, but not enough.

i'm getting pretty scared of thinking about how it will grow harder and harder to sleep as i get bigger.
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Oh, I came to post about the exact same thing. SLEEPING!

I feel worse in the am too. Here's what I do (although, this is probably more of a "what not to do" )

Pillow under head, on my side with body pillow next to belly, between legs and feet. But, I wake up multiple times each night with a really stiff back. So, I;ve tried loosing the body pillow and opting for a regular pillow between my legs and that doesn't help either.

Pillow under belly also doesn't help (but maybe a thin one would work a little better?)

I keep thinking I'm in REAL trouble if it's difficult to sleep already.
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I just tire myself out a bunch during the day and I sleep like a baby! If I loaf around too much or take a nap, those aches and pains keep me awake. If I spend hours working in the yard and take a good long hike, I just sleep through the aches.
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Figure out a couple of different sleep arrangements, and rotate between them at night. I'll do a side-sleep with pillows, a nearly-on-my-tummy, then go to the couch for semi-reclining. I've threatened to go sleep in the van, too.

It also helps when I give up on the idea of 8-hours of good, solid sleep. Sometimes I do best with staying in bed for 5 or 6 hours, then getting up for a couple of hours, then heading back to bed to finish the night. Just means I have to have 10-12 hours available, which is tough. Works best on the weekend, and I try to use my "up" hours for productive chores so I don't feel bad about my long "nap". DH just shakes his head (and mutters "glad it's not me") when he catches me balancing the checkbook at 2 a.m.
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I have surrounded myself with pillows! I have one body pillow on my left, and a regular one on my right, so that no matter what side I'm on, I can put the pillow between my legs. I also try to keep the room cool-which will be tougher as spring progresses here in Michigan, but love to sleep with the windows open and the ceiling fan going. But I also remember having some pretty bad insomnia at the end with DS-I'm just greatful for what I'm getting now. DS slept in (!) until 9 this morning-I was wide awake at 7:30. Unfortunately, it gets worse as we progress. At least it did for me.
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Thanks for all the tips! I'm going to ransack my house today for every possible size and shape of pillow and keep them by my bedside till I find a combination that works. Gardening season is here too, so maybe a day's work outside will do me some good. Ahhh...I miss sleep. I should get used to it though, huh!
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I toss and turn a lot during the night. I always have been a side sleeper but I find now that whatever side I'm on just starts aching so I move to my back for awhile until it starts hurting. Then I move to the other side. I just keep rotating back and forth all night. I tried pillows with dd and that didn't seem to help so I haven't even bothered to try again. I just keep thinking that another couple months of this is not going to be fun. Luckily my dd is old enough that I can catch a nap on the couch while she is playing or I pop in a video in the afternoon and it helps.
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How's your mattress? That might be part of your problem with the stiff back and feeling worse in the morning than you did at night.

If you have a recliner, try sleeping in that. Or on the couch. Wherever you can get comfy and feel pretty good in the morning.

I'm sleeping terribly too . . . When I lay down I can't get comfy and feel as if I can't breathe. I'm spending less and less time sleeping these days. But, hey, only 3 months to go! . . . sigh.
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Originally Posted by jenmk
I'm sleeping terribly too . . . When I lay down I can't get comfy and feel as if I can't breathe.
I find that I have to sleep with two pillows under my head when I'm pregnant because of the hormone-induced nasal stuffiness. I've never had allergies, but that's what it always feels like when I'm pregnant, LOL. It disappears immediately after birth for me, it's so weird though.
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