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Marco Joseph is here!!

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Not quite an April baby ant not quite an HBAC - but cute as peas and doing well!

Marco was born via c-section on Monday May 8th 2006 after an amzazing home labor - mostly in water and which I'll never forget the power and spirituality of!

After about 2 hours of pushing my labor stalled and for 18 hours we tried to get it moving but it never picked up. The hospital midwives were so good to us anf the OB is married to a midwife so they were all supporitve as could be when we transferred.

After they cut they saw I had a uterine or contrictive ring and a posterior/forehead presenting baby wedged in my pelvis - so there was zero way he was comin' outta there!

Hositals stink - but we had an ok time, nurses were behind us 100% - glad to be home ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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YAY! Welcome Marco!

Sorry things did not turn out how you planned, but all that matters is that you have your sweet peanut in your arms!! Sounds like things worked out the way they had to.

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Welcome Marco!


Marco is also my brothers name!
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Welcome Marco (ds is looking over my shoulder and just yelled "Polo" - what a goof!) - and hugs to mama. We didn't VBAC either, so I know how disappointing it can be. But it sounds like it worked out well. Give your snuggle bunny some kisses from Texas.
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Welcome Marco! And congrats and to you mama!
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