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Well, I posted on here about how all docs around here wanted to do c-sections, etc. I changed doctors to the one I had originally. She ended up breaking my water cuz I was at 5 cm and not progressing. Two and a half hours later, Lillian was born (6'5") and Ella's feet were hanging out!! She was born breech 4 minutes later and weighed 7'7". Completely natural and unmedicated!!! Woohoo! I am so thankful. Anyway, gotta go potty and nurse, lol. Thank God for a wonderful delivery!!!...in spite of AL docs!
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Hooray! Congrats!
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That is wonderful!!!!congrats!
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Congratulations and welcome to the world little babes!
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fabulous! congrat!
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Congrats to you Kristi and your family!!! And welcome to the world little ones

p.s. I can only hope that my delivery goes as well
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We want pictures
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Congratulations on the babies and on getting the birth you wanted!
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how cool, congrats
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Congrats! Sounds like it went great
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thanks for the pics they are beautiful!
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How wonderful!
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