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First off I can't believe I'm still awake!!!!!!! Secondly, I'm interested in making my own cheese. Does anyone know how to do this and is it worth all the trouble? I've tasted freshly made mozzarella and boy was it YUMMY!!!!! I would love to give it a try!!!

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The family we buy our milk from makes cheddar cheese to sell. In fact they sell so much of the cheese that it never has a chance to age.

My parents used to make cheese when I was little, nothing like FRESH homemade cheese! Sorry I dont remember what and how much work it took to make it.

Do you have a cow or goats, or buy milk?

Ok I have had to edit this post twice, do wish my little one would go to sleep so I could also
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I buy milk. Is store bought milk not good enough?
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Can cheeses be made out of store milk? I thought the homogenization would make that impossible:

Maybe I should go do a search on google
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I never even thought of that!!!
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Is curd milk? Is that how you start it?
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Last year I found a really neat site that had all the stuff for making cheese and LOADS of info on cheese making.

You use a starter, I'm not sure what you mean by curd milk?

Boy you are up late LOL. I'm in Idaho so its not to late here, yet
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This isnt the site I was thinking of but this one has lots of links for differant cheese recipes.

Edited to add the link silly me http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/cheeserecipes.htm

think this is the site I was thinking of http://www.leeners.com/cheeserecipes.html
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I am up late!! My dh is at work ( he only works weekends but, puts in his 40 hours!!! ). Jude is sleeping and I have some Mommy time! Bit I think I'm fading fast!!!

Curd ~ it kind of looks like cottage cheese??? I'm not sure what I mean anymore either!! I'm getting real sleepy!!!
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Thanks for the link!
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Ok curd is what happens after the starter is put in the milk, then you press out the way ( I know thats not the right spelling but for the life of my I cant think of the right one)

40 hours in a weekend??? Yikes that sounds like really hard work!

Do you know where Sewell is? Or do you live nearby? I have a friend that lives there.
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ok accoring to this site you can make cheese out of homo milk, you just need to comensate for the homogenization.


this site has loads of info
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Now I understand about the curd!!!

40 hours is a lot but, Jude and I have him all week long!! He's in computer tech support.

I've heard of Sewell but, I'm not to sure where it is. I think it's South Jersey?? But not to sure. I'm in North Jersey, near Rutgers University!

Well I'm off to Slumber land Sorry for any typos or for not making any sense!!! I'll let you know if I decide to tackle cheese making or not!!

Good talking to you!!
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I would love to make homemade cheese!

My dh is an eletronics tech, but trying to get into computers. he is A+ certified, how is the job market in NJ? I loved Summit!
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DiaperDiva ~ The computer market here is hard!! My DH is actively seeking a new job and there's not much out there. He always shows me the New york Times Classifieds each Sunday and says, " Remember when it was this thick? "

Summit is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

I'm going to check out these cheese links today and see what I can come up with!!

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