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baby hammock

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I was looking at some baby hammocks and was wondering if any one else has used them? If I was to use one I would not be getting a crib and would have this as baby's only sleeping spot.All three of these interest me , but the amby baby can't be used past a year




here are a few links to some on eBay the amby baby and the one from Australia have their own web sites to check out let me know what you think
Thanks Heather
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No personal experience but a very good friend swears by her amby. The only place her son would sleep, and still does now at 19 months. He had abdominal surgery as an infant and laying out flat was impossible for him. (He's perfectly recovered and healthy now.) I would have guessed he would be falling out of the hammock all the time now that he's so big and mobile, but he never has.
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I like them, especially the middle one! I personally wouldn't buy one because I don't have much money and baby can just sleep in bed, but I think they wuld definitely be nice to have. The only thing is, you mentioned the Amby could be used past a year as though the others could, but the first and second say they can be used for two and three years respectively?

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sorry I meant the amby cant be used past a year. but mojumi was saying her friend used her longer. I like the middle one a lot. I know over laying is very rare in a sober parent but DH overlays me all the time!!! he just rolls right over me and ends up on the other side of the bed LOL so co sleeping scares me ........unless DH gets a hammock lol
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I asked my friend about using hers past a year, too, but she said she bought the stronger coil (?) so it was ok for her ds's weight.
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I have some friends that have tried the Amby & their babies wouldn't sleep in it at first. They wouldn't accept any subs for Mom's arms. However they bought the Amby because baby was having sleep issues. The 2nd one looks beautiful. However I can not imagine an older child (over a year or so) sleeping in it.

Another option I would suggest since your Dh is such a strange sleeper is buying a crib & then attaching it to the side of your bed. That way baby is still next to you, but has it's own place & is safe from steam roller daddy Plus it will be much easier to deal with nighttime feedings if you don't have to get out of bed, get baby out of the hammock, nurse, get baby back to sleep, put baby back in the hammock, get yourself back in bed, then get yourself back to sleep, to have to turn around & do it all over again in a few hours.

Of course this is just my opinion based on remembering my DS as a newborn & our night nursing experiences. Plus it's what I'd like to do this time since DS will also be in our bed Good luck with what ever you decide is best for your family
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We have an Amby and it worked very well for a period of time. At some point (probably about 9 or 10 months), DD decided it was too confining for her and she wanted to be able to squirm around. So that was the end of the Amby! I am planning to break it out for this baby, though.

I believe the Amby has a weight limit, not an age limit. The exact weight limit is on their website, and you can add an extra coil to hold extra weight. It is very low to the ground, so you don't really have to worry about them climbing out. But as I said, our problem was that she just wanted room to flip flop at night, and the Amby wasn't giving her that.
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My dh makes something similar (actually on eBay, ends today) and gave one to a friend for her 5 mo old. He sleeps great in it! And she swears by it. Our 2 yo likes to hang out in it, but doesn't sleep in it, probably b/c he didnt' learn to as a younger baby.

I would worry about the first one you linked to, with the ropes hanging down where the baby can reach them. I don't think that's safe, just my opinion.
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Popping in from August DDC --- I bought a baby hammock and have it inside on a spring -- my babe won't be born til August but I watch a 7 month old 4 days a week and she literally coos and smiles when I put her in it, and promptly falls into a deep sleep. It has me quite hopeful....anyways, it costs $96 and I HIGHLY recommend it based on what I've seen so far.

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I haven't used one but I really want to get an Amby. If I can sell a few more things I didn't use with ds I might be able to justify the cost to myself!
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Those look amazing!! I especially love the second one. I might just have to get one for naptime downstairs when I need to watch my preschoolers too.

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I've been looking at this one which would be quite cheap with UK-NZ exchange rates but I've got to sell some other things to be able to afford it!

We don't have much space and I was thinking of using it for daytime sleeping when we aren't out and about with a sling.... but not for night as the babe will be in the big bed with us.
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I love the second one but would have to buy the stand,too, as we are renting and that's just too much
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I think we are going to get the second one but the cost is scaring me, but that is the only baby item we need to buy as we have received every thing else as hand me downs. We rent and would need the stand to.
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