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Pregnancy and Hyperthyroidism

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How did you manage hyperthyroidism during your pregnancy? Did your pregnancy plans have to change because of your thyroid?

I was jsut diagnosed with Graves' Disease, and I'm worried about being pregnant in the future with hyperthyroidism. Any knowledge from mothers who have been there will put me at ease.

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I have hypothryoidism, not hyperthyroidm, but I wanted to let you know that I have had one healthy daughter and we are expecting another baby in August. I was diagnosed when I was 20 and I have been taking thyroid meds since. I'm not sure what you do for hyperthyroidism but from what I understand as all as your thyorid is being monitored and is within the normal range you can have a nornal and healthy pregnancy.

I wish you the best!

Mommy to Aine 3/5/01, ^i^Phoenix 11/8/02 and Baby Bee edd 8/20/03
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hi jennie

I have Graves. I was diagnosed in 95 - had a huge goiter in my neck and felt like i was on speed. The migraines were no fun either. I chose RAI - i didn't want surgery but my endocrinologist was insistant that i was going to be hospitalized if i didn't choose RAI, so i did. The radio active iodine uptake tx basically destroyed my thryoid. So now i have none and I take levoxyl (a form of synthroid) every day.

in jan 2000 i found out i was pregnant with my daughter zoey. I was seeing a pretty mainstream OB at the time... i was 35 and she kept calling me "high risk". Anyway, they drew my tsh levels every 3 months and actually got me to a nice comfortable place (i feel my best wtih a tsh around 1 or 2). I had no issues during my pregnancy with my thryoid.. just took my levoxyl daily.

i'm pregnant with #3 now, due in August - my midwife drew my tsh at my first appt and i was at around 7 (lol! i told her i felt my levels were way out of wack) so we readjusted my dose and i've had no issues. She'll check me again the beginning of my third trimester.

anyway, longstory short - i have had zero issues with pregnancy after RAI for graves. If you've not had rai or surgery and are dealing with active Graves hyperthyroidism just work with your endocrinologist

good luck and be well!
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Anyone else who is hyper?
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