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For those of you slower weight gainers...

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I am starting to worry about too much weight gain (18 lbs. 21 weeks) and am wondering if any of you would mind giving a brief description of what a daily menu for you might be? I feel like I am eating well (no sugar foods), but the scale is showing me that I could be doing better. I'm trying not to worry about it much but it's difficult when I know how long it took me to take off the weight my last pregnancy AND how hard the end of the pregnancy felt too.

What do you slower gainers eat for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Do you have snacks throughout the day? How much water? And lastly, are you exercising and if so what type of exercise?

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I tell you honestly, I think some people just have crazy pregancy metabolism. When not pg, I can't lose a lick of weight without obsessive exercise and very strict dieting. When pregnant I eat anything anytime and it doesn't matter if I'm active or not ... and I don't gain a bit. (Have lost two pounds this pg so far, no gain at all.)

That said I recommed the Brewer Diet, which has been mentioned before. Protein, protein, protein. http://www.bradleybirth.com/PD.aspx

18 lbs in 21 weeks doesn't sound 'bad' to me at all. Is this way off your previous pgs? Are you feeling OK?
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I am a slow weight gainer (for now) and thats basically because I am working, which helps quite a bit with not wanting to eat every hour on the hour. If I am not busy doing something, I do automatically go in search of food, but I do try, and a big emphasis on try, to grab an apple, orange, or a banana, rather than a doughnut, piece of cake or a cookie. I vowed to cut one high fat snack out of my diet, pototoe chips, and do not keep those in the house. My other cravings for carbs are getting out of hand so I might have to just leave junk food out of the house altogether.

I try to get at least 45 min of walking time in per day, but sometimes my schedule does not allow me to. My advice would just be to eat sensibly, try to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your daily snack routine. Don't fret about your weight gain, it can be lost slowly after baby is born.
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I lost 6 pounds and have gained back 4. With dd1, I gained 60 pounds by the end (lots of really bad swelling, so a lot was water weight). I'm not doing anything differently this time, though I did start out a little heavier. I think our bodies know how much to gain and I'm guessing that I'll end up near the same end weight I was with dd. As long as your focus is on healthy choices (fruits, veg, protein) and you're moving every day, I think it all works out.

Since you asked for specific meal/snack ideas, here are a few of my favorites:
-breakfast: smoothie made with frozen/fresh/canned fruit, plain yogurt, & flaxseed (I use a little fruit juice to sweeten if necessary)
-snacks: high fiber cereal with milk, cottage cheese, hummus with veg or crackers, carrot sticks, lara bars if on the run, multigrain tortilla with pb, diced apple, & drizzle of honey, occasionally a bagel or toast

Exercise: gardening, walking, elliptical machine, swimming, yoga

Hope this helps! I think 18 pounds by 21 weeks doesn't sound crazy. Just keep up the healthy eating and strech/move every day.
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I have no earthly idea how much weight I've gained so far (20 weeks). We don't have a scale at home, so I'm not sure how much I weighed prior to getting pg, though I do have a rough idea, and my first appt. with the midwife was at 13 weeks, so that weight obviously isn't my "starting weight". I've been to the midwife twice now, my third visit is next week, and never once has my weight gain even come up in conversation. I think as long as you are eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting some exercise (and yes, I think gardening, mowing the lawn, vacuuming etc counts!!) then I wouldn't worry about it. Your body knows what it needs, your baby knows what he/she needs, so unless you are consuming a gallon of ice cream, four bags of chips and a 12 pack of soda everyday, I'd just enjoy the pregnancy and not stress about the weight gain.
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Caroline- That isn't bad! No worries! The PP have all given great advice...I definitely love walking while prego, at least 30-45 minute a day. I also do squats and some light-weight arm exercises. Stretching is really important, too! Also, I take the stairs instead of the elevator (ugh!).

As far as diet goes, my midwife recommended high protein intake daily, no white flour at all, and lots of greens and other fresh veggies. So, that's what I do. I also eat lots of fruit. For example, for brkfst- 2 or 3 eggs and 1 piece of ww toast and for a snack- piece of fruit, cereal, or nuts. But I eat constantly. Seriously, about every 1 to 2 hours the search for food is on. Basically, I am more conscious about protein while I am prego. And for every white flour food, I substitute the whole grain version (pasta, bread, cereal).
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I'm a slow gainer but I also think that in my case it is because I am rather fluffy!

With #1 I gained 17 and had a 7lb14 oz baby - started at 220
With #2 I gained 23 and had a 10lb 1oz baby - started at 195
So far with this one I've gained 5 lbs at 22 weeks. - started at 185
I tend to eat a lot of fresh foods. We eat mostly organic at home, I've totally eliminated HFCS, I eat a lot of cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, garbanzo beans and avacados (not always at the same time ). I make all our bread in a bread machine since it was too hard and too $$ to find bread that didn't have any HFCS. I didn't really eat this way before getting PG, (well, I did for about 2 months when I first decided to get healthier) and wasn't really loosing because I was doing some intense strength workouts. I was loosing inches but not weight. With #1 and #2 I had a pretty typical "amercian" diet. Now I still do got to fast food about once a week but we are about 80% organic at home.

Don't know if this helps? My personal feeling is the lower your weight to start the more you should gain.

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Wow, thank you Mamas!

There were so many great responses and I noticed a couple common suggestions -- more protein, and more exercise jumped out especially. I am eating well but sometimes feel that I crave more carbohydrates and not so much in the protein department (cereals, crackers, bagels). I think I am basically eating the right foods but just too much total intake daily (I eat lots of the same foods mentioned). I need to add cottage cheese, yogurt smoothies for breakfast with flaxseed also sounded yummy. I work out daily to pregnancy DVD's and these are 30 minutes with some toning exercise, but many of you mentioned walking for longer times.

I forgot to mention that I gained 32 lbs. with #1, 26 lbs. with #2, and 44 lbs. with #3. I know that my gain thus far with #4 isn't that bad but, I still remember how hard the third pregnancy felt towards the end and how hard it was to take the weight off. I would love to not worry about it but it's difficult when I have my previous lower gain pregnancies to compare to a higher gain pregnancy.

Any who, thank you so much for all your fantastic input!!!!!!!!!!

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I didn't gain anything until 18+ weeks.

I'm about 8 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight now, so I expcet to gain about 20 total- just all in the later half of pregnancy.

I typically have 2 eggs and whole what toast (with butter and jam) for breakfast. Sometimes whole grain cereal with lots of fresh berries and a tiny bit of milk (not a fan of dairy).(9-10am)
Followed by a banana or whatever other fruit in the house looks good at the moment.
Fruit and silken tofu smootie (frozen berries, spinach, OJ, about 2 servings of tofu blended) when I start to feel hungry (12-1pm)
Lunch happens around 2:30pm- typically leftover dinner from the day before (wheat pasta with veggies and cheeses, vegetable/tofu stir fries, pizza with vegetables and whole wheat crust...)
Dinner depends on how long it takes me to feel hungry again and what time DH decides to call me to be picked up from work- We eat the things listed above for lunch, plus bean burritos/other variants of Mexican style foods (black beans, red beans, seasoned rice, sour cream, cheddar cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomato, maybe avocado if we have any), veggie burgers on fresh wheat buns with lots of veggies(tomato, spinach, mushroom, avocado...)

Depending on how late I'm up a later night snack of apple/almond butter is consumed (more toast and jam, a few whole grain cookies, plain yogurt and juicy fresh fruits...)

I probably eat too much fruit, if anything, but its far better than pigging out on prepackaged junk foods loaded with sugars and lackikng fiber. I love me some fruit :-) I'm also vegetarian and don't generally consume much dairy- I seem to be sensitive to it in larger quantities.
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I'm gaining a bit... 18-20 pounds up so far. I'm fine with going up to 35, but I really don't think the baby would need me to gain more than that. I have messed up my appetite signals, so I'm either full or not full, only hungry if I've gone like all day without food. Right this minute I'm not full, and I could eat, but I don't think I need to because I just ate an hour ago. Does that make sense?

I was nervous that I wouldn't gain enough weight, so at first I was just eating as long as I wasn't full, maybe 300-400 calories every 2 hours during the day and then stopping about 5 p.m. because of reflux at night (thank you baby! ) Now I'm cutting back to eating 4 meals a day instead of maybe 6 meals, 6:00ish breakfast- oatmeal, toast with PB, eggs and toast, something like that (not all at once!) 10:30ish lunchy type thing, today it was grapes and a tortilla roll up with meat, cream cheese, and olives, 2:30 ish lunchy type again, maybe leftover lasagna from last night, then 5ish dinner with DH, probably pizza tonight with salad. Those are probably 400-500 calories each meal, a total of 2000 cal. I'm not a slave to my schedlue, but if I don't follow it then I'll default to eating about 1000-1200 calories in 2 meals, which is less than baby needs me to eat, or I'll eat all the time, which is probably over 3000 calories, which is more than I need.

In high school I destroyed my hunger cues, I overate all the time and they just don't happen now. For the couple years before I got pregnant I went to the opposite extreme and would only eat when I felt hungry for the most part, which only happens when I've gone a good 6-8 hours without food. I couldn't keep weight on and that wasn't healthy either. For the baby I felt like I needed to work on eating more, so I was eating a lot. I'm gaining well, so I think baby is getting what it needs, so I'm cutting back again.

I'm not fat, so i'm not concerned about what I'm gaining and if I go over 35 pounds then that will be okay, but I'd prefer not to if there's no point to it.

LOL, that's my ramblings to my weight gain. I realize that most people feel hungry, but maybe some people are like me and mistake the feeling of not being full for being hungry. I don't know...

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Well, I go to the doctor in a few days to see whats going on with my weight. I figured once I hit my second trimester that scale is going to start going way up, hehee. Wish me luck!
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