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By Jove, I think he's got it! - EC

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We started elimination communication late (6 m/o) which most of you know cuz I keep yakking about it Well, cuz of that, I sometimes wonder if it's "taking" or if we didn't start early enuf. And if he ends up back in diapers, I'm ok with that cuz early toilet training is not the reason I'm doing this (would be nice! but it's not my goal). I can read some of his signals, which is way cool, but we're mostly flying on timing here.

Anyway, here's what happened this morning

Owen was sitting on the toilet with padded insert, pooping away as he often does first thing in the AM. He's happily playing with his toes and having a good time. Eventually he stops pooping so I start to pick him up.

He yells bloody murder at me! I tell him I'm sorry, I thought he was done, and I put him back on the seat. He stops yelling and is happy and then starts pooping again!!!

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I think he's getting it! He had some more pooping to do and he didn't want me taking him off the potty til he was done! It's working
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That's fabulous!!! Sounds like you and Owen are really communicating! We're starting late, too (though we have done timing on and off since dd was born) but dd seems to be "getting" it, too. It's amazing, isn't it? 2 days ago we were out at the coffeehouse, not worrying about e.c., it had been about an hour, so I went to the bathroom to change her - dry diaper - held her over the toilet and she POOPED! It was truly a first. She only poops about once every three days and they are very hard to catch. Then today, we were talking online to my bro in Germany with the video camera on - Mieke started smelling a bit, but I thought it was just a wet dipe smelling funky. After the conversation was over I went upstairs to change her diaper. There was a about a "quarter" size poo on the dipe, so we went to the toilet and she immediatly went! We're at my parents, and my mom thinks it's great and keeps telling all her friends:
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I would say he's got it. Kenny is 9 weeks and does the same thing. If I take him off before he's done he cries this awful cry that is different from all other cries.

And he has started to do this pant/grunt when he needs to pee. Jeff and I were in the office with Kenny in his swing and he started.

aaah-aaah-aaah . . . I said, "Jeff he needs to pee." So Jeff took him and he did.

Later he started grunting his poop grunt. I said, "Jeff he needs to poop." So Jeff took him and he did.

I am SO seeing how this is easier the younger you start.

AND HE LOVES HIS BB LITTLE POTTY. Sometimes in the morning he'll just grin when he gets on it. I honestly believe being in that position helps him to poop easier - I sure couldn't poop sitting on my rear. :LOL

I'm really enjoying EC'ing. We are usually 100% until around 1:00 or 2:00 when the day gets a bit busier and I'm less attentive, but he will not sit in a wet diaper. So, if I don't get the point beforehand . . . HE WILL MAKE IT CLEAR once he's gone and done the deed in his dipe!
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Cool! I'm envious of you guys who started earlier. Well, next kid, lol! I'm happy with how well it's going and thankful I didn't find out about this when he was a toddler at least, right?

I think whatever age you start it takes awhile to get in the groove of things. It probably just takes longer to get that groove the older you start.

Heather, lol! I never understood how babies could poop while sitting on their butts like that.

Sarah, my mom keeps telling everyone too : It's a grandma bragging thing I guess. She has everyone thinking Owen is some sort of baby genius or something and I'm trying to tell her that any baby can do this if they start soon enuf. (well, ok, I'm sure he's also a genius, but not cuz of EC )
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