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we're having a girl!

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I am off the fence now that we know and we are so overjoyed to be having another girlie girl.
Measurements were perfect and I am dating just right, 20 weeks, 3 days.
It has been a long wait for the ultrasound. The tech saw no red flags... I have been so worried for the past month because my triple screen results came back funky and I have a positive history of genetic anomolies in my family that are pretty serious. So, even though I know that test can have inaccurate results, I still worried. Ignorance is bliss. Nursing school has made such a worrier out of me.

It will be nice for my dd to have a sister and for ds to continue to be the #1 son.

I always wanted a sister to have that special relationship with and they will only be 2 years apart.

Ah, I am so relieved that I slept straight through the night and did not even get up to go to the bathroom!

I think one of the nicest things lately is that I got to see a birth at the hospital and get to know some of the nurses that may be present when I go into labor. It was nice to have such a familiar feeling about the place where you are going to give birth.

Ok, I have 4 more assignments to complete and I am done for the semester. Then I will really breathe a sigh of relief and post more instead of lurking!

Thanks for listening!

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Congrats! A healthy girl!
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Congrads on your healthy baby girl. I grew up with 4 sisters- there is nothing like a sister-bond. Congrads again!!
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Congrats on baby girl!!! I (not so) secretly want another girl so DD can have a sister. I really love having a built in best friend!
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That's great! Congratulations!
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Congrats on the girl!! We are hoping for a girl to add to our DD and DS also for the same reasons. Yay on almost being done for the semester also!!

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