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Liam Cooper...

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was born at 2:13 am, into the water at home.

he made his arrival after a fast and furious 3 hour labor I am still a bit shocked by it! But it was beautiful- one of our midwives (who was attending my friend, just 20 minutes away!) arrived about 6 contractions before he was born.

here's the http://pottyparty.blogspot.com/2006/...am-cooper.html
link to the birth story i put up on my blog... to hard to write out more than once.

congrats to all the other new arrivals!

(oh, stats... 9.6 lbs... 22 1/4 long!)
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Welcome Liam!

Congrats Mama!
: :
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BIG congrats mama!!! I LOVE his name!!!!!
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Congrats mama, what a big boy!!!! Welcome Liam!!!
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Yay!!!! Congratulations and welcome to baby Liam!
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COngrats mama! Welcome baby Liam :balloon...

Rest up mama!
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Welcome and congrats to your family!
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Welcome to the world baby Liam! Congratulations!!!
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Congrats! Welcome Liam!
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Great work mama! Welcome baby Liam!

Can't wait to read your birth story.
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Congrats Mama and welcome (not so)little Liam!
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Well done!

Liam is a great Irish name, and Irish (Gaelic) for 'William', for those who didn't know. Pronounced sort of like 'Lee-um' or 'Leem".
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Congrats and Welcome Liam!!! I the name!
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Congrats and Welcome Liam!!! I the name!
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Welcome Baby Liam!!! :
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Congratulations Kelly! Welcome baby Liam, I love your name!
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