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whats a good baby food book

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I'm looking for a good baby food book. any suggestions?
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child of mine and super baby food are two that are mentioned often.
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Super Baby Food~ I'd be lost without it.

Happy cookin'
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I second child of mine and super baby food. My son is 18 months and I still am learning god things from both. I also love "how to get your child to eat...but not too much" by the author of child of mine. It has helped me overcome the way I was fed as a child.
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oh, and the Sears' Family Nutrition Book. Though Child of Mine has gotten a lot of good comments recently. There's a number of things in Super Baby Food I liked but a lot I didn't agree with. Child of Mine is on loan, and I haven't even read it yet...I loaned it out for review! LOL.
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What didn't you agree with in Super Baby Food? Just curious, you won't offend me. I do think there is a lot I don't even use or pay attention to because it's so in depth. Just wondering what your thoughts were.
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Another vote for....................Super Baby Food!
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off hand - remembering I can't refer to it since it's on loan too... Not much advice for extended nursers. Too many "recipes". I feed DD a simplified verison of what we eat. Overly conservative choking foods list. My DD strongly preferred finger foods to pureed things, and had no trouble whatsoever with a number of foods she discouraged. This is merely my dim memory. There could be more, I'd have to re-read.
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I really like this one:

"Into the Mouths of Babes" by Susan Tate Firkaly
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