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Pigs, chickens, gardens, solar, what makes you off the grid???

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I thought all the farming, growing, organic, chicken lovin' folks were over at digging in the earth. Then I find a whole new group.

So, we have 3 pigs, 13 hens, and an order of 17 more on the way, a good sized garden, berries, no furnace (just a woodstove) and we sell cordwood.

What do you have, do, want that makes you an 'off the grid' type?
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Hi, Red. I think the "Country Living" part counts as much as off the grid! Lots of wannabes hang out here, too (that's me).
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What took ya so long, Red? I think Country living/ OTG is the continuum of those people who are big time country livers and then those who are just checking it out. The title is kind of misleading because many urban, grid tied dwellers have lots of info to share and are on similar trips. We aren't connected to the grid, are building a passive solar strawbale, have an 11 acre farm with chickens, goats, bees, ducks, permaculture garden, etc. those are my creds, but I think all are welcome here. I have been planning on hitting you up for piggy info next year.

BTW- Hi Monica!
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I'm a wannabe. We're country living but our house is old and making it more environmentally friendly is an expensive venture.

Of course, the irony we've discovered is that it's expensive to live simply!

But so far we've managed, on our 17 acre farm, to get some chickens (also ducks and guineas, but they all live together so I lump them together), a goat (we're looking to get more this weekend), and a large garden. Our goal for the summer is to install a wood-burning stove, and our goal for next spring is to add sheep, bees, and make maple syrup. We also plan on slowly building an orchard.
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I have 22 chickens right now. Ducks in the incubator. More chicken eggs in the incubator soon...

BUT I don't know how off the grid I am. I don't have the chickens for food. I have the fancy chickens and they're our pets. -shrug-

I'll have a garden soon, but it's for the chickens. LOL SO says I am nuts since I cook my chickens food and go to the store for fresh veggies and fruits for them. LOL
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Asher, do you eat the eggs? I haven't been aboe to actually KILL a hen and eat it yet. I love them so.

You can usually get FREE produce if you tell teh people working you want some greens for your hens. I get huge boxes a few times a week to cook for my pigs.

Uh, yeah, I cook for the piggy boys. THis morning they're having apples, pasta and carrots!
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We haven't, but we also have only gotten two eggs so far! I currently have two young pullets who should be laying any time now, two hens who just hatched a clutch before I bought them (no clue when they'll lay) one rooster, four smaller babies (2-4mths old) and then 13 babies (2-3wks old).

When we start getting eggs, I will be selling them on eggbid/ebay as hatching eggs since most of them are the show quality frou frou butt kind. Then I'll use that money towards buying more feed and treats for them. LOL

They certainly don't earn their keep unless you count entertainment! hehe

I'll have to try that at the store or what not next time. Right now I've just been buying the stuff that they need to get rid of quick so marked down and then I'll feed it to them that night. Last night they had a supper of cooked rice and oatmeal with watermelon and cantaloupe on the side. Spoiled, I tell ya!
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I live in the country, but I'm really just a wannabe for now. I just bought our house 1 1/2 years ago, but we do have big plans. Garden, one day some animals, most likely chickens and rabbits. It just takes tiime, some times. I get jelous driving down the road, looking at everybody elses nice gardens.
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shanesmama, it took me 16 years to get the darn fence up!

Start small! I had some brick form a neighbor and built a raised bed with them and filled them with compost. Small, but I could grow a few things. Whaddaya got?

Are ya gonna eat the bunnies??? I wich I could cause they sure are prolific, but so far I haven't been able to get there.
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