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How much do babies cost?

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I know this is probably an incredibly vague question. But, is there any way to figure it out? DH and I are planning on TTC #1 in a year or so and I am wondering how things change financially. I have absolutely no idea of how to calculate this. I guess I am just considering how I'll plan on working vs. staying home, whether or not I can go to school, how we'll need to change our lifestyle, etc.

Any thoughts about this?

Thank you!!
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a lot! but they are totally worth it. lets see here are some of the expenses that i could think of off the bat:

prenat and birth care: anywhere from $3000 (for our midwife)-$12,000 for hospital birth with no complications. depends on how, where, and what insurance coverage you have.

diapering: figure $300 for a good complete cloth system that will give you through 1 yr + sizing or $15 per eo week if using disposables, more if you use the chlorine free ones

bf is free!!!!

clothes, but get hand me downs, left overs, shop 2nd hand, you can save a ton that way

care for a newborn runs around $175-200 per week around here but I only charge my girl $125 and have had her little guy since he was 2 months old.

I think the med bills have been the hardest adjustment for us. Most of our baby furniture, clothes, toys etc were given or hand me down things so we haven't had to shell out a lot for those things. Making your own baby food out of leftovers saves that way.

We are often hard up for money, but I stay home and it is worth it. Both with what we save on care and that the kids get me all of the time.
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Lost income was the biggest thing for us. I had a six-month unpaid leave (combo bedrest and postpartum) and I'm the primary breadwinner. DH cut down to two days a week to stay with Bubs, so we were pretty broke. But we figured that if we waited until we had enough money for kids, we'd never have them.
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Me and dh are both full time students, he also works full time and we make a grand total of $22K a year. We have 2 kids (8 and 4 yrs old) and we also homeschool them. We actually do pretty good considering!

There is no perfect time to have kids. It's scarey to plan children for most people I think. I'm glad my first was a surprise or I would have been too scared to ever have any to be honest...lol.
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birth was expensive, we still have bills and he's 6 months, we had to pay 20% of everything
my costs i cant remember most of the amounts

Hospital - Total Charge: $8,309.00
Total Allowed Amount: $5,600.00
Total Paid Amount: $5,000.00
Copay: $600.00

ob -
Amount Charged$4,375.00
Allowed Amount$2,700.00
Amount Paid $1,818.05
I paid the difference $881.95

then there was u/s 100 copay each time i went to the hospy i think there may have been one other hospy charge

then my sons charges (they charge for his hospy stay too! )

Hospy X 2 cuz he had to get retested for bilirubin...
Total Charge: $117.00
Total Allowed Amount: $58.50
Total Paid Amount: $0.00
Copay: $58.50

:PHOTOTHERAPY LIGHT (bilirubin) (they told me if insurance wouldnt take the claim its 500 a day...)
Amount Charged Amount Allowed Amount Paid Copay
charged $500.00
allowed $149.00
I paid the 149....

there was a charge for the ped to come to the hospital

Amount Allowed Paid I paid
$250.00 $60.22 $48.18 21.04

then some blood tests, hear tests...

and if u want circum...

I think I got everything..

Formula is 27.95 a week
Diapers Cheap White Cloud ones from walmart i think they are 15 for a box? 7 for a small bag...
Whipes 10 at BJs for a big box...

umm....then there's health ins for the bub...EEK!

Some how we manage...but the good thing is the hospital has a payment plan
(only for the hospital bill)...its $25 a month....

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Well we planned for five years and waited until we finacially stable (enough) and emotionally ready before we decided to ttc.

Then BAM!
30 week preemie. Back to square one!

Expect the un-expected.
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That's INSANE!!! (coming from a Canadian)

You get 65% of your wages for one year (up to $450/wk)
Medical care is free, Midwives included. No hospital charges, no nothin'!
Breastfeeding- free
Cloth diapers- $200 and you're done.
Clothes- buy second hand and you['re looking at a max. total of $100, even if you were to throw in some new ones.
Carrying devices- invest $75 in a good sling and you're set
Carseat/Stroller $200-300 depending what you want

I found our crib and change table to be unecessary, we could definitely have gotten by without them.

We got most of this stuff (except for the diapers) from our showers. Our little guy's cost us next to nothing.
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For us:

Adoption Loan $250 a month
Daycare $320 a month
Insurance $185 a month
Formula $70 a month
Diapers $45 a month
Misc $50 (shampoo, wet wipes, baby powder...)
Baby Food $35 a month

I think thats about it for us
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And you never know if you'll have a child with special needs. We've been insanely lucky with a perfect pregnancy and birth and healthy baby. You just never know though

Oh and breastfeeding isn't always free! As a low-supply mama, I had to buy a million and one herbs and medications to try to up my supply, in addition to the monthly rental of a hospital-grade pump. And I still had to supplement, which meant the extra cost of bottles and formula (even with WIC, I had to buy some formula each month).

But don't let that scare you, lol. DS was a surprise pregnancy, and I thought we were totally not ready. But we've made it. And the love we have in our family is definitely worth every penny he's cost us :
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Our births cost around $2100 and that's the brunt of what we've paid at once. We were gifted cloth diapers with our first baby and they've lasted through the third.

I've breastfed all three kids, and we've delayed solids and when we started I've made baby food from foods that we were already eating (avacados, plain chicken, egg yolks, etc)

We've mostly been gifted baby clothes.

Our major purchases have been a sling and a podaegi. We've been lucky with the boys and have gotten really nice hand-me-downs so we've bought almost no boys clothes. Our little girl's clothes are our current biggest expense and by shopping carefully I've kept her clothing purchases to around $100 in the spring and then again in the fall - and it could be less if I worked even harder to make it less.

We don't buy too many toys but we do spend a hundred or two hundred on toys each year for all three kiddos.

Our DS1 is being evaluated for some special needs issues right now and that could impact our finances significantly. We're already working with some supplements and those are costing us each month, plus my continued prenatal vitamins and the whole foods that we buy to keep us healthy

I think that kids do not have to be as expensive as people make them out to be, but I do think that there is some expense involved! I would't let money scare you away from a wanted baby though.
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Expect the un-expected.
: You know, we didn't plan anything financially. I mean, we did, because we made sure that we were stable. But we never planned things down to the dollar because you just can't. My advice is stock up on what you can, save what you can, and pray for the best.
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Bjrth of baby = 100% covered by insurance. I think I paid a $35 copay for our first. In a hospital birth center. Yes, I'm in the US.

Baby supplies - seriously, this can go anywhere you want it to. You can get everything you need (and you don't NEED much) at a baby shower and from hand-me-downs, or you can buy Hanna Andersson for your newborn and spend a thousand. Up to you. Seriously we did a little of both. We've never actually NEEDED to buy an article of clothing for a child under a year, though. I actually think the only thing that *we* bought for our first was her car seat. Everything else was gifted or second-handed to us (clothes, stroller, breast pump...) all the way up to about a year and a half, when I got sick of what other people had gifted us and went out and happily bought the first outfit I'd ever bought her. I now buy my kids clothes a lot because I learned then...I enjoy it.

I've gotten to where I probably spend around $400 per year per kid on just miscellaneous STUFF. The toy DS wants, the new blocks for DD, the dress that's super-cute, regular clothing, tickets to the ballet DD wants to see, the odd lunch out I'd never have taken on my own...you know, STUFF. This is a low amount but we are a low income family.

There's also the 'college savings'. We deposit automatically every month. We've calculated it to be only enough to pay for in-state or a reciprocity-state tuition but it is seriously all we can afford and WAAAAY more than my or DH's parents did for us.

Where parenthood has hit us hardest is where I can't work. I mean, we've pretty consciously sacrificed that as an option. Childcare would cost so much it wouldn't be worth my while, not by a long shot.
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Originally Posted by Shell_Ell
: You know, we didn't plan anything financially. I mean, we did, because we made sure that we were stable. But we never planned things down to the dollar because you just can't. My advice is stock up on what you can, save what you can, and pray for the best.

I totally agree. By the way....my hospital bill was a whopping $28,000! , but insurance paid 100% of it!
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My experience-

$2,700 homebirth-fully covered by insurance $0

Nursing bras and pump-$50.00+$40.00

Childbirth class-$250.00

Diapers-Hard to say on this we have used sposies and cloth. Now back to cloth.

Clothes/carseat/essential stuff-Almost all gifts, hand me downs, $50.00 spent by me in 2 years. Carseat as shower gift

Formula (had to switch after put on some meds) $80.00 per month (?)

I made about $800.00 per month as a substitute teacher so this income was lost.

Medical expenses-well baby check ups, emergency room visit, and one surgery plus insurance costs

Now many of these things can be used again making them cheaper per baby the more kids you have-I won't take another childbirth class, cloth lasts for more than 1 baby and then can be turned into washrags, clothes can be passed down...

If I could have kept on nursing that would have saved the most $$$$. If I was also able to cloth exclusively like planned I would have saved even more...but that is life and I was having health problems. I would say that AP/natural parenting tends to be less money in my experience..(no crinbs/bedding, less equiptment, bf, cd, ect) And like the other moms said expect the unexpected and pray for the best....Children are a hard thing to "control" in every way-costs, sleeping, eating, personality....I am majorly go-with-the-flow after having Jack!

Our ds is worth every penny though...I cannot imagine life without him!!!!
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Ill just put what we currently pay for items for the kids. Not to include college funds.This is for this months expenses

Groceries- 250.00 every 2 weeks (we have soon to be 6 kids)
Ashlee's softball cleats- 46.00
Ashlees softball camp- 25.00
Anthonys baseball cleats- 50.00
Anthonys baseball dues- 37.00
Nicholas's basketball camp- 25.00
Cassidys's Tennis and Vollyball camp- 50.00
Cassidy's tennis raquet- 40.00
random clothing for the older 4- 150.00
Diapers for Dominic and newborn diapers for Roman- 50.00
1 case of Huggies wipes- 10.00
Trip to zoo- 100.00
Dominics new shoes- 25.00
a few odds and ends for the new little guy- 50.00
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My insurance covered almost 100% of the hospital bill...I think we paid $200 total for all the OB appts and the hospital stay! The pps have covered the basics. I just wanted to add--it is impossible to really know how much it will cost. I want to add that we do have a child with special needs and therapy costs $50 per session (multiply that by 4 sessions per week), drs. visits, MRIs, EEGs... No one knows what will happen--you just have to go with the flow as you go along, I guess. (I'm still learning...) There are ways to keep cost down on baby stuff, though.
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My baby hardly cost us anything at all. We cloth diaper and breastfeed. I live in Canada, so health care is not a concern. Everything else was given to us. We have had to buy very few things. PLus, in Canada, you get the child tax ebenfit and even though we get the lowest amount possible, it is still more than we spend in a month on baby related stuff. As she is getting older, things are starting to get more expensive, but I don't think babies are expensive at all.
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bump! Does anyone know of any financial or otherwise websites that give a comprehensive breakdown or how much it costs to have a baby?

Did any of you mamas actually save up to have a baby?

This thread is a good help, but hubby needs cold, hard numbers before he will even look at us being ready, lol. Cause if its as expensive as he thinks it is (initial costs, unexpected costs, loss of income), then we will have to start saving big time now just to begin to consider TTC a few years from now!
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Brown Lioness - I don't have any website recommendations for you but your post struck a chord with me. I ended up redoing our budget so that we put the same amount of money away now that we would be spending on daycare (we can't survive on one income) plus the cost of adding a baby to our health insurance. Living that way for the past 6 months has been great. Now we both feel comfortable that we can pay for the absolute necessary things without giving up anything else. We will certainly have to tighten up our misc spending once a baby is actually on the way, but just knowing that the 2 biggest expenses are affordable really helped us decide to TTC. Plus, we are putting that money into a savings account to pay for baby expenses that come up (dr co-pays, crib, breastpump, cloth diapers, etc.).

If you know anyone close to you that would have a similar childrearing philosophy and already has children, quiz then on what they spend in a typical month. You might be shocked or pleasantly surprised by their expenses. Investigate your current health insurance policy to see what maternity/delivery co-pays you will have to cover, how much it costs to add a baby to the policy (or to move to a family policy).

Overall the costs for a baby can vary greatly by what kind of lifestyle you are accustomed to and what kind of lifestyle you expect for your baby. Buying all new designer baby clothes will be significantly different than someone that buys all their kids clothes at yard sales, goodwill, or trades clothes with family members after they are outgrown.
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Our baby was a total surprise, so we didn't plan it at all. There are tons of corners that you can cut to keep the cost down (cloth diapers, hand-me-down/thrift store clothes, breastfeeding, making your own baby food) so it doesn't have to be super expensive. We had her picture taken every month, mostly at Picture People, so that got to be pretty expensive, and I'm a recovering Gymbo-holic, so that was VERY expensive, lol (but she still fits in all but one dress, almost a year later!)
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