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*happy Mother's Day!*

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I hope everyone is happily enjoying their babies (and families, too!), whether cradling them in your arms or still carrying them (the babies~not the families! LOL! I'm so FUNNY today! LOL!). Anyway, y'all are on my heart, as everyone has been through soo much together. Have just the BEST day! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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happy mommies day all!

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Thanks! And right back at ya!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Not that we can actually enjoy that, yet...
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That is so sweet of you Sandi! Happy mothers day to you too.
I had a rather difficult day yesterday so I was really bummed out. Today is better.

Happy mothers day to all April mommies!
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just getting on to post Happy Mothers Day too!!! Hope everyone takes it easy and is able to do something that she wishes. right now i am going to take a nap!!!! trying to think of what i want to do this evening. i may just get out of the house alone (well with baby but minus three older kids and a husband)

Have a blessed day we deserve it!!!
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happy mothers day all
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Happy belated Mother's Day to all my wonderful friends/fellow April Due Daters! You have come to mean so much to me! Hope you all had a wonderful day!!

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