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Finger food ideas for a 9 month old

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I'd like some wheat and dairy free ideas for finger foods. ds is 9 months today and for the last week has refused purees.
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My 9 mo. old dd loves her some avacodos! She also loves mangos, but I think they might be a little to citrus for her as her bum was getting a little red after eating them. She also loves little Oaties ( organic cheerios) broken up into little pieces, she has no teeth!
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avocado chunks are awesome & avocados are soooo good for you!! and my DS loved them! he also did well with banana chunks, and any other soft fruits. Sweet potato (cooked) is good also. He liked peas, and though he seemed to swallow them whole, they came out digested, so they must have been put to use. good luck, HTH
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carrots, strawberries, banana, grapes (cut up into fourths!), potatoes, pears, apples (steamed), rice cakes, peas, mangos...

basically any fruit or veggie, cut up into bite sized pieces and steamed as necessary.

or you can just give her pieces of food you are eating. that's what we do.
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All the ones listed above, also two favorites around here are steamed broccoli and asparagus. Just the tops.

DD also rejected purees around that age for a couple of weeks, but has since taken some again. She prefers the finger foods though now at 10 months. It is messy, but then again the purees are also messy.
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Although I mostly only give ds avacado and mango, I find them to be tricky to pick up. I find anything i can cut into squares is good or I just hand ds (almost 9mos) a whole pear or other soft fruit and he takes little bites off of it and feeds himself.
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DD got finger food sized chunks of whatever we were eating (within reason)...but she especially liked:

blueberries (cut in half)
grapes (cut into quarters)
steamed carrots
steamed broccoli
puffed rice cereal (not crisped rice...just the plain old puffed rice)
shredded chicken (if you do meat)
sliced apples, pears, peaches, apricots, etc

and although it's messy, dd loved dipping her fingers in hummus and licking them clean, and picking little bits of veggies out of a dish of salsa!
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We're doing little bits of what we're eating, too. Besides what other people mentioned, cornbread, beans (squished slightly so they're not choking hazards), peeled red pepper slices, salmon (a HUGE hit), sauteed polenta slices (chopped into bites), whole wheat pasta (if you're not doing wheat, they have quinoa pasta), quinoa, straight brown rice, chopped up sauteed fresh spinach, etc.

Heck, yesterday ds had soba with us at lunch at Ethiopian for dinner.

I'm so not into "baby" foods right now. Ds is so delighted by what we're eating and so turned off by purees that I figure, well, he'll have a nice broad palate.
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It seems like everyone else has already introduced so many foods! I guess I need to get on it and start offering him more things so he's not so limited.
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Originally Posted by mamao'two
It seems like everyone else has already introduced so many foods! I guess I need to get on it and start offering him more things so he's not so limited.
Nah...you're following your own baby's cues...everyone is different!

wombat...dd loves hummus too!

I just tried squished blueberries with dd yesterday. She liked them...but I was a little worried about the skin. I'm lurking for finger food ideas too.
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We've been offering:

-ditalini pasta (little tube shapes that are small)
-tofu cubes sauteed in a little bit of olive oil
-cooked peas
-steamed carrots
-steamed apples
-banana pieces rolled in baby oatmeal cereal (makes it easier to pick up )

I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of them right now. She went through 2 weeks of not wanting any pureed foods. Now I give her either a yogurt or a some pureed food and then give her the finger foods.
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Anyone try something like this?


I like the idea of those Gerber puffs, but they have wheat and sugar. I thought plain organic brown puffed rice might work as an alternative?
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We did one container of the Gerber puffs....DD seemed to like them but they were spendy and smelled really nasty (we got the banana ones...I don't think bananas were meant to be puffed, lol). So now we just do plain puffed rice cereal and Oatios (broken into fourths, believe it or not!).

That's about it for finger foods...it really is an individual thing. My older DD was eating just about anything at this age, but the younger one does not do well with big chunks of stuff and I am too old to deal with the high blood pressure that comes from watching her try. So we stick to pureed foods, plus the cereals as finger foods, and that's it for now.

I did give her some TINY bits of watermelon over the weekend and she loved them.
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