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Updating your sig line

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When did everyone update their sig line to include the new pregnancy?

When I joined mothering, ds was already here so it was easy. With the baby we lost I change it the day after the positive pregnancy test. I'm not normally superstitious but this time even though I'm at 11.5 weeks and we had an ultrasound at 9 to confirm the baby was in the right place with a heartbeat I'm still a bit heasitant.
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I think it's time to completely and fully acknowledge and celebrate the life in you at this moment. Life never has any guarantees, but this baby is here right now and nothing will change this moment. Besides, this is a very safe place to celebrate. If the powers that be were out to jinx us and take our babies just because we really want them, I could have no faith in anything. I'm not talking just to you, I'm talking to me too I guess. I had a miscarriage not too long ago, so I do understand. Sorry if I didn't make sense. I currently have a cold that is making me a little fuzzy in the head.
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I changed my sig the day we got the positive pregnancy test. I was nervous things could go wrong too (much more at ease now that 12 weeks is tuesday!)... but if something went wrong I know everyone here at mothering would be totally supportive and I would tell everyone anyways. Seeing the 9 week ultrasound did help SO much to relieve me....
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hi there- I also waited a little bit to add my "expectation" to my signature. I don't know if I felt so much supersticious about it as that I just had so many feelings running thru my body. It just brought so much up to think I was actually pregnant after so long TTC, and I had to take some time ( I think it was days) to deal with it.
On the other and, when I added my M/C info (which happened way before I got here) to my sig it was really important for me & the TTC process I was in to acknowlege my 1st baby & M/C. So I had that experience & decided that it would probably be a good feeling to go ahead & add the new pg info as well.
I really like what Luckymomma said about remembering that life is not out to jinx us, it is so hard after a loss &/or failed TTC to accept that life is still abundant & resilient. I have to affirm those things for myself all the time!
blessings, Maria
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I understand the superstition completely, Eman's mom. But after some debate with myself, I changed my sig line right away, because this was the only place I could celebrate and let everyone know that I was pregnant, since we weren't telling anyone IRL at the time.
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