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Originally posted by christymama
I told hubby look at this . It has to be to early to be popping out. He said well this is your third so your body is like ok lets get the show on the road!!
Well darn it wasn't he sweet...... when I pointed out my little poochie to my DH he said "oh that was there before!!!!"
Talk about BURSTING my bubble. :LOL

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don't worry chelly, that is what mine says too. I blame my belly on my son, and he says, oh you already had that.
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I have been on the boards for long time, but not a very active poster lately. Anyhow, I am due in the middle of November after 2 years of trying! We are so happy!
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Congrats Sagewinna!!!

I'm SO happy the weekend is here, but I couldn't sleep in this morning, I woke up at 6:30 with a headache!!!

I have to admit, I did another Pg test yesterday, I told a few people at work and then I thought OH NO, what if I'm NOT pregnant!! So I peed on another stick :LOL

I'm a NUT, but I don't FEEL pregnant!!!

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Welcome and congrats Sagewinna!

Chelly-Thanks for the book title.

Nothing new to report. I haven't spotted since Thursday morning and things are going great!
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Good morning..

just checking in with my Nov mama friends!! I'm ready to go back to bed!!!

DH is making some breakfast "with lots of protein for the baby"...I'm glad he's excited. He doesn't think anything of my pooch either...I've had it for a long time...now I can just be proud of it!!

Thanks for the book title Chelly! I'm looking forward to browsing our local Barnes and Noble and Borders through the baby section...I want to get a pregnancy journal.

I have that book "From Conception to Birth"...It's a day by day account with pics of the developing baby.

I keep staring at my pee stick that is still in my bathroom for reminders that I really am pregnant!!!
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WOW Abylite, your DH making breakfast - LUCKY GIRL. My dh is eating last nights leftovers, my son just ate a bowl of MY CEREAL. And I'm trying to talk DH into taking us all to the zoo - I want to walk around and just get some Excersize!

The book is REALLY good, there was just s section in there - if you want a home birth and dh doesn't - ask him how he would like to be on a bed, trying to POOP, with a bunch of strangers watching his progress :LOL

My mommy brain is kicking in, cause I don't know where I put the book last night when I went to bed! Its very annoying!!!

Have a great day everyone!!

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Ha! yes. My df and I kept the stick for quite a while on the kitchen table. I think mostly to remind ourselves that it is for real! Still, we can't bring ourselves to throwing it away. It is in a place that will grow with baby memorabilia, etc. So silly as the plus sign is fading away and will probably be gone long before the kid arrives.

Thanks for the book titles. Since I am new at this, I want to read everything I can get my hands on. I almost feel strange as it is taking over all that room I had for reading other stuff. I guess I am interested in "gettin my PhD in baby" as a dear friend says.


p.s. I'm not supposed to have a belly yet, right?
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Originally posted by morninglark

p.s. I'm not supposed to have a belly yet, right?
OH some of us DO (but mine is aparently leftover belly from the last time I was up this road!)


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all i have to say to belly's are WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
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YAY! I'm so stinkin exited!
-Aurora we MUST hook up!Who is your midwife?Mine is C O"Bryant an hour drive away!
_HRM(hope I got it right...)our kids are the same ages! my 3rd too!
I am kindof releived there are a bunch having their thirds..I was feeling crazy for a minute....
Feeling queasy and peeing a lot.having such a hard time not drinking and eating sugar!also soooo tired and still nursing 18 mo.old dd.
Does anyone have diareah manifested "morning sickness" or should I be concerned for my(our) health?
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Yay Audrey!!! I have heard good things about C O'Bryant. Dh and I are meeting with Dianne Bjarnson on Monday. I have talked to her over the last several months as we have been ttc but have never met her. We are super excited too.
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Wow, I have had this strange mixture of having more energy (probably from being off coffee) and being really exhausted. I had to back out of plans to go out last night. I think the dp was hurt/annoyed a little. I just couldn't stay up past 9pm though.

I have found a really yummy herbal "coffee" though. Full of goodness, but makes the mornings seem less different.

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Hey all, I posted this in another oct/nov thread but I see the party is over here!

I am due to have baby #1 Nov. 18th. I see most of you are on baby 2 and 3, so I eager to learn from your experience.

I feel like suddenly, like in the last 2 days, my nausea is worse. I thought it was manageable and I was thanking my lucky stars that I could handle it and now I am scared maybe it won't be so easy! I have to take a 30 min bus ride daily and I am seriously afraid of puking on the bus. (Haven't puked yet, on the bus or off)
I will be 6wks preg on tuesday.

Plus, I have a killer head cold/sinus thing and I feel like it's not helping one bit - between the post nasal drip and the pounding, aching head, I am feeling really awful. Any advice??

But despite my whining, I really am so happy!
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HONEY```` welcome to our party!! And welcome to pregnancy! It is wonderful isnt it. !! The morning sickness always gets worse before it gets better! but at least you have something to look forward to!! HAHA No really is all great. It will pass in time and you wont even remember it. I had it with #2 but not with #1 or with this one so they are all different. Good luck and Glad you can join us!!!
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Hey all, just peed on a stick and we're looking at November 28. Whoo hoo!!! This will be number two. I think I have to go turn some cartwheels or something!
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Sagewinna, where in Sac are you? I live in Citrus Heights. It will be cool to know someone in my area. Congratulations!!
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Congrats Kakuchan!!! We are "due" around the same time!!

Welcome Attila..! I'm also due for baby #1!!

How's everyone? I'm just 4 weeks along...pretty neat already being about a month pregnant! I can't wait to see a heartbeat. It will make me feel better!!

I feel "good" right now!! I've just been tired and letting myself rest over the weekend.

I've decided to read one more "fun" novel before delving into baby books again. Of course I'm reading some pg mags too!
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Good morning ladies, is it just me or did the weekend just disapear.
I haven't been able to sleep well lately, even when offered a sleep in - both Satuday and Sunday mornings, i woke up early.

On a brighter note, my boobies are finally getting a little tender, and annoying me already. :LOL

Oh well, off to work I go - have a great day ladies and I'll check back later.

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Chelly: I actually took 5 tests before I believed it for sure. After so long trying there was just a big part of me that said "This can't be happening!" I finally left the test in my bathroom... Oh, and I am constantly poking my breasts to make sure they still hurt!LOL

This is my 3rd baby, I have a 9 year old and a 5 year old that are kids of my dh's heart... this will be our first together.

moma: I am very near Citrus Hts., actually, in a little patch of Sacramento in between Citrus Hts, Antelope and North Highlands. We could meet at Rusch park sometime...
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