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Janome My Lock 234D Serger

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A lady is town has this serger for sale.

Any reviews on it? I've heard Janome is a good brand, and I've seen some sites call this model an "industrial serger". Here's a link to a site that appears to be selling it: http://www.thomassewing.com/machines/mylock234d.html

Any clues what's a fair price for this "barely used" serger that's about 5 years old? The seller bought it used 4 years ago for CA$400. The owner before that barely used it. It sounds like it might be a good idea to get the machine serviced. I'm yet to see it, but I'd certainly be interested in seeing it in action before committing to anything.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm a complete newbiew to sergers
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I don't know if this helps, but I have the 634D , and I love it! I purchased it brand new, about ten years ago for $700.00, and it has taken a real beating over the years. It is still trouble free. I mostly sew garment weight fabrics, and lightweight silks, and chiffons, using a lot of metallic thread for decorative edgings, and I like a nice tight "Merrow" type stitch, so I use it in the 3 thread capacity almost exclusively. This model does both 3 or 4 thread overlock, and has differential feed. It makes a beautiful decorative edging. I am a big fan of Janome/New Home brand of sewing machines. HTH
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Yes, that does help $700 Wow! If I had that kind of money now, I'd probably just get myself the Babylock Imagine (the machine does the threading that's the one thing I fear with a serger).

What does the "6" in "634D" mean? What I've heard with 234D is that it does 2, 3 and 4-thread overcast and the "D" means with differential feed. The site I linked to above seems to suggest the "2" is for the two needles, but I doubt yours has 6!
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I don't have any idea what the '6' means! It does sew a 2 thread overlock as well as the 3 & 4. It has the four spools, and I don't even see that it can use a double needle, although it does have two needle positions. It is a breeze to thread, so I wouldn't worry about that.
It is "Electronic Controlled" whatever that means.

I also have a White Superlock that I purchased new over 20 years ago, and it still works like the day I bought it. This is a great machine, but I heard they didn't make it any longer and my mechanic recommended the Janome, instead.
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Oh you've just sold me on getting it Thanks E.V.Lowi

I really hope that lady gets in to gear and gets it out of her basement so that I can see it, hagle over a good price ( ), get it serviced, and go from there. I'm psyched!

But if anyone else has anything more to say about, post away. I'll still be checking It's going to take a little more than this to sell the idea to my DP I think.
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Siana- I got a bit concerned when I read your last post about how the lady keep this machine in the basement?! Janome has all metal gears, and this is the main reason that they are such great machines that run so well and for so long - but they are prone to rust, so make sure you have a chance to look inside and be sure it hasn't gotten damp.
Don't forget the tool case and the instruction manual. It should come with the machine and have a parts list inside. Double check that you get all the things that belong with the machine, such as the spool caps, blade, oil applicator, wrench and screwdrivers. It sounds as if you are getting a good deal on this machine if all is in order. Good Luck, and Happy Serging
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I also have the Janome 634D, and I have no idea what the 6 stands for either! I also bought mine about 10 years ago, and paid $900 CA. It is labelled as an industrial, but I've worked with real industrials and this isn't it. It is heavy duty though, and I can sew jeans with it. I would offer $100 for it if it's barely used...but at the same time, you will probably need to service it and that usually runs me $50 CA every time. So tell her that, and offer a lot less, see what she says. It's probably a really good machine.
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Thanks for the reminder and excellent tip E.V. Lowi. I wouldn't have though of checking the inside myself. So, I'll check to see if it's operational and then check the inards -- I'm afraid if I do it the other way round, I might damage the machine, but if there is damage, then it might be best to check inside first! I'm just over thinking this right? I'll see what she says

mummy marja, good to know this isn't a true industrial, but it'll probably work just fine even if I do end up using it more frequently (eg. for a business) or for heavy-duty work. I'd like to keep my options open. The basic servicing fee at the dealership here is CA$60, hopefully it won't need extra work.

Anyway, the seller hasn't contacted me since I started this thread. I'll gently nudge her along after the weekend Wish me luck!
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