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We're having asparagus soup and cheesy potatoes--the potatoes are for me, I've had a killer headache the last few days and turtle knows that those will be good for me, even if I can't eat the soup just now.
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I made chicken jalfrezi tonight and we had it with brown rice.
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'Crab' Wraps-faux crab meat, stir fried cabbage/onion/carrot, all wrapped up in a spinach wrap
Fried rice
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fideos - mexican dry soup. Yum.
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Salad (greens from our CSA) topped with grilled steak, homemade garlic croutons and blue cheese dressing.
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Grilled short ribs and caesar salad
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Taco cups, using one of the cans of biscuit mix I bought today.
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Well, I put in my Longhorn beef roast yesterday morning and it didnt' get done on low (crockpot), so we ended up having leftover squash casserole and grilled cheese sandwiches (ww bread of course).

Were gonna have the roast tonight (it is gonna be soooooo good and tender!) but dh is coming home early, teen dd is going to a college math/science program for 5 wks and is leaving in the morning so we are letting her pick a nice restaraunt instead. Roast tomorrow! At least I won't have to cook all weekend!
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Last night we ate out (I had grilled chicken with jalapenos...)

Tonight....hmmmm...I am thinking spaghetti squash with tomato sauce, tossed salad...
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We went out to dinner. Hubby had steak and fries, I had soup and empanada and salad. Little one had chicken and part of her dad's steak. She's a little carnivore

But tomorrow, I'm making lasagna MMMMMMMMM
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: : : :

DH is grilling! Man, I love summer - it's the only time DH makes food for us. Sexism, shmexism...thank goodness for the "cooking meat over fire is manly" idea!
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Last night was wheat pitas stuffed with sprouts and pan fried falafel patties drizzled with kefir.

Tonight is chicken, cabbage, mushroom, onions stir fry with brown rice.
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Last night we had homemade pizza -- DS helped me put on the veggies and the cheese, and he kept saying, "We're building a PIZZA! We're building a PIZZA!" He was so excited to eat it, too. I am going to have him "help" me make the veggies from now on.

Tonight, I'm thinking about a crockpot dish -- might try a recipe I have for curry lentils and spinach.
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Last night was miso soup with carrots, green onions, tofu, udon and sugar snap peas in the pod. It was SO good. I have what's left along for lunch and I can't wait to eat it.

Tonight is a Village dinner--spaghetti sauce (over new noodles...) left over from a fundraiser on Saturday night.
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I think we'll do homemade pizza tonight... The kids adore it and so does dh, one of those meals that everyone loves (and it's pretty healthy, except for the nasty pepperoni that dh and the kids like ).
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Homemade veggie chili and big green salad
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I'm making moussaka. Don't know if any of us will like it but we're going to try!
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It is the 4th straight day of 90 plus heat, so tonight we're having a spinach/ chicken salad using some of the yummy veggies we got in our CSA box today.

Followed by home-made ice-cream for dessert.
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BBQ seitan burgers (from scratch) and some mixed veggie salad
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