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Hello there

I'm trying to find new socks for my 20 month old (he's been wearing the same ones forever (Old Navy) and they are going to be way too small soon. So, I've been looking for organic or unbleached socks and haven't had much luck.

The Maggie's are way too tight around the meaty part of the leg and I haven't found any other brands of organic. I haven't even seen any unbleached options at Hanna Andersson or anything. The Old Navy have worked for us, but I really don't want to support that company, so we're going to not buy anything new from them (used items is another story, though: ).

So, do you wise mamas have a good source for me?

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I don't have any advice. We couldn't keep socks on DS' feet until I broke down and bought some Old Navy socks. Now he especially loves his red ones. They are the only socks I'll put on him, unless they are all dirty! My son kinda has a sock fetish too, if he sees a sock on the ground, he *has* to take one off his foot to put that lone sock on. Then he realizes he has another lone sock...and the cycle continues.

So I wonder if anyone else has discovered an Old Navy quality sock from a different source.

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Sorry I can't help, but I wanted to add that I always found Old Navy socks to be really tight!
I buy from Target now, the very short socks.

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I've had the same problems with Maggie's... though I'll admit dd is chubbier than most. However, seeing this today reminded me of the other complaints I've heard about them. I emailed the company and told them the only babe I know who can wear them is *way* skinny and that because of this it is entirely possible that most of their anklet sales were one off buys. According to the woman who responded, they are in the process of finding a new knitter and will bring this concern up with them.

Until then, we're stuck with babygap.
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Hey NoHiddenFees

I was thinking of writing Maggies as well. Those socks are way too skinny and ds is pretty averaged size. Hope that they fix the problem.

Anybody else out there who doesn't use babygap or oldnavy socks for their little ones. We still need help.

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bumpity bump

we're still looking for ideas here on how to wean ourselves from old navy socks. help!
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Re: bumpity bump

Originally posted by LiminalOne
we're still looking for ideas here on how to wean ourselves from old navy socks. help!
I think once you try other socks, you'll be just fine. My DS wore old navy for the longest time, and I actually had difficulty putting them on him. He's 3 1/2 now and we don't use the old navy any more, he's trying to put his own socks on now, and he'd NEVER be able to with Old Navy - way too stiff and tight.

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Hey Chelly

What brand socks does he wear or are you saying that it doesn't really matter, any other brand would work fine?

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I get his socks from Target, I've since started buying the really short socks that just touch the ankle. He doesn't have the chubby legs anymore, but I find the short ones are easier to get on, and he will eventually get the hang of it and be able to do it himself......
He can just stick his foot in and pull and it pops right over his foot, not like one with the longer leg part, where you have to gather it up in your hand to get it on the toe first.

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I got DDs socks at a Rite Aid

and they are great. I also have some from the Gap that fit well. I also got some great wool socks at a consignment shop that I put under a larger pair of shoes for the snow we got lately - keeps her feet dry!
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