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I'm really so unsure about this. I don't trust dentists... I've had one good one out of the dozen or so I've seen over the years. My back right upper molar has problems. It's amalgam, but most of the filling fell out some months ago. I went to the dentist and he put a new filling in, which just fell out again this weekend. So I have a giant hole and stuff keeps getting caught in it. It's not painful, just bothersome. (Very bothersome.) Anyway, he wanted to do "gum lengthening" and then a build-up and a new crown. I'm a total wimp and the gum lengthening sounds painful. I have other crowns (and silver. and white fillings. sigh) and I don't necessarily think it's worth it... I'm debating asking to get the tooth pulled out and do without a molar there. My upper teeth are starting to get compacted as the wisdom tooth comes in on the other side and I think this would have the benefit of easing the pressure? We have dental insurance but it sucks and I anticipate his "plan" would end up costing me $1200 or so which I don't have.

So, what would you do? Also, I'm nursing, and so aside from the fact I don't want drugs I also can't be away from the baby for too long.