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chicken mites

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I had a hen go Broody about 3 weeksa ago we just got or new addition this morning and 1 hatching now. Any who I nothiced little tiny bugs on her I had never noticed these before and looked at my other chickens and dont see any on them. Why her and what do I do. Is it from her sitting and not dusting etc. My chicken coop is clean not the best building but clean my dd keeps it pretty clean in there. ANy advice
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Hey - if you want to try something natural, DE (diementius earth or something like that, I know I spelled the first word wrong), but since she already has them you may have to go stronger. I've heard (but not tried) the Sevin works as does Adams flea & tick spray. Personally, I hate using stuff like that, but you may have to. Just be careful to keep it away from the vent so you do not make her sterile. (This seems like an old wives tale, but it's what I've been told so YMMV.)
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I am going to go get some DE today and the feed store told me about hydrated Lime I think he called it. I dont understand why she has them. There pen is clean they are free range the only thing is other birds can get into there house until Dh builds the new one maybe thats where she got them.

I have been creepy crawly since yesterday lol I hate bugs. I want to just sprinkle some stuff where they dust but since its been nothing but rain for 4 days the dust is now mud lol so I have to wait.

Where can I get the DE?

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You should be able to find DE at the feed/farm store where you get the lime. Make sure it's food grade as the pool kind can be harmful to the chickens, at the least.

(Lime is supposed to be to keep the smell down, though, from what I have heard?)
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All chickens have a small number of mites. When they become inactive and don't do their usual dust baths and preening the mites get out of control, especially in sick and broody birds. When the hen is done being broody she'll start dust bathing and preening like crazy and the mites will go down to their normal level.
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thanks for the replies
she is up and dusting and we have 2 chicks now she does look as if the mites are gone

thanks you
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