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Painful ovulation/Multiple ovulation?

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Just curious....I know Breastfeeding can do wacky things to your cycle. My dd is down to only 1 nursing a day now and although my periods have been irregular I have been having them for about 6 months now. Now that we are TTC I started charting again. My ovaries have been sore since cycle day 8 but it was NOTHING campared to the pain I felt yesterday afternoon on cycle day 14! It hurt so bad on my right side that I was nauseous and couldn't even sit down and I actually had to breathe through it. It lasted about 5 hrs and then went away and left me with just soreness again. I have had this before but not for a few years and it wasn't this bad. I'm a little worried about multiple ovulation I guess Considering we are going for baby #6 with 2 m/c and DS#4 had a vanishing twin. I know the chances go up. Anyone get pregnant w/ twins w/ excruitiating "O" pain? It's probably crazy but I just had a wierd feeling. Can breastfeeding cause more than 1 egg to be released?
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Wow, well I have no idea about any of that, but I just had an excruciating ovulation like you described. Now at 2dpo I still have a bit of soreness. Please don't tell me there is a chance of twins with painful ovulation!
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I had really painful ovulation this month too. I hurt to walk yesterday. I don't want to hear that it could be because of double O. Now I'm freaked out. I'm going to google this. Oh My!
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I'm really not trying to freak people out I just know that at least once I did conceive twins. I'm just weighing my chances of it happening again. And with the horrible O pain I was just wondering.
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If you double or multiple ovulate, it does increase your chance of twins if you're having sex. However, multiple ovulation does not necessarily mean pain. In your situation, it sounds like it's possible you multipled because of irregularity and BFing, but you should talk to your midwife/doctor if it continues.
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goodness...are you sure it was JUST ovulation? if it hurt that bad, it makes me think of something like ectopic or maybe you've developed a cyst (i know it's always painful for my sister and she has polycystic ovaries)...not trying to scare, but i don't think THAT much pain is normal, hon! I'd get that looked into.
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