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I would test again with first morning urine & see what that says. If it does come up with 2 lines~! YIPPEE...there are more incidences with a false negative than false positives. You could also go to your care provider & ask for a blood test to confirm.
Baby wishes for you

Originally Posted by naturegirl
Well I think I am pregnant. I will tell you my story and you decide...

I haven't had my period back since my ds was born in August of 2004, so every 2-3 months I just POAS just to check. Well this month I was having those same weird sensations in my uterine area. I wasn't sure if it was rearing her ugly head or what. I also have been sick, a case of mastitis and a nasty cold. I remember with ds I was sick like that before the actual morning sickness started too. (not the mastitis but nasty cold-like symptoms)

Three days ago I POAS and jumped in the shower. When I got out I looked at the stick and it looked until I looked close and I saw a faint DH even confirmed it incase I was halucinating! Since then I have POAS 6 times. 3 faint and 3

My problem is I have NO IDEA when we conceived since I have not had but I assume it was early this month or the test would be more than faint???

I also was wondering if you ladies think the store bought, first response type test, is more sensitive than the cheaper $1 stick tests you can buy. I have been using the cheapy tests...

Any ideas???

I also wanted to add that I too have had copious amounts of cm the last couple of days and sore nipples when bfing ds.
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I have tested now 3 mornings. Each first morning urine. Each time one test negative and one test faint positive. Do you think I should buy a "first response" or similar early detection test? Are they more accurate early on?

(As I write this I wonder why I need to know so soon. It will be obvious soon and I could call my midwife early next week to set up an appt. This has made me go a little crazy! )

I will try to be patient...
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it wasn't a suprise... 4 days after my RE knocked me up I got our (me and Intended parents) first BFP out of many... 8 days after that I had my first US that showed twins
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I had my suspicions, being late, knew I'd ovulated 5 days after....

So when I went to my previously scheduled doctor appoint, I asked for a test.

I was so shocked when it really came back positive. My doc is so sweet. She stayed and listened while I babbled on for about 3 minutes and hugged me while I cried on her shoulder from the shock.

I have yet to feel more than fleeting symptoms, hints of queasiness, fullness...
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I wasn't going to test this time around - just let my body let me know I was pregnant. Well, it did, but I also tested. I didn't think I would be pregnant this month, as I am usually aware when we conceive a baby (well there was one time when I was really sleepy and I might have missed it....). But last thursday (9dpo) I felt really really crampy. As it was dps birthday on monday I figured I would buy a test and do it monday morning just in case. That way if it was positive it would be a nice thing to give him. There were two tests in the pack and I just couldn't resist taking one saturday morning. And there was a faint positive!!! I am amazed - I didn't get a faint until 19dpo with dd!
I didn't manage to keep it a secret from dp until Monday - I am so bad at that, must be very reassuring for him! I spilled the beans Sunday night (I resisted for a whole day and a half tho!!!).
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