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March pre O

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OK I'll start this time... I am still waiting for O. Cycle Day 17 with ewcm for the last few days. I am VERY crampy today. I'm hoping I will O in the next couple days! We acutally aren't TTC this month but like I've said before I'm trying to lengthen my LP so that maybe next month we can start trying. Of course if I O in the next day or so it is theoretical possible! Anyway, hope you all are having some luck in this department!!
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I'm on CD 8, and witing to O as well. My husband's planning on going skiing next weekend with some collegues, so I hope I O before that...
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Hi Ladies,

I've got a short short cycle, and probably should have O'd already but my OPK's have not come up positive so I'm confused. We're doing the BD often enough just in case....
Good Luck to all.
Chelly CD 11 (cycle 22-24 days)
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Well, I'm here, after a 22 day cycle on CD1. On to month 6!

I have a question. I know the Luteal phase is not supposed to vary very much, but is it possible for it to do so anyway? Two months ago, I O'd around CD 13 and had a 15 day LP (with a couple of negative HPTs). Last month, I O'd around CD 12 and had a 10 day LP. This is all according to Fertility Friend. These are also the first two months charting. So, I guess I'm confused.

I'm just so frustrated and want to know what is wrong with me.
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Bec - Just wanted to say that I've found that Fertility Friend is not very accurate with when you O. It doesn't seem to follow the rules set out in TCOYF
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Hello...I'm waiting to O too...cd 10. I want to get things rolling!!!
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I finally got a very feint line on my opk - I thought it would never happen.....
So I'm hoping I O today or tomorrow.
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Joining you all, cd 2, so will be a while before I ovulate. Let this be a fruitfull cycle for all of us!!!!

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I am also cd2.

Babydust to us all.

I am going to the doctors on Tuesday just to make sure everything is alright. My periods have not been the same since my early m/c in Dec.:
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so what's up with me! i was TOTALLY crampy the last two days and i thought for sure i was O'ing but still nothing. Grrr. I'm getting frustrated. :*(
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Hello...using an OPK for the first time tomorrow. I hope I catch the SURGE!! I'll be CD 12 tomorrow. Anyone else testing with OPKs?? I want to get this party started!!
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Hey Abylite,
We're catching each other all over the place!! :LOL

I'm using the OPK's for the first time this month - I've got a TON of them so I've not been shy (I bought 30 on line)
I actually thought I was O'ing earlier than it seems I am........ so in previous months I had given up and was on the 2WW already.

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Hey Ladies
Cd 6 for me. Nothing exciting to report!
I'll start with the opk's around cd13 or so. I usually o late. This month though we have decided to bd every other day that dh is home (he's a pilot). And when I get the + opk, if he is scheduled to work, he's going to call in sick!
This part of the cycle is boring, but a nice break from the stress of the 2ww!
Chelly- keep testing because the line on the opk is supposed to be as dark as the control to be considered a positive. Usually what happens with me is the line keeps getting darker until the 2 lines are the same, then the test line gets lighter again.
Baby dust to all!
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Originally posted by thebabycatcher
we have decided to bd every other day that dh is home (he's a pilot
LUCKY GIRL - all the pilots I've ever seen have been sexy as hell!

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well those of you who have read my posts know that I was going to wait until next month to TTC but I am so frustrated with not O'ing yet I think I'll just seduce my husband any time I feel the urge and not really care. Maybe I'll actually get preg! I saw so many preg women today and I realized that I really wanted to be them. of course at that time I thought i wasn't going to O this month but lo and behold tonight I have ewcm again! Who knows when I will O but I'm not avoiding getting preg this month anymore. anyway, we'll see what happens. sorry for the vent.
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cd 11, and not in a hurry because I apparently O anywhere from cd 16-19! Cycles have gotten longer since dd I guess.

Wolfmom, I say go for it!! Also my temp doesn't go up until a day after I've ovulated, maybe you are the same?

bec - my luteal phase has varied from 12-15 days. I wasn't worried because it's long enough to not be a problem. Where did you read it should stay the same?

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I will use on line OPKs this cycle too. I also do the saliva testing, looking for ferning. And cm, bbt, and such. All together, they should give me a pretty good idea when I ovulate I hope!

Nice strong ovulation vibes to all!

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I'm at CD8...and the doc has given me the go-ahead, so here we go! Not doing temps or mucus...and no longer bfing. A whole different science this time around. Good luck, ladies!
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I have a question.
I've been using OPK's for about three days now - and every second day before that since day 8 or so.

I started to get a second line two days ago, it was slightly darker yesterday but not as dark as the control line, now today its lighter again - whats going on? should I test again? did I O already and its fading out again?

I had cramping this morning, HORRIBLE cramps so I'm not sure if it was O or something I ate - I could hardly SIT down.

Very weird and very confusing.

I'm on Day 13 of a 22 - 24 day cycle...
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CD 6 here. We're leaving Monday for a two-week vacation to Puerto Rico. Looking forward to some tropical BD-ing!!!!

Hoping that + =

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