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March pre O - Page 4

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And she's back!

Here I am again - onto cycle 11.....
CD 2 here.
I am on Clomid for the second cycle and should O around cd 15...so here we are.

Lovely to see you all again!
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Hi Adina, I wish you weren't seeing us all again though

I hope this is your month.
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So sorry Adina. I was really pulling for you this month.

I am at cd11. Expect that I will O sometime in the next 4-5 days... Oceanone, I would probably bd if I were you. Are you doing temps. ovulite, etc also? I am soley going by cm and gut feeling at this point. Not too specific, I know:

EWCM is usually a good sign of O or that it will be shortly. Plus sperm can live for up to 5 days in good cm so it's better to hit it early than to be too late!

Good luck
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I thought I wasn't going to obsess this month. Boy was I wrong! I grabbed my ovulite today, just to see, and saw a lot of ferning!! Lots of bding tonight and this weekend. I am at cd12 today. Still a little early for me but I think it will be happening in the next 1-3 days!

Please send me all the baby dust you can spare.

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Naturegirl, that's great. Good luck, grab some of the baby dust over at the 2ww thread, they are having an awesome time over there.

Day 13 for me and I can hardly believe it but I still have heaps of ewcm. This must be 4 or 5 days. Usually I hardly notice any, so the small amounts I was seeing before surprised me. But now I'm really surprised. And feeling better about this month than ever. Keep your fingers crossed for us too. I think tomorrow or the next day will be the day, but with my cycles it's so hard to tell. All I know is, it's gonna happen.
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I hope this is the month for us Oceanone! I have been browsing around on the 2ww thread also. There is a lot of good news going on over there. I was really pulling for Adina though. I hate to see you back here girlfriend. When will we join that pregnacy board already!!

I have also had a lot of ewcm here today. I don't remember much last month...: I am starting to feel good about this month. Maybe I will be having a Christmas baby after all.

Sending positive vibes to everyone waiting to O as well as waiting to test.
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grrrrr....so I am supposed to start my clomid today. And there was this little tiny blizzard for the last few days. So I haven't been able to get out of the house until this afternoon. Well I get to Target to go to the pharmacy and IT IS CLOSED!!!! Darn it. So now I have to go tomorrow and get it and start a day late. grumble grumble. Oh well. Just annoying more than anything.

Thanks naturegirl. I wa really hoping that it would be my month. I was pretty wrecked when showed. I am really starting to doubt my ability to have a baby. I mean this is getting ridiculous. We started a year ago and nothing - not even one + hpt. Not even an indication that I have been able to get pg. I am really beginning to wonder what is up. But all my test come back fine and dandy. And dh is a little low count-wise- but not to the point where the doc was worried about it. Oh ick. I am having a bad day. It seems like EVERYONE is pg BUT me. And it is making me nuts....

Anyway - Hopefully soon. Hopefully the pharmacy will be open tomorrow and all will be fine and I will O and we will manage to get pg. I can hope right?
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Adina, sheesh, you tromped all the way out in the snow and they weren't even open. What wimps!

I hope you get it and get back on track tomorrow too. It's so hard to get our hopes up every month isn't it, and yet, we're human and can't help hoping. We are all going to have a HUGE party when it's your turn Adina. I went to the 2ww board and checked on you every day.

This afternoon ew seems to have dried up a lot. I will know for sure tomorrow I guess.
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Just wanted to say hi and join the swim here in the pre-ovulation pool. Nice to know there are other swimmers

This is our second month of trying. Last month I was so sick with a sore throat and head cold and hacking cough, but we did try I'm looking forward to this month being less work and more fun!

Trying not to obsess too much, so I've avoided the whole temp thing. I'm so lucky, my cycles are really regular and my CM is pretty easy to read. So we'll see.

What fun over on the 2 week wait to see all the positives signs. I'm so happy for them! Here's to us becoming part of that "club" and being "promoted" to the pregnancy board

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I'm sort of new to these boards and to TTC--this is my first cycle but I've been charting for a while and my cycles are really wacky. I'm starting to hate the charting because I never worried about anything until I started. Just figured I had sort of long cycles (usually about 5 weeks). But my temps are really weird--not always biphasic, sometimes really short luteal phase. I had one normal cycle out of 4. No I'm hoping this one will turn out normal so I can stop obsessing. How ridiculous is it to be obsessing on our FIRST cycle of trying. And I'm usually REALLY laid back. Anyway, just waiting to O this month... Good luck to everyone.
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jgale. I hope those cycles get under control for you.

I think I may have O'd yesterday, cd12,: It seems pretty early for me but I did have a lot of ferns with the ovulite and some ewcm. Today is seems somewhat less already.

My poor dh knew what was going on definately. He said he is starting to feel like a sperm donor

Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions??

Good luck everyone! Adina, those target people, where are they when you need them?
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My poor dh knew what was going on definately. He said he is starting to feel like a sperm donor

Awwww, poor guy! The other day, I felt like an egg donor when i was feeling amorous and DH asked "are you fertile, because if not, we're waiting!" Now what's the fun in that :

Now we're arguing, and here I sit on a Friday night browsing MDC. Sigh. Not that browsing isn't fun, I just had other plans.

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I plan on making it up to him tonight
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Welcome LisaG & JGale. Hope you have a short and fruitful time here on the boards.

Naturegirl, hooray on the early O. Fantastic. All the sooner over the 2ww that way. That's too funny. Sperm donor. Yeah, and you're a human incubator, but so what! I'm sorry, no help here really. DH and I are kind of in this together, but I can sympathise, if that helps!

I couldn't belive it but this morning woke up with just HEAPS of ewcm again! It's not past the time I predicted O yet, just lots of it this month (so I thought it was early.) Guys, this is very unusual for me and I am taking it as a good sign. I think tomorrow or the next day is my day. I hope!
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Come on little eggie! I am not completely sure that I have O'd either. So, lots of bding in the next few days. Nothing wrong with that right. This is what happens when you don't chart...
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Thread Starter 
hey all! Well here I am starting a new cycle and officially ttc this month! (last month was an oops!) I am hoping that this won't take very long because I would like to pick the spacing between ds and the next one. Anyway, not even done with af yet but thought I'd say 'hi'. Here's hoping for you this month Adina!
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Welcome wolfmom! I am not sure if I "officially" belong here or at the 2ww. I can't stay away from here anyway

Here's to closing down the 2ww forum for awhile. I want to see all of us on the pregnancy board by the end of April!

Let's go ladies! positive (((((((vibes)))))))
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Hi wolfmom, hope your "first official month" is your last official month ttc too!

I think I am trying to be way too on top of when I o'd because I have been having o pains for a couple of days now. Thought that was it but tonight , they are very strong. I can't temp so I am going by cm, cp and my intuition, but honestly, who knows? I think it was today. My cm dried up a little finally. I am going to head over to the 2ww soon, but not until I confirm a couple more signs first.

Naturegirl, I think we may be cycle buddies, although maybe I'm a couple days behind now. Can't wait to head over to the 2ww and then get REALLY obsessive. I'm sure I have every pregnancy symptom know to woman and may not even have ovulated yet.

Good luck to all waiting for their magical egg to pop.
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Oceanone--how come you can't temp? Not being nosy but curious if there are things that make temping invalid? My temps do not seem to match my CM at all and I've been really stressed about it. Thinking of stopping with the temps all together as it is driving me crazy.
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jgale. I could temp I suppose but my sleep is like a cruel farce. My ds wakes randomly but regularly. There is no way I could get even near 3 straight hours of sleep, let alone the same 3 hours. In addition I am a bad sleeper, so when I am woken, especially in the morning, it takes me ages to get back to sleep.

The good news is that I used to temp, so I have a fair idea of my cycles etc, although yes, they vary. I think that cm, cp and my being in touch with my body is enough for now. Having said all that, I haven't got pregnant yet. This is our 5th month.

When you say your temps aren't matching cm ... are you still getting the rise that shows you ovulated? Do you get cm after that? So do I . I have some all month long, but the ewcm just around o. So I just go by that.
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