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Anyone else totally stressed out while pregnant?

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We just have too many things going on in our lives right now. My husband lost his job, we are in marriage counseling, we are thinking about selling our house and moving, my parents are giving us a hard time about moving because we live right next door to them now. We kicked my MIL out of the guest house so that we can rent it for extra income (she has been living with her daughter for a few months anyway)..... and the baby is due in 4 weeks.

Not to mention the fact that I have a home business that I run by myself in my spare time, which, by the way, I don't have any.

I just want to crawl under a table and not come out. Anyone else have major stresses that they are dealing with? I guess this isn't the first time I've been stressed while pregnant. Last time we sold our house in MO and moving in with my parents while building the house we are in now. We moved in 2 months before DS #1 was born.

Just needed to vent. Thanks!
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Wow, sounds pretty darn stressful. Hugs to you.
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I'm sorry things are so stressful for you. up until last mo. my life was pretty chaotic also (EDD 3/21) and it is much harder to deal with stress when pregnant, IMO, because you are in a whole nother place in yourself that craves stability, calm, order, and nurturing. my life is still a little up in the air (husband not working either, due to being in school full time, we are also in counseling, and had a big argument this week, I am doing childcare for a friend with a 10 mo. old, but will have to take a break once baby comes for a little while)

can you postpone dealing with the house until sometime after the baby is born, and you have acclimated to life with #2? that might help, if you are nesting anything like I am, the thought of uprooting your home probably seems overwhelming, even if it ultimately would feel better than your current living situation.

my best wishes for things to calm down, and for a joyous and peaceful birth.

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Mary, I am right there with you! What is wrong with us -- what are we thinking! My DH and I are going to put our house on the market at the end of this month (I am 31 weeks right now). Also, I run my own business, too, and it has been giving me so much stress. I was supposed to be working this weekend, but instead, I cried nearly the whole weekend! I cried so much that I burst blood vessels in my eyelids.

I cried mainly because I am not feeling very good, I am worried about work, I am scared to move away from my mama (she lives less than 2 hours away, and we are moving halfway across the US!).

Don't you just want someone to tell you to get in bed with your book, and they will bring you food and tea and cookies? That is what I want!

I have a crying hangover today! But, at least I can laugh now! My DH said that he thinks that we are just more sensitive to things when we are pregnant. Normally, I can handle all of these types of things without a worry, but pregnancy adds a whole other dimension. Maybe it is the same for you?

Anyway, I will be thinking of you, knowing that soon we will both have beautiful babies to love, and that will make everything okay, no matter what!

Take good care Mary,

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My husband was away working out of state for most of my pregnancy with my son. I was terrified to be a newly pregnant woman all alone at night. I was so lonely, and had quit my job bc the boss was a total b!tch, and I was constantly sick from morning sickness. I slept with a handgun loaded on the headboard all night long (our headboard is a bookshelf) I also made sure that our dog (rest her soul) was with me all night, so I would know if any intruders came into the house.
Dh and I faught the whole pregnancy, and I was afraid of being cheated on while he was away. Not that he is the type to do that, but I had been cheated on by several bf in the past, and I was so insecure. It didn't help that he was in WV, where his ex was within an hour from where he was working. I would call there, and my dh and the guys were out really late at night. It was scary thinking I would be left alone pregnant, and the insecurity didn't help.
It is totally natural to be stressed out, but try to relax. Make sure you talk to your belly in a soothing voice, try to keep it together for the baby and just know that this will get better.
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PB's mom,

Thanks for starting this thread - I really feel for you and hope things will straighten out soon. Thanks for letting us vent.

I am 27 wks. pregnant, have been sick with a virus for 4 weeks. This left me with no energy at all - I felt like I was at 5% of normal, but still had to work. Am the sole breadwinner with my own business (*noticing a pattern here*), while DH takes care of DD, does most of the housework, and writes. DD had the same virus for 2 wks. and DH has had a low-grade version which left him with strange back pain and headaches.

We are waiting to hear about his grad school applications soon which would also move us 1/2 the country away. Am somewhat concerned about finances and financial aid, how much I will be able to work with #2 being an infant at the time, wondering how #1 will deal with #2, not wanting to use day care, etc.

In addition, my brother has been deployed to the Persian Gulf so in the midst of the illness we took a 10 hour drive to TN to visit him for a weekend before he got shipped off. He is a helicopter pilot which is about the worst thing he could be right now. No one in my family is even remotely supportive of this war effort, by the way. And my mom is beside herself.

PS If finances allow, my only advice would be to get a massage. Maybe there is a massage school near you. This made me feel better.
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