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my kids call their step dad by name. my step kids call me mom. we are letting the kids decide what they want to call us and so far this is what we have working for us.

i always called/call my step dad DAD.
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My daughter calls me Mama, and calls her step mother Mommy. (Mama has always been my "title"... "mommy" has always given me the creeps for some reason. )

She calls her bio father Da-da (she's almost 8 and still calls him that. much to his embarrassment.) And she calls my husband, (her step-father) Daddy.

She would not have called her step mother Mommy by choice however. She wanted to call her by her first name, but my exhusband forced her to call her that. He threatened to not take her to Disneyworld when he went, etc... And he did try to get her to call me by my first name. : Not happenin.

Its taken a few years to get used to all of it. And realize its just a word. She doesn't love me any less, or love her "more".

It works for us now.
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My SD just turned 8 a couple of weeks ago. I've been in her life since she was 10 months old, but we never prompted her to call me mommy or mom or whatever. We just let nature take it's course and she's always called me Michelle. To her school and friends though she always addresses me as her "stepmommy".
Her biomom MADE the kids start calling their now stepdad "daddy", just a month or so after starting to date him. What was a worry for us was that biomom went through guys quickly, fortunately for the kids they married and are still together. I'm sure it was much harder on my SD's older brother because he called more than a few men "daddy".

I was raised by my stepdad, but always called him by name until just a couple of years ago. My biodad was really no where in the picture as I grew up. I know call my stepdad "dad" because he was the man that raised me and I have such a deep appreciation for him.
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My stepkids call me Umi- it's arabic for mother. They asked if they could call me mama when the new baby comes along-I guess they don't want to be left out of anything and I told them, no you have a real mother and should stick to calling her that. I'm just fine with Umi. Now I would like for someone to call me mom, so that will be the new baby's place, but I don't try to make them feel left out. It's just a day in the life of a stepfamily.
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The step-kids call the step-parents by first name in our family. My ex-husband's wife would like my children to call her mommy but luckily, they weren't keen on that. I'd hate that.
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I have been with Jeff for 2 1/2 years and the girls call him Daddy, or Daddy Jeff. Their bio-father knows and doesn't really like it, but he understands because my son calls him dad even though that isn't his bio-dad. He just says that as long as the kids aren't FORCED to call Jeff dad then he is alright with it. When they are home they refer to Jeff as Daddy and there bio-dad as "Father" or "Daddy Hank" Collyn just calls him Jeff and that is perfectly alright. He was already 8 when we got together so, it is understandable.

Hunter who is Jeff's son used to call me "mama" but we haven't seen him in 18 months due to some crap that his bio-mother pulled. I am trying to convince Jeff to try and get him vack, but he doesn't want Hunter to have to see his mom and dad fight over him, and be tramuatized, so for awhile he is just stepping out of the picture.
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I am referred by DSD as Brendy or stepmom or Brenda but not mom. My DH and I decided to allow her to pick and she has
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well my 3 kids call mike by his name. 2 of my step kids call me by my name but the youngest calls me mom because her mom died right after she was born so she does not know anyone but me as mom.
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My ds's biodad hasn't been very much in the picture until now. DS calls my BIL (whom I live with) "dada" because that is what he hears my niece call him. I have always called my SO by his first name to ds, but after an afternoon with his biodad whispering "daddy" in his ear over and over, ds came home and immediately started calling my SO "Daddy" I've tried not to encourage it, I really have. I continue to call SO by his first name without making a big deal about it, but ds is insistant on using "daddy."

I'm still trying to decide what the best course of action is for this...

Basically, my ds has a mommy (me), a mama (my sister) a dada (BIL), and two daddies (biodad and SO). :
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My children call my DH (their stepfather) by his first name. My daughter often calls him "Papa`" which is Italian for dad. My husband is italian.
His daughter calls me "TamTam" which she is the only one who calls me that. She has since she was small. So that is "her"name for me. It's special to me because that's "our name" .
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By first name.
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DD calls both DH and her bio-dad "Daddy". When she wants to differentiate, she calls them Daddy ____ (insert name here). We have told her how lucky she is to have two daddys and she seems to really like hearing that. She also easily differentiates between them, despite her young age.

Her bio-dad and I have no formal custody arrangement, so there is no violation there
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Originally Posted by djs_girl517
Really? I've never known anyone who had this issue addressed in a custody/visitation agreement. And believe me, if the kids' bio-mom had thought it was possible, she would have insisted it be in there.

Hell, she tried to insist the agreement stipulate that there would be no overnight visitation as long as there was an unrelated female (me) living in the house.
We had the same stipulation in our agreement before my DH and I got married...according to that, I could not spend the night if we weren't married even though we lived together...so we got married!

I've never heard of the other thing though. We just all have an agreement that the kids will know the truth, and it's up to them. It's NOT ok for either bio-parent OR step-parent to push it on them to call step-daddy "daddy" or me "mommy" but if that is THEIR choice, we will not tell them no!
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My step-son calls me mom. I've been in his life since he was about 18months, though. He called me by my name for a while and then about 2 years ago just sort of eased into calling me mom. It drives his mom crazy, so he tends to call me by my name in front of her, but otherwise I feel that he can call me whatever he feels comfortable with. I never make an issue of it.
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