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Who has TTCd over 1 year?

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I'm on month 17. I don't plan on using fertility drugs. If it happens, it happens. I don't chart either. I have way too much of a laissez-faire attitude, but I really believe in nature and fate.

I have seen a boy in my dreams...even before Iris was born (dreamt of a blond girl and boy). Iris will be 3 in April, and I really thought there wouldn't be such a wide gap. Plus I turned 35 in January. I really want it to work this month, but my drive is a bit low.

Anyone else want to share?
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I am not currently ttc, but may do so within a year or so.

I have never been pg. My ds came to us through adoption. We ttc'd for four years, then "relaxed" for another three years while we pursued adoption.

I did a little bit of medical treatment. I had a few tests and did 5 months of clomid. I will not go back to the medical frenzy.

But I am trying to gain a little bit more control over the situation. I have a naturopath I'd like to use if I can come up with $6000. (This particular practitioner would be worth the money, and I am about 95% confident that I could conceive.) I kind of agree with you about believing in nature, but I feel I have a responsibility to put myself in the optimum situation for nature to work. My physical condition is definitely not what it could be, so right now, I'm working on overhauling our family's diet. I think I could go on for years blaming fate for my lack of pregnancy, when it's really more about my substandard physical state. But I am trying to keep my sights on the goal of just being more healthy and vibrant, with pg as a secondary goal. So in that sense, I guess I do believe in fate. I believe that if it's not in the cards for me to conceive I won't. But if it is in the cards, it's up to me to stack the deck in my favor. We had a great experience adopting, and would love to do that again too.
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Not a year yet - I'm on cycle 3. I just wanted to say, I saw my son before I became pregnant with him as well - it was weird. AND I know there is another girl for me - just waiting for the right time.

*~*~BABY DUST~*~*

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18 months here, and I have to say that I do get pregnant time after time, I just can't seem to hold on to those babies anymore. This is just taking too long!!!!!!!!!!! Very frustrating!

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This month makes a year. It is very frustrating. I opted for Clomid this month - since my cycles range from 31 days to 54 days - and 20 days is too many to bd in a row! Hopefully this will make it and come Thanksgiving time I will have a baby!
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Really C? I didn't know. Well, of course I didn't know!

AdinaL wouldn't that be such a great Thanksgiving 2003? Maybe I'll start visualizing trying to make a turkey dinner with a newborn around!
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Parismaman, 17 is a lucky number! I hope that your vision will soon materialize. Babies at thanksgiving would definitely be something to be thankful about!

This month brings us to 18.
How is the clomid treatment going Adina? I kwym about bding for 20 days- we are in that same boat...groan.

Karen, has your dr been able to offer any advice/treatment options?

Laurel, what is it that your naturopathic dr. would do?

Baby dust and blessings to everyone!!
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[i]Originally posted by butterflymaiden
Laurel, what is it that your naturopathic dr. would do?
It's hard to say, because he works with each client so individually and I have not yet had a consultation with him.

I "met" this dr online. I have met his wife IRL, and I have several friends who have had basic consultations with him. All were very impressed and said the only thing holding them back was that by that point they were committed to pursuing adoption and didn't want to enter the ttc world again. He lives in New Zealand, but travels all over the world treating infertility patients. He's got almost 20 years experience specifically in infertility.

He has a 75% success rate, not only of achieving pg, but of carrying to term. I think this is probably because his clients are going to be those who feel they have some chance of conception. I think you would rule out those with a zero sperm count or premature ovarian failure or other such things. I also think it's because of his focus on getting the whole body as healthy as possible, and on looking at areas that conventional drs ignore.

I was able to meet one of his clients who did conceive, after 3-4 years if inf. His work is so individualized and kind of intuitive too. She had been diagnosed with endometriosis, so at the beginning, that was the focus in his treatments (mostly herbal). But after two months, he told her that he had a feeling she needed estrogen. This went totally against the conventional wisdom, to give estrogen to a woman with endometriosis. But, he gave her estrogen, and she conceived within two months! I don't think he was saying that every woman with endo should take estrogen, but for this particular patient, that's what her individual body needed.

For $6000, he will work with a couple for six months, that cost includes his travel and all herbs/treatments, I believe.

I have unexplained infertility, and I feel sure that my low body weight and poor diet are big contributors. I also know from medical diagnosis that I have adrenal gland problems, and alot of the alternative literature I've been reading has been focused on that in relation to infertility. Yet I can't get a regular OB or RE to take me seriously about this. (I have late-onset congenital adrenal hyperplasia. I have too many male hormones, yet my drs have insisted that this can't be causing my inf because I "appear" to be ovulating???)

On my own, I'm working on diet overhaul for awhile. Then, this summer, dh and I will decide whether to adopt again or ttc. If we ttc, I really want to work with this naturopath. He is also a medical herbalist and iridologist. In speaking with his wife, she expressed wonder that regular drs could treat infertility in thousands of patients with basically only a handful of diagnoses and treatments, when each person's body and needs are so unique. She also said that in her experience, the success of her husband's patients depended mostly on their diligence in following the regimens he prescribed, and in communicating with him thoroughly what their bodies were doing. After the intitial consultation, most communication is through email, so the patient really has to be able to note and describe what's going on.

The one thing she said that interested me most was that if you go to an RE and pay thousands of dollars for an IVF, and don't conceive, you lost all that money and you're not any healthier than you were before. By working with a naturopath, even if you don't get pg, you will be healthier, so you will always gain something from the experience. Regular infertility treatments don't seek to heal anything in the body, only to circumvent whatever's going on in the body. Naturopathic treatment is focused on actual healing.

If you want to check out his website, it's www.infertilitysolutionsinternational.com
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A Thanksgiving baby would be fabulous!! What a wonderful time to welcome a baby - all that food! (Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays - we always spend it with my two best friends and their SO and the one baby that one of them has - you should see the amount of food we have!!!)

butterflymaiden - Clomid is going fine. I was worried because I do not tolerate BCP well at all!!! But I had no problems other than a couple of hot flashes - which were weird. Sitting completely still and watching TV and all of a sudden I was sweating all over - even my wrists! Other than that - I o'ed on day 14-15 - which is GREAT!!! and I am feeling PMS symptoms a little already - even though I am only 2-3 dpo. The coolest thing was going in to have an u/s and seeing the follicles that were getting ready. One on each ovary.(yeep - twins!) And now I am 2wwaiting!

SO who knows - I may have two surprises for Thanksgiving!
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Wow- that dr. seems amazing Lisa! I wish all medical care was that individualized. 6,000 for 6 months actually seems really cost effective- considering that ivf costs around 3000 per cycle! I'll have to store that link. Thanks for the info.

Adina~ I'll be hoping that your pms symptoms are actually pg symptoms I agree that it is totally cool to see your growing egg. Wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to tell your future child/ren that you saw them when they were just a little egg? Twins would make up for this long ttc period- then it would have only been 6mos of trying for each one!

Well- I'm off to see the dr for my (hopefully) last u/s of the month! Think big egg!
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18 months here I'm on first Clomid cycle this month. I hope it does something! I also cannot believe it has taken so long! I'm feeling especially depressed about it tonight. DS turns 4 next weekend. I had hoped to have another baby by now.
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We TTC'd for a little over 3.5 years before I ever got pregnant. It was frustrating, but we didn't believe in seeking treatment (not that we could afford it anyway) because I knew if it was meant to be, it would be.
I did try charting for about a year but gave up b/c:
- it wasn't making a difference for me
- i was in tune with my body enough to know when I was o'ing
- I didn't really see the point since I felt it would only happen if it was meant to.

Of course, right after I stopped charting, I got pregnant. :LOL
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JDsmommy - how long did it take you to do that sig?!! it is great!!
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LOL! Put it this way, there was nothing on TV one night and I was bored! It probably took me an hour maybe??
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please read this...

sorry, mistake...........
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I'm 36 and dh is 48. After a long, arduous amount of time and work to convince dh that we should start a family, it's been 15 months since we TTC. Or 8 months, depending on how you looks at it. We TTC for 7 months, and then I had surgery to remove a uterine polyp that might have prevented conception. Here we are 8 months later, still bding. It's ironic that now that dh is convinced, we aren't getting pregnant. The gods are belly laughing.

I started charting last cycle, which seemed pretty normal. This cycle I have not ovulated. Hmmm. That might explain a lot. Am hesitant to get involved in massive medical intervention. Will keep at it, make inquiries this fall about the next medical step at my next gyn appt.

In the meantime, I'm thinking red clover infusion sounds like a tasty alternative. Trying to sew my heart back together on a regular basis.
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I TTC for four years before DD came to us. I actually got married bc i decided i was at the point in my life where i was ready for a child. My DH (boyfriend at the time) was fine with that, but wanted to be "traditional" and get married. So we did, but then no baby! UGH it was very stressful for us. And really altered our sex life.
After we stopped trying so hard, and weren't thinking about it at all really, DD came to me.

I have heard lots of people say that when they stopped trying it happened, but it is really hard to "stop trying" when you want a child.

Best of luck to those TTC!
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We've been TTC for 10+ years (unexplained infertility) We're finally adopting now, and so excited! When I talk to friends who are in those earlier years of infertility testing and all the pain we went through, I know there's nothing I can do or say to change their pain. I think it's a journey that we all go through, and trust me it's all worth it now in the end. We're finally getting the baby of our dreams (only 6 months until we go to China to get her!)

If you have the Discovery Health channel, watch "adoption stories" (2 episodes on every day M-F at different times during the day - at least noon and 3pm here in central time). In almost every case, the parents went through infertility for years before adopting. This doesn't mean any of us think adoption is 2nd best, but I believe the path we all take and the infertility struggles make us that much more appreciative of the opportunity to adopt when the time comes. Every child is a blessing and we'll love ours even more for having had to wait so long for her.
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