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My DS is 10 months old and has caught a cold that I had.

He has always been a very good eater since starting solids. I know he prefers sweet food (by that I mean steamed fruits like pears or apples) but he will eat and finish anything I give him.

For dinner I usually give him savoury food (by that I mean a little meat & vegies like brocolli, pumpkin) followed by fruit.

Last night when I was feeding him the savoury course when he began to cry and refusing to eat after four mouthfuls.

I checked the temperature to make sure it wasn't hot. It was fine.

I was unsure if he wasn't hungry or just didn't want the savoury. So I gave him some pear which he ate readily and quickly. I decided to alternate spoonfuls of the the pear and savoury so we'd both be happy but after two mouthfuls of each he had a meltdown when I held a spoonful of savoury infront of him.

He then started to cough and gag because of pleghm. I felt bad.

I went to the freezer and defrosted more pears so he wouldn't go hungry and threw the savoury out.

I don't want to "spoil him" as such (is it possible at this age?) but I don't want to create eating problems in the future eg fussy eater or over eater. I was brought up to eat what you are given and to finish it up hence my problem with over-eating so of course I don't want to inflict the same thing on him.

My mothering instinct is to give him what he wants to eat because I don't want him to go hungry. However the other side of me says he should have a varied diet.

My question to other experienced mamas ... is this just a phase while he is sick? If I keep giving him sweet foods he wants while he's sick, will he become a fussy eater only wanting sweet foods?