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Hotsling or Peanut Shell?-- New to Babywearing

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Hi all,
I'm 8 mos pregnant with my first and am shopping for a sling. I have decided to start with just a basic pouch sling. Is there much of a difference between hotslings and peanut shells? Does anyone have any thoughts on stretch fabric vs. non stretch, and whether a reversible is a good idea?
Finally, any opinions on patterns?
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Hotsling was my very first babywearing purchase. I really like Hotsling because the customer service is amazing. I cannot even count how many times I returned and exchanged pouches to get the perfect fit -- they were so understanding and worked with me. I have heard that stretch is nice for newborns, but I loved my hemp and my sateen HS. I now have a jersey stretch PS for my 6 month old, it is nice but I have no regrets with starting with HS -- and great customer service is worth it.

I know you don't ask, but many babywearers often say that the Moby wrap (which is stretchy) is a great newborn babycarrier. Good luck!
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I'd like to know about peanut shells as well. I personally really prefer the stretch, because I just find it easier to get big babies in it.
I'm not all that big on the HS customer service though- I mean it wasn't bad. But it says there's a $5 restocking fee for returns, in addition to of course not being refunded for the cost of shipping. I noticed there's a bunch new on ebay from a specific seller- they're not much cheaper, but a few bucks off in some instances, IIRC. Also they had some patterns in sizes that were out of stock on the HS website.
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We LOVED our Hotsling. We had the stretch cotton. It is not really that stretchy at all, but has just enough "give' to get baby in nicely.

I wish I could still use it now, but DD is just too heavy for me to carry on one shoulder anymore.
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I have a hemp hotsling and I LOVE it. I can't speak for the Peanut shell becuase that is not where my experiences lie.
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I have both hotslings and peanut shells and I love them for different reasons. I must say though that I find the PS a little more comfy & stretchy.
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Another hotsling lover here. I don't know anything about the PS, though.
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I don't own a HS "yet" but I have a jersey stretch PS that I LOVE. It has just the right amount of stretch and it fits me perfect. I have tried a pouch that was cotton stretch and it was just too stiff for me.

Have you thought about www.theslingset.com I would love one of these for a newborn.
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I own 6 Peanut Shells (I know, I know) and I cannot say enough good things about them. Have a couple of microfleeces, some cotton reversible pouches, and some jersey stretch. Love them all! I find them to have the best fit for me without having to do a shoulder flip. Plus, I love that I can email the owner Alicia at any time and get a super fast response.
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Howcome I can't find jersey knits on the website? Would microfleece be just as stretchy? Is it too hot for warm weather?
I just saw a pic of the CUTESt sling in the universe in the newspaper, and after reading this thread and checking out the ps website, I realized that's what it was- it's that flip polka dot pattern. It sounds like the reversibles are not as stretchy/comfy as the knit or fleece ones though, is that right? I have enough issues getting my long baby in the hip carry, so I need stretch. But boy I wish I had seen that polka dot number when I was pregnant--there would have been no restraining me.
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[QUOTE=Hazelnut]Howcome I can't find jersey knits on the website? Would microfleece be just as stretchy? Is it too hot for warm weather?QUOTE]

You are right, I didn't see jersey knits either?? It says that the micro-fleece is good for warm weather. I am DYING to buy the Zebra print one that says it's lightweight fleece?? And it's on sale!!!
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I personally love peanut shells. I have tried both hotsling and ps and ps wins by a landslide! I tried a couple of hs's, the stretch sateen and the hemp. I felt like they were too stiff and didnt have enough give to them.

I use the ps jersey stretch and its the one babywearing item I couldnt live without. Its so comfy! I used it for my dd as a newborn, and now at 6 months its still awsome, and she is a CHUNKY money

I find it to be supportive, even of bigger babies.
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I can't seem to find a jersey stretch one anywhere. Are the cotton stretch ones as good? What about microfleece? I have a little trouble getting my baby in the hs hip carry- though it was perfect for the kangaroo carry when he was younger- so I could do with a little more streeetch.
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I don't own a hotsling, but PS gets a from me! I really love mine. I have the solarveil one, and it's sooo comfy, and ds loves it too. Plus the pocket and ring on the outside of the pouch are really handy!
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I think the jersey ones are from last season - mine I got last summer. I think they have some new stuff coming out soon, hopefully more jersey is in there too!
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I just found a jersey one on sale at punkin pockets. She said they were talking about discontinuing them. Anyway it came today (I can't stop...) and I do love it. And it was easier to slip him in and out than with the HS.
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