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New with qustions

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Hi--I am new to this board and this might be a long first post.
First let me say that I have read this board for a while and find the women here very insightful and full of wisdom, which is a nice change of pace from the other board that I once read that seems to be full of drama. Off topic already, sorry.

Anyway, here is my question: I have an 11 month old dd. She was breastfed and things were going well until about 6 weeks of age. Then she would pull off, arch, etc. After reading the posts HERE, I see that this is an issue and most of the responses are: overactive letdown or something similar.
But having NO support in my area (the LLL leader in my area was very young and very new and the hospital LCs never returned calls in a timely manner, and my family is anti-bf), I switched my dd to formula. The same thing started happening. The screaming, arching, etc.
I finally noticed that if I fed her when she was almost asleep, she would take a bottle.
Fast forward to now: she has been through Children's Hospital Feeding Disorder Program and we have an OT through EI, she has been diagnosed with "silent reflux".
Feeding this poor baby has been a nightmare. She was born term, weighing almost ten pounds (c-section).

Anyway--I've noticed that similar problems (with bfing--arching, pulling off, etc.) mentioned on this board and I've noticed that only ONE person has mentioned reflux.
Why is that?

My second question--we are attempting to have another baby.
I am worried about the same problems, the lack of bfing help, and this whole silent reflux thing.
And I guess the second question seems somewhat off topic--but really, what I am asking is this: if baby #2 (should be so lucky) have these issues (pulling off, etc.) how will I know if it is letdown or silent reflux?

Emotionally, this has been devastating. Would love some sound, thoughtful advice.

Thanks--you have a wonderful group here!

Hope Elise's mom
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Hi Shelly - It's Andrea formerly of that other board LOL anyway my sons had reflux too - I think the main difference between that and a baby who is reacting to an OAMER is that it is pretty obvious the reflux baby is in serious pain. My Max used to arch his back so stiffly and just grimace and scream. we knew they had relux b/c they did the ph probe in the hospital (they were preemies) but even without that the arching back is pretty typical IMO. we used reglan and zantac with great results my third son did not have any reflux
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Thanks for the information. I have been wondering about this for some time. My dd showed NO symptoms of reflux except pulling off, rapid nursing, etc. However, when an endoscopy was done, it revealed inflammation. She had "colic", but slept through the night as a newborn and did not show distress after nursing. So I am still worried about hopeful baby #2.
I hope that more moms will share their experiences on this thread, I would be interested to hear.
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My babe had refllux with those same symptoms. Vastly modifying my diet has really helped it. Is your babe on dairy formula? Maybe soy or hypoallergenic would be of some help. For moms who are still nursing, think about trying an elimination diet. Medically, we got help from Zantac and Maalox / Mylanta, but the diet thing worked to stop the reflux.

Shelley-- where do you live? Can you let the folks here help you find some good bf support before you have your next baby? (((Hugs)))) It sounds like this has been really hard.

Please PM me if I can be of support.
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Thank you, Rachel! I AM hoping to find MORE support this time.
I almost died after my c-section (bleeding) and my poor child and I had a very difficult time bonding because I couldn't hold her for many hours after her birth (and then she had to stay in the hospital extra days due to a heart condition).
And then, the feeding nightmares began.
For us to even THINK of having another one is SO scary.
But my dd's OT was here today and said that she thinks my DH and I would most likely not have the feeding issues again, should we have another one. She said that the baby MIGHT have reflux (silent or not), but that it might manifest itself differently (thus, hopefully eliminating the struggles that we have endured these past 11 months).
I am TERRIFIED to do this again and struggle ALONE with bfing and not knowing what to do when problems arise.
And, I would LIKE TO TRY a VBAC--but I need to arm myself with information.
Before Hope was born, I was BRADLEY all the way--but the hospital (and I used a midwife!!) wasn't that familiar with it--and things went downhill fast when my dd's heart came into play when I was in labor.
Gosh, just writing all of this out makes me think I must be nuts for wanting to try again.

ANY advice to prepare myself for the journey would be embraced with open arms. ESPECIALLY nursing information and VBAC information.
Thanks again.
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Duh--Rachel, I meant to add that I live in rural Virgina, near Ashland (where the "snipers" struck).
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I need to get my babe to bed, but WILL get back to you.
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When my ds was 3 weeks old he started projectile vomiting. It got worse and worse until it was after every feed. He was also "colicky" and would have episodes of SCREAMING with back arching and rigid tummy. He would fight the breast, gag, etc. Pedi had him sent at 4 weeks for upper GI series which supposedly was negative for reflux as well as for pyloric stenosis. I read up on the net and I became convinced it WAS reflux because of the symptoms. I started feeding him smaller, frequent feedings, agressively burping him every FIVE minutes (ack!) and sleeping him tummy down at 30 degree elevation. This helped the puking somewhat altho he still would it was less forceful and less frequent, but did not help the pain or the fighting the boob. It was literally a struggle to get him latched on and kept on. He also had a really crappy latch and never latched well from the begining and I had late milk supply (c-section, didn't latch first time until almost 18 hours old, had bottles against my will, and milk came in day 5).

Anyway, I had gone to an online community looking for support for my bleeding cracked nipples and somebody, bless their hearts, read more into my post and his history and suspected not only overactive letdown, but oversupply as well. (Oversupply is often found in conjunctino with overactive letdown. ANd the oversupply/too much milk/foremilk-hindmilk imbalance can lead to many of the PAINFUL symptoms of reflux like the arching back and the belly pain, from too much lactose in the foremilk which makes them bloated and gassy.) It was literally a godsend, because I swear it saved my nursing relationship with my son. At about 6 weeks old I got this information, and started following the suggestions to help slow down my milk ejection, help baby deal with it better, and also to slow my milk PRODUCTIOn and help baby get less foremilk and more hindmilk. Within one week it changed EVERYTHIGN. No more, or very minimal fighting the breast. His pain went away almost overnight. The puking tapered down and eventually went away. Baby slept longer, seemed more satisfied, didn't need to nurse every 45 minutes. ANd his latch improved (partially because I think that he wasn't latching well because is he GOT a good latch he was choking/drowning on milk - why bother sucking properly if you can just sit there with your mouth open, lick the nipple, and get sprayed with milk ?)

Anyway, I will post you links to some infomration about it so you can read it and see how EASILY the two can be confused. For me, it is the opposite of your position, I would have done ANYTHIGN to avoid the weeks of agony thinking my baby had to have surgery or had something like that, being unable to help him screaming his head off in pain, having to FIGHT him to get him to take the boob thinking something was wrong with me, and have that tenseness everytime it was time to feed him. I DREADED nursing him. I had never heard of it, and my pedi never had either. Bad bf advice had me doing things like switching boobs every 20 minutes that was just makign things WORSE not better.

Now I just had my 2nd baby, and altho it is not as bad as with my first, I have again developed oversupply (altho not having the issue with the overactive letdown) and am having to manipulate my nursing schedule to the point of nursing one boob only for FOUR hours and she is only one month old and altho her gassiness and pain and nasty poop has improved she is still intermittenly greenish (from night feeds where I am so engorged and too lazy to pump - sometimes I will pump off an ounce or two of the foremilk when I know i Have like 80 ounces in my boob ROFLMAO) but she is STILL puking but only once a day vs. 4-5 times. It is taking a little longer because she has an AWESOME latch and when she comfort sucks she is getting still so much milk she just fills up so quickly. blah-blah-blah. Check out the links and they should give you lots of infomration on how the two issues can be confused so easily.

And lastly, my dd was born via VBAC ! I posted her story on the VBAC board, you can read it there if you'd like !



Also if you just go to the LLL site and under search type "finish the first breast" you will get a really great article but my link is not working. ALso type oversupply or overactive letdown and you will get alot more articles. I hope this answers your questinos (some of them) Good luck !

baby Reilly Mairead born 2/5/03 8 lbs 15 oz VBAC !
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Julie--OH, I could just cry!
I have been feeding my dd in her sleep since she was six weeks old.
I don't understand what you mean by "my position is different than yours"?
But I TOO got that horrible information to offer both breasts, and I recall the NURSE (not even an LC) going off to get the LC in the hospital and telling her that I was refusing to take Hope off the first breast to get her over to the other one--even though getting her there was tough to begin with.

I vow to work like a dog to make sure that this next baby is handled differently.
My dd NEVER threw up, just fought breast and bottle--and the endoscopy did reveal inflammation.

I will go to any length to HIRE someone to come to my house to help me.
Is that possible to do? Again, I live in a rural area of Virginia, near Ashland (to give you an idea--albeit creepy--it's where the snipers attacked one of their victims).

Thank God for all of you who are giving me this advice--I WISH that I had been HERE 11 months ago. Things would be VERY different for us right now, I am certain.
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in terms of the VBAC I had one too ... for me I went to the OB who did my c-section when I got pg again and all my "bullshit detectors" went off and I knew that if she was my dr. I *would* have another c-section.... I ran as fast as I could to a lay midwife and had an amazing VBAC waterbirth.
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Hope's mom - what I meant by my position vs. your position is that your baby actually did have inflammation where all we had was too much milk LOL (the scenario is a little different)

After reading the links, do you think that you DID have either OAL or oversupply issues or both ? Did it make sense to you - ring a bell or anything like that ?

You CAN hire a LC to come to your house, YOU can go to LLL, sometimes LLL leaders with come to you... there are lots of options.

Baby screaming gotta go but I really HTH you
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Julie--I think there was BOTH going on. But I know that nursing would have been better for her digestion than lousy formula (nothing against formula moms).

Now here is dumb question (I hope you don't think I am an idiot for this one)--is it possible to have oversupply in tiny breasts?
I had almost NO cup size before Hope was born (I only wore sports bras because I had almost a AAA cup), and after her birth, was closer to a B cup--although my BACK expanded to almost a 42!! UGH!

Plus, next time, I am hoping to be measured for a bra (due to my back)--any suggestions for a good bra for nursing with GREAT back support?

Thanks again everyone.
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oh yeah definitely possible to have oversupply and OAMER with small breasts.
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