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Ice Cravings....

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Ok, I have no other non nutritional cravings at all. But I've noticed in the last couple weeks I crave eating ice like crazy! I've read that this can be a problem or is it that it's only a problem if I crave other non nutritional items? I've read that eating too much ice can cause low Iron or means I have low iron.

Anyone else craving ice?
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Popping in from July DDC......

Give me a cup of crushed ice over ice cream any day!
I go through at least 2 cube trays a day. Sometimes I just wait till the ice is melted enough to chew, and sometimes I pulvarize it in my blender. Anyway it comes, I need it! My iron levels are fine so I don't see the correlation. I guess there could be worse cravings!
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That's totally what I was thinking
I guess there could be worse cravings!
Just got worried a bit when I read that about craving things like ice but it also said other non nutritional thing too which I'm sure is more of a problem.

I do love ice. Ya know, when I'm not pregnant I enjoy chewing on ice. It's really nothing new. It's just gotten worse as the day comes closer.
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I've read that ice cravings can indicate an iron deficiency.
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When we figured out that I'm anemic, I was chomping on ice all the time. Early on, it was the only non-food item I was craving. If it's easy enough to get your iron checked, you should do it. Anemia's nothing to mess around with.
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I JUST got over this. I did it with DS1 and didn't know that there was a correlation. Sometimes the anemia does not show up on your blood test... It didn't show up on mine this time, but I was chewing more ice than DH could stand.

I went to the HFS and picked up a bottle of Floradix. I chug the 2tbsp twice a day with some OJ... let me tell you. It's like night and day the difference! I can actually get up off the couch without feeling like I'm going to die and I can pass up the freezer without fixing myself a giant cup of ice.
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Well, As it turns out I do have low iron after all. It's not super low or anything. Just alittle below average for a pregnant woman.

Anyway, Was given iron supplements.... Took one this morning. Promptly puked about 40 minutes later. Now what? Ugh!
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Go get some Floradix!
The iron supplements made me violently ill and super constipated. Floradix is an extract, a natural extract that has absorbable iron rather than virtually fake, unabsorable iron that will just make you sick. You will feel sooo much better, I promise
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Thank you! I'll have to see if I can find some around here. I refuse to take another iron pill and puke it back up. That was horrible. I've felt like crap all day after taking it too.
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Floradix Iron plus Herbs?
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Ice cravings? That's kind of funny! I guess we crave weird things when we're pg. I've never craved ice, although I have to admit that Moolatte from Dairy Queen on TV today looked appealing...
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popping in from July ddc too...........

I have always loved crunching ice, don't know why and my iron is fine!!!!
so am still crunching like crazy now too........... even in winter
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I've always loved ice. I eat it all the time. Not like I do right now but pretty close. I just know it's gotten worse as time goes on and I decided to check it out. And sure enough.. I have low iron. Too weird.
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Yup, Floradix Iron with Herbs. I gawked at the $21 pricetag at my HFS, but I bought it anyway and it's been sooo worth it. Twice I've missed a dose and started going downhill and feeling like a worthless lump again, so I know it's the Floradix working.
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I'm definitely not craving ice but in the past week my cravings are tomato sandwiches and (all natural) bbq chips. Which is REALLY weird because I'm not a huge fan of raw tomatoes and I rarely, if ever, have 'chips' in the house.
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Oh my goodness... just had to pop in and say I had such huge ice cravings with all three of my pregnancies- no iron issues here. I knew more about ice, thought more about ice, tried to manage my ice crunching... it was the closest thing I have ever experienced to addiction... and the minute I gave birth it was gone. Weird, huh?
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I've heard that you can have a form of anemia during pregnancy that does not show up on a typical iron blood test. It has to do specifically with B12, but it's still anemia and it still causes the ice chewing.

Btw... there's an entire site devoted to ice chewing obsessions. Google it... it's something like ice-chewing.com.
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Butting in from July - I LOVE ICE!!!!!!!!! And, I have great iron! So, I don't think that it has anything to do with your iron levels (although I could be wrong). For me, it's the crunch and the cold that I just can't get enough of!!!!
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I really thought it was all about the cold for me. I crave all cold things. Ice, Ice cream (laugh), cold cold water, Popsicles, ice pop thingys. But it did turn out that I do have a little lower than average iron right now. It's not super low or anything just a bit low.
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forgot to say ....... i love ice and have always eaten it and don't have low iron......... BUT I have to crunch in secret or when I'm alone because my partner says the noise of it drives her up the wall!!!!

Anyone elses partner hate the sound?
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