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I can't believe it!!

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I took an HPT today and I didn't even have to wait the recommended amount of time before I got 2 pink lines. I am in shock!!!!! I am elated, thrilled, and so bouncy. I can hardly sit still. I haven't told my husband yet. He is currently unemployed so I don't know how happy he will be at first and I don't want anyone to bring me down. I don't know how I will wait 3 months before telling any of my IRL friends. I know I am rambling but oh my God!!!!!! I am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What delightful news, congratulations!

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OH YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!

That is fantastic Goss!!!!
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And don't worry about dh, he'll come around. My dh initially just thought of the finances (he just gotten a new job after being unemployed for three months with no unemployment checks) but now he's excited!
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That is WONDERFUL, gossamer. Congratulations
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Woo Hoo!


Try not to worry about your husband's employment situation. It could be a blessing in disguise (more time with babe, or a better job, or a more flexible schedule).

Enjoy your special secret!
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Thanks guys. I am so excited. I have butterflies in my tummy. I feel a little nauseous and I don't know if it's from the baby or my nerves. I can feel the adrenaline coursing through my body right now. I keep taking deep breaths, trying to settle down. I just can't yet. I'm not even sure I believe it yet. But it is real right? Holy SMokes!!!!!!!!!! I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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YAY!!!! Isn't it just the most exciting moment of your life?! (ok, so holding the new baby is probably better, but I haven't gotten to that point yet!) We had EVERY intention of not telling people until the end of the first trimester. Didn't happen! Partly because it was right around the holidays and we wanted to tell our families when we saw everyone in person and partly because I was sooo sick and couldn't pretend to feel normal. But mostly because we couldn't contain our excitement!!! Since we wanted to wait until christmas to tell everyone but we couldn't keep our mouths shut, we did call some friends who we knew would be excited, but don't know any of our other friends. We told them and then every time we felt the need to share the news, we'd call them up again and say, "guess what!" They played along well and just thought we were nuts! Have fun and CONGRATULATIONS!
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Congrats! Welcome to the club!
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Wonderful news!!!

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Well, I told my husband yesterday and he can't wipe the grin off of his face. We told our families and everyone has been so supportive and overjoyed. I am truly walking on Cloup 9. Looks like my due date is 11/13/03. I will sprinkling some babydust to everyone else that has been trying. It is so worth it when your dream comes true.
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I know how you feel. When I found out I was preggo I was "self employeed" and DP was not employeed but he likes to say he is self employeed! Life always just works out! My test changed before I could even look at it! It is so amazing!
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If I remember correctly you are also in Houston. Do you have birthplans for this little one? I;m also in Houston and expecting #4 about 2 weeks before you

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