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GBS test

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So I was totally going back and forth about even having the test, knowing what a hassle it would be WHEN I was positive. I was positive with all my other pregnancies. Well, it came back NEGATIVE!!!! Woohoo!! Now I don't have to worry about stupid hospital policy, which was my main reason for contemplating a last minute home birth.

I am excited, and noone IRL really "gets" why I care about not getting the antbtxs etc...

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Congrats! You give me hope -- I was positive last time, and I get the results for this time around back tomorrow. *crosses fingers*
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That's awesome Caroline!

Good luck earthmama! :

Mine was positive, unfortunately, but my mw gave me an herbal 'remedy' that has had 100% success. It's posted on my thread titled 'Home Visit today- GBS herbs update' so just in case you are positive perhaps you could try it. Or tell your mw about it.
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I saw that. It's definitely something I'd be interested in . . . assuming I have time to do it before the baby is born! My doctors are both getting the gut feeling that I might go early again. So either they're right, or they just jinxed the heck out of me!
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I know. That's one thing I thought about when starting this because I'll be done by the 29th then I'll retest and HOPEFULLY I'll be negative because I really won't have much time to try it again or whatever. Perhaps I'd just have to do something while I was in labor if that was that case. I'm : and :
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I just took the test on wed. and am waiting for the results. I didn't have it w/ either of my dd's, but early on in the pregnancy I had a bladder infection w/ a strep kind of bacteria. does that mean I'll have GBS? Im kinda worried. My doc is being awesome about me not having to have an iv and all that and I would hate it if I had to be tied to some antibiotics!
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I declined it this time around. My mw said since I was negative with both boys, she wasn't worried about the possibility. I also take in mega amounts of Vit C as well as a gazillion other vitamin/minerals, so I'd be surprised if I were to ever test positive (my body has been really good at fighting off anything and everything this pregnancy ... including not getting the flu when dh and ds's had it earlier in the year).
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I also was SUPER surprised that I was positive since I too take lots of minerals/vitamins, and didn't have it w/ dd but it's a virus so ANYONE can get it. No matter what. It's sooo common....unfortunately...:
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Actually from how it was explained to me, it's a bacteria that for some people is a normal part of the intestinal/vaginal "flora" that occassionally goes rogue and ends up causing problems. That's why your nutrition wouldn't make a difference; your body doesn't see it as an enemy in the first place. That said, I ate tons of yogurt in the week leading up to my swab yesterday in hopes of those friendly bacteria eating up the group b, if I indeed had any to start with.

But to the OP, I TOTALLY understand your relief! I'm having a homebirth so I wouldn't be required to get the IV but when I saw it was even an option my jaw dropped. Um how many ways can I say "NO WAY!"?? I'm happy for you that you don't have to deal with that now!
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Thanks...I am thrilled. MY midwives aren't the ones who are concerned, it is the hospital policy that would be a pain to fight. I am just glad it is one less thing I need to argue with the hosp staff on.

Good luck to everyone else finding out!!

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