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weaning at fourteen months?

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Hi everyone I'm fairly new to this forum since my DD is only 14 months...but I'm afraid I may not be here long. Lately DD has not wanted much to do with nursing- she went from nursing 12+ times a day to twice a day (and once at night) in about a month's time. I intend to let her continue for as long as she wants but I think she may be nearly done, if that is possible at only fourteen months I'm so incredibly sad...this week she hasn't wanted to nurse before naptimes or bed and when I offer her "milkies" she frequently jumps in my lap like she's going to nurse but then just kisses and pats the breasts and goes back to playing. As cute as that is, I really miss the frequent nursing...I was hoping she would nurse until at least two. Is it possible that she could really be weaning completely at such a young age? How is it that she is growing up so fast : Could she still want to nurse just a few times a day for quite a while still? I hope so...
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She may just be too busy to stop for "milkies" right now. Lots of toddlers go through phases where they don't nurse much, then pick back up again when they are getting ready to reach a new milestone because they need the comfort again. My oldest ds nursed 2x a day for several months. Keep offering and don't lose hope, even when she's done nursing she'll still need her mommy !
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Both of minbe went down to 2 nursings a day at that age. They kept it up until they were two though.
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My dd seems to be going throug a similar thing and she is the same age- 14 months (in a week). How has the time flown by so fast!!!: I used to run home during lunch to nurse dd, but she stopped wanted to do that when she hit about 12 months. By that point, she had been walking for a couple of months and was much mor mobile. I loved our lunch time nursing times, but she just didn't want to as much. I guess it's because of the heightened activity! Either way, I was totally paranoid that she was weaning herself. Well, 2 months has gone by and she still wants her "Me-Me" However, now she wants it when she wants it, not when I offer it. She pretty much has to have it in the morning and at night, before bed. Those two times are a given. The other times, however, are a toss up. Sometimes she attacks me as soon as I come home from work and we nurse 3-4 times before bed. Other times, she doesn't want to nurse at all during the day and gets up to nurse at night Who knows! I think that by this age, they have a mind of their own as to what they want. Either way, you are doing a great job! I doubt that she is weaning. Probably just being pickier or busier! Just my 2 cents!

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My dd went through similar phase at that age and it concerned me that she was weaning, too. Anyway, now, she is 17 months and nursing like crazy.
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Thanks everyone, your posts really made me feel better I am getting used to the infrequent nursing now and am just trying to really enjoy it when she does choose to nurse. Also, I am excited about the other little things that she is learning- such as climbing into my lap with a storybook or coming to me for extra cuddles. Mom3, I have to say it was especially helpful to read the line in your post that reminded me that just because she stops nursing, doesn't mean she doesn't need me anymore. It may sound silly, but that's kind of what I had been thinking.
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