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Ok...So how old is the oldest nursling you know? Or have heard of?? - Page 6

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IRL I have not only the oldest nursling I know.. but the ONLY nursling. Yup. I don't know any other mama's who nurse. Online is my only support.
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our experience

I think this is a really interesting thread and I am very supportive of people doing whatever works for them, although of course, I think it's sad when people wean early. Where I live, six months is now considered both the aim - and a marathon by the average mainstream parent - which seems very young to me. I breastfed my oldest child until 5, and then weaned him as I did not want to feed any longer - he loved it so he had no intention of stopping at that stage. He is very loving and hugable at age 10 and a half, still jumps into bed with me for a snooze or when afraid or ill - he is very social and is never without friends because he befriends everyone in the class - whether that's him or the breastfeeding I can't tell. He has wonderful memories of the time, and likes to reminisce about it, especially his favourite memory which is that he thought my cup of tea made the milk - consequently the cup of tea was his green light, and over he would come with a look of sheer delight and a smile a mile wide.

I have worked since he was one, mainly from home, and the breastfeeding, especially at night, reassured me that he was getting quality time from me.
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My son is the oldest nurser I know....4 3/4 and in the weaning process. He nurses probably 2-3 times a week but has asked MORE since I've been pregnant although I am not making colostrum/milk.
I know many children who nursed until 3.
Online, I thought 7 was the oldest until I read this thread
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I don't think I will go much longer....nipples too sensitive! I think my sex life wants to make a comeback after 6 years!
My ds#1 was 28mos and #2 16mos and #3 is 23 mos and nursing 4x per day and gets mad when I say they are my boobs! So this may turn into a 3year old nurser!
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My daughter is the oldest nursling I know, or have ever heard of in real life. My friend nursed her daughter until 20 months, and then weaned her because of pressure from family and other friends. She is the second oldest I know. My dd will be 5 in August, and she says she will NEVER stop nursing! I kind of believe her.

I need to come to this forum more often. It settles me... sometimes she makes me feel touched out, and I tell her "not right now". But her 18-month-old brother can come over and nurse right then, and I am fine with him! *Why is it like that?* I cannot imagine weaning her though. She would be devastated.

I am very impressed by you mamas who are really going the distance for your children. I need that inspiration, because if I know my girl, she may be nursing at 10, too.
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Hi--mine dd will be 5 in August as well and may very well go to 10--she seems more enthusiatic now than ever, we both treasure the connection, and I'd never dream of asking her to stop, though I have an idea that we're heading towards mostly nursing in our own home. Maybe you and I any other moms with similar aged daughters that we are CLWing could keep in touch...Emily
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Oldest I know or knew is my own DD she is 5 and we thought we were weaned at 5 ok she is still asking so anyway I don't know hope to have her weaned at 5 but she keeps asking. I am guessing when she is 6 like her sis she will just stop.
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I have been on another parenting forum with a mom of a 10-year-old; she did not come right out and say that he was still nursing, but she dropped a lot of hints. IRL, I know one 7-year-old who is still nursing (tandem with her 4yo sister). Aside from them, no one I know IRL has nursed as long as I did with DS (he self-weaned at 2.5 during my pregnancy w/DD).

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