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I got a good comment!

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I figured I'd try to counter the rude obnoxious comments people make (I have one woman I work with who calls me fatty. She's kidding, I'm all baby, but honestly...fatty???)

Anyway, I saw a guy yesterday that I only see occasionally--he hasn't seen me in a while but knew I was pg. He asked me "how are you feeling? You look great!" That was it! No "wow you are getting big" no "wow you are carrying really small" (I get both of those) nothing other than "you look great!"

That is the absolute perfect comment to say to a pg lady...I'm going to remember that and that's *all* I'm saying to pregnant women from now on "you look great!"
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If only people could follow your example! I am already quite big. I have a short waist and am not particularly well-endowed, both which affect the degree with which a woman appears to be pregnant.

I get:

Are you sure you just have one in there?

Are you sure your due in August?

You look like you're on your way to the hospital.

The people who say I look great are my heroes!
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Awesome comment and smart guy! I'll remember that too, of course, that's what I say to a new mama already "How are you feeling? You sure look great!" I remember how much it meant to me when someone said that shortly after ds's birth.
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Awesome! I'll have to remember that too. And I'm sure you do look GREAT, Rebecca!
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He must have someone in his life that taught him right! My DH makes good comments too...

When he was 13 and his Mom was having the second set of his family, he was saying that she was exagerating about feeling uncomfortable and all that, so his Dad packed as much weight as she was carrying and put it on my DH in his newspaper bag (forward so it was like a tummy) and made him carry it around doing regular stuff. After 45 minutes he had got the point (ha ha!) so he's never ever acted like I'm making a big deal out of something tiny and he always tries to find a way to ease my uncomfortableness (like when my feet ache, I feel uncomfortable lying down, whatever). He's great (thanks FIL!).

It's going to be worth teaching my boys too.
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had to peek in here..when I was pregnant with my first, everyone kept asking if I was due at around 6 months, and nearer the end, I got the "How many are you having/Is it twins?" type questions... :
Actually kinda upset me, as I'd lost one early on in the pregnancy so SHOULD'VE been carrying more than one...
I think someone (other than my hubby) telling me I looked great/lovely/radiant/etc would've been wonderful!!
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Hey, that's a great one!!

teach those boys at an early age! lol
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I am really blessed to have wonderful girlfriends, and they never let an opportunity pass them by to tell me how "great" I look, even though -- if I am being perfectly honest with myself -- I don't really look that great. But I love them for it all the same, it always makes me feel better. Cuz I feel like a big dumpy housewife 90% of the the time.
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I haven't gotten many comments this pregnancy, good or bad, but my last pregnancy I got a few. The best one, that I will never forget, was a stranger who I was helping get some information at the medical clinic I worked for. When he saw me walking up to him his face just lit up and he was saying "wow, you are so beautiful!" and making the sweetest comments about my belly. I guess he just had the right tone and sentiment that it felt really nice to hear (instead of kinda creepy that he was so interested )

Sigh, it sure would be nice to have more nice comments on my growing body. The only people who seem to notice are my midwives and doula!
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I got an odd comment from my cousin a couple of weeks ago. He said, "You look healthy." I am not exactly sure if it was a compliment or just a nice way of saying that I am getting fat.
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It is nice when people make considerate comments that don't make you feel like a freak for being pg. So far the best comment I got was that I didn't look pg yet. Now, I'm pretty big to start with so most strangers don't even realize I'm pg, they must just think I'm really fat. But this came from one of my good friends who knows what I normally look like so I took it as a compliment.
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You know, it's funny... I get the nicest comments from older men, 50's and up. The grandfather type. Nothing from younger men or women or older women, but i've had several older men, both strangers and friends, just lighting up to see me and telling me that I look beautiful, radiant, happy glowy or wonderful. Always makes me feel great!!
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I just got a good one myself. The cashier in the cafeteria here at the office asked "do you always hide your pregnancies this well?"

Now, this lady sees me several times every day. We talk about the baby at least once a day. She knows good and well I'm pregnant. But apparently after I went through her line earlier today, the woman behind me commented that she couldn't even tell I was pregnant.

Not bad for 27 weeks!
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When I went to get my engagement ring sized the girl asked when I was due and when I told her August her eyes got really big and she said "August??? Really???? You look like you're about to POP!!"
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