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Best seasons to get pregnant/give birth?

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Really, *really* I know we can't plan these things perfectly, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to share what they think is the the best season to get pregnant/give birth?
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If you are a teacher, it is best to give birth in the late spring, then you could have the summer off for maternity leave.

If you live in a really, really hot climate, it would be best to have the baby in late winter, so that you wouldn't be hugely pregnant and swollen in the summer.

If you have 2 babies born in the spring, then it would be nice to have a fall baby, I guess......

In other words, there is no "best" season. It all depends on you & your DH and your family/work situation.
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Yeah it totally depends on the person. For me, spring was the perfect time for having a baby. I hate the heat and will be 9 months pregnant in August. Not looking forward to that.
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Thanks for sharing! I think you're both right that it depends on the person. I was thinking that having a baby during the holidays might be a little crazy. I think it would def. get uncomfortable to have a baby in the summer/fall, but at least you wouldn't need a maternity winter coat! Having a baby during snow season might be an issue when the big day comes. Just a few of my rambling thoughts!
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Hmm I really think it depends. I have one winter/holiday and two summer babies.

I like the summer babies because the can just wear a onesie or nothing and they're good

But I think if we have another I'd like a late winter baby. That time of year is naturally a time when you stick closer to home and snuggle inside, and it's just a cozy time of year to have a new baby snuggled next you

I want another newborn so badly right now I'd take one when I get one though
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Yeah I went stir crazy with a newborn, so spring was perfect for us because we went on lots of walks and picnics.
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Well, the best laid plans...
It only took us one try to get pregnant with our first. It took 3 months with the second. Once we did, I thought a Feb birthday would be nice for our second, since a ton of people have birthdays in January, and mine is in March, and my older daughter is November. But she came 7 weeks early on December 21st, right at the height of the holiday season!

I think it would be nice not to be hugely pregnant in summer, that would be the main bulk of my plan. It often gets over 100 degrees in the summer where I live.
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With ds (born Feb. 26th) I had such a hard time with having to find warm clothes that fit, & having to wear sweaters & jackets over a huge belly, only to instantly over-heat.... no fun! I decided then that it would be heavenly to have a summer baby, that way I could run around w/ just a little sundress; or as close to nothing as possible!
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hmmm.... 3rd trimester in late July & though August was TOUGH but at least I could wear flip flops and ice water saved me from sponanteous combustion.... I can't imagine I would ever be able to find winter boots that would have been comfortable enough to not make want to kill myself, though!!!

I guess I am still undecided....
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Being huge preg all summer was hard in some ways, but I got to swim everyday and that really helped me physiclaly to feel weightless.
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My dd was born in early June (3 years ago!). We had hoped for a birth between March and July and it was perfect!

Early in the pregnancy when I was exhausted, it was windy and/or snowy - so I didn't miss being outside a lot anyway.

No chance of getting stuck in a snowstorm if you give birth in a hospital.

After the birth we spent a lot of time outside.

I personally think I would have had pretty bad PPD if I had given birth in the fall.

No need to buy a lot of baby clothes as long as the weather is warm!

And the best part for us is being able to do outdoor birthday parties!
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I had DD1 at the end of September so I was big and pregnant through a Houston summer... that was NOT fun at all... I would not want to be in my 3rd tri again in the summer. I had DD2 in June, which was nice, but it was in Phoenix and by the time June came it was already scorching hot again, so I hated that. In late pregnancy I can NOT cool down, so I already know that I really don't want to be in late pregnancy again unless it's in the winter.

Next time around I'm really hoping to be due around February or March. Plus I like the look of winter maternity clothes much more... I'm normally a big girl and summer maternity clothes never fit right.
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I would say early spring for me --- because that way the pregnancy is mid-summer through early spring and I can avoid taking my allergy herbs which can be harmful for baby! Of course, the pregnancy hormones help me as well, so maybe it really doesn't matter!

I would not want a winter baby. We are homebirthers, and I'd be worried that we'd get snowed in for an emergency.
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Well, I have a January baby. I ALWAYS wanted a summer baby....but our plans did not work out .

I did not start to show for a while.....so I found out I was pg in May and kind of looked just chubby ALL SUMMER.....I would rather look pg!!

As for the birth, it was cold and rainy/snowy when we left the hospital...not fun. I also went stir crazy in the house.............ARGHHHHHHH (just thinking back)

I would like to "plan" for a summer/early fall baby preferably summer though. I love the summer maternity clothes and FLIP FLOPS. My feet were soooo swollen at the end, i could not fit in any shoes, I had to wear clogs (not so fun in the snow).

Plus thinking ahead....summer birthdays are fun, and you can have them outside!!!
I dont know what to do about dd b-day in January...I have a large family and they are NOT all coming to my house
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We have 6 family birthdays between mid Nov and the end of Feb. It is so hectic and so expensive! My dd's were born 1/5 and 2/28. Between the holidays and planning birthday get togethers, I am totally stressed that time of year.

I didn't mind actually having them in the winter, but I could never find maternity clothes that fit well and weren't too hot, so I ended up wearing larger sizes of my usual clothes, and well, I looked quite heavy instead of looking pregnant.

Next time, I'd like to have a baby in the spring/summer (May-Aug, preferably June). My birthday is in June, and it was great as a kid because I got presents every 6 months. Also, I love the summer maternity look, and if I was working, I'd love to have my maternity leave during the summer!
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I have a July baby and an early May baby. I would not choose July again! I was so hot for those last few months of pregnancy and once the baby came I always worried about him getting too hot in the car, didn't want to take him outside, etc. Now that he's older it is so hot when we have his birthday parties and the house is full of people--bless my poor a/c for trying to keep up. Last year the icing on his cake was melting everywhere as I tried to decorate it! But I will admit I'm biased, I'm just not a hot-weather person. I'd love an October baby but being pregnant through the whole summer sounds like torture!

My May baby was great timing. I loved the full coverage of the winter maternity clothes but I wasn't so pregnant in the coldest part of winter that I ever outgrew my coat. I never had to feel huge and overheated and sweaty. I hate being sweaty. Unless it is for a very good reason. Anyway, when I was in labor it was the most beautiful weather to take a walk outside. I'd love to have another spring baby--maybe even a bit earlier in the spring--if DH would ever agree!
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i agree with Tara, i had a July baby, it was HOOOOt, i was swollen and uncomfortable.
i'd like a winter/spring baby next time...but who knows?
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i thought my may baby was perfect timing... conceived in sept. though maybe i'd like even earlier in the spring for the next one... maybe mid-late march. then it's beautiful weather by the time you're recovered and the babe is starting to be more aware of its surroundings.
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I had a January babe and a May babe. I'd take May in a heartbeat. As a pp said it good for educators.

DS1 was born during a mild winter (and very cloudy), but I tend to be bit seasonal and short days and postpartum hormones were not a very good mix for me. DS1 alas was mildly juandiced and my doctor encourage giving him sun, but there was none to be had.

Also DS1 behaves so much better when he gets to be outside. It was much easier to put a newborn in the sling and go to the park than hunt for some place to get some exercise in the winter.
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I loved having my May and April babies. Here are my reasons:

I wasn't very pregnant in the summer

got to hide out in big, baggy maternity clothes over the winter

the babies came with the arrival of spring

it was easy to get out with a little one in the summer because it's not cold

by the time it is cold and the season for illnesses, the baby is 5-6 months old and much more sturdy

And by the time the 2nd summer rolls around, you have a toddler who can enjoy playing at the park, going to the zoo, pool, and may be going down to one nap to free up even more of you nice-weather time!
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