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Yikes!! He won't let me wash his hair.

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I don't know what happened to my little water baby!! Nik has always loved baths, swimming and anything water related. He used to have no problem when I washed his hair, or dumped water over his head. (I always tell him I'm going to do it, before I did.) Well, all of a sudden this week he goes into HISTARICS if a drop of water goes on his head. It started a few days a go..... and I thought maybe he was just tired, and didn't push it. (It's not like his hair gets really dirty, so I thought it could wait a day or two.) Well, I tried again yesterday and same thing. He just freaked out. He was panicking and wanted out of the tub.

Well, I have to wash his hair at some point..... so how can I do it? Up till now I've dumped water over his head to wet it, washed it, then dumped some more to rinse it. I don't like to have him freak out like that. I wish he could tell me what the problem was.......

Any ideas what I could change?
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we went through the same thing a while ago. Freaking out included. We have used wash cloths, mostly it was the water dripping into his face that bother dd. I make sure that the hair washing is the last thing we do during the bath (otherwise we get very short baths). I think he is getting better but it has been ... months.

hope this helps
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I admit I just wait until they want to --yes even weeks. I don't feel like it is really a health issue like brushing thier teeth and I think they can make thier own decisions about thier bodies.

If I feel like it really needs at least rinsed, then I bring them in the shower with me and they will at least usually get all wet.
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My daughter went through this. It rises up occassionally still. But, what we did, is I said "do you want mama to wash your hair this time or do you want to do it yourself?". Now, I also went to washing hair only every 2nd or 3rd bath and would say, "okay, tonight is not a hair-washing night, but tomorrow is okay?" Warning her in advance that the next bath was a hair-washing one and letting her do it herself worked. (When she washes her own hair, she lies down on her back to get it wet, sometimes let me get the little spot at the top of her forehead that she misses, sits up, suds it herself and then rinses in the bathwater. Not a perfect job, but does the trick.)

I agree it's not a huge issue, health-wise, but my kids are messy. If they waited longer than 4 days to wash their hair (that's in the winter, summer it's every day), I would never get a brush through it and it would look gross. It's usually got paint in it, food, you name it.

Good luck.
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I went through this a while ago with my dd...I second what Mallory said...what ended up working for us was having dad wash her hair...for whatever reason she let him do it but not me...
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I also use a washcloth and wait until the very end of the bath to do it. His hair is usually wet enough at the end where I quickly soap it up. Then I snap my fingers above his head to get him to look up and quickly squeeze some water on the top of his head to rinse it out.
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I would never get a brush through it
Oh no, I am supposed to brush it too I also just vote for keeping it as short as possible (at least I have boys), but then there is that whole haircutting issue: Right now my oldest has no eyebrows and is starting to lose his eyes too, but at least will wash his hair.
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this worked for me

when my son started this we washed up, then let all the water out of the tub. he laid down in the empty tub and I wet/rinsed his hair with a cup (from the running faucet)
I think the sound of being underwater, along with water/soap in his face was just too much at the time. He is now a water rat

or you could try laying on the kitchen counter if you have a sprayer.
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My DD also really hates having water poured over her head---have tried wash clothes etc....all to no avail. We've used the counter/nursing method with great success: she lies on the bathroom counter with her head over the sink and I nurse her while I do it. I've also had good luck doing this (nursing while rinsing) while she's in the tub.

We've been doing this since she was only a couple months old.
I'm dreading the day when she's too big to do this... Hopefully she'll have more words so that we can talk about this as the day approaches. I'm also going to try one of those visors that is supposed to help keep water out of their eyes.

Good luck!
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Well, I tried the washcloth over his hair, and he panicked again and practically jumped out of the tub. The next night I asked dh if he would try washing his hair. Dh decided to have a bath with him. That worked great, because dh wet his hair and then in a playful way wet Nik's. YAY!!! Last night my MIL gave him his bath (after a haircut) and he let her wet it as well. Hopefully, after all this hair wetting from other people, he will let me do it this weekend. If not, dh may be giving ds his baths for the next little while.

Thanks for all your suggestions.
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When my own dd was going through this dh or I would bath with her and let her wash our hair and dump water on our heads...eventually she would get more and more comfortable with getting water dumped on her head.

Now she sticks her head under the faucet and lays down in the tub....
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what Mallory said.

We tought dd to believe in "my body, my choice." She does

Brushing teeth is nonnegotiable, as is hand and genital cleanliness. Because dd knows that she gets to decide everything else, she accepts those things without a problem.

We've found out that hair balances itself after a couple of weeks. Every 2 months or so she'll allow a quick washing, but that's it. Nobody has ever noticed that her hair seems dirty, even though it's very fine and pale.
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